Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Serum Firming Lift Wrinkle Correction Review

This is the story of a girl who has loads of fun searching for and discovering beauty products. The girl loves color of all kinds, whether it is the colors found in the natural world or a color cosmetic that magically transforms from the beauty of it's pristine container to the duality of color found when applying the product to the skin. Many ooohs and ahhhs have been uttered as the girl has reveled in the nuances in each color product observed.

Enter skincare...a new fabulous world all it's own. Skincare is often colorless and deemed boring and confusing by the girl who lives for color, and yet, she can appreciate a delightful scent, a youthful glow, and a product that lives up to it's claims. Always On the quest for pretty color, the girl stopped by a Guerlain counter while on vacation as it is not available for personal viewing to in her hometown. Having appreciated the wondrous colors of Guerlain Cosmetics via the magic of the Internet, this girl had to run to the counter while she could and have an eyeful!

And this is where the story becomes all about me! I had in mind to purchase a couple of lipsticks that I'd seen swatches of on the net that I thought just might transform me into a supermodel. Sure enough, trying them at the counter had me convinced. I purchased one and had to order the other. While ringing me up, the Guerlain fairy, Jessica, asked me what skincare I used and I told her La Mer. She asked if I'd tried Guerlain, which I hadn't, this being the first time at their counter, so she told me about some stuff, I nodded like I was paying attention and she put some samples in my bag.

I just happened to read the information on this serum, although I was fully convinced I needed no other skincare since I spend way too much on it as it is. The literature was different and sounded interesting. The serum is made using French royal bee jelly. I used royal bee jelly products in the past and really liked them so that grabbed my attention. This product claims that the bee jelly helps work to increase the ability of skin to repair from within by 63% in just sixteen hours. Over time, the product is said to continue to heal within, which would make skin look better and better, right?

Ok, they made me curious with all the claims so I tried the little package. I used it on my face, throat and chest twice a day. Unfortunately, there are no before and after pictures because I figured it would just be another little serum to get me thru vacation, but ladies and gentlemen, Jessica lead me to the fountain of youth!! Within just two days, I saw a remarkable decrease in my lip lines. I have a couple of hereditary deep vertical lines on my upper lip and they actually decreased in just a couple of days. Amen and glory hallelujah!! This product has been miraculous.

The Abeille Royal Youth Serum is only sold at Nordstrom counters and Nordstrom online for now. It is such an incredible product that I imagine it will be sold at all Guerlain counters soon. Don't let the price scare you. It is $140 for one glorious ounce in a beautiful pump bottle. My first bottle was purchased in early November and I was scraping the last of it in the beginning of April, (six months!!), and I use double the recommended number of pumps because it is totally worth it to me. It has smoothed my lines that were developing on my chest, crevasses really, another modern day miracle.

This is a product that I just want to shout about from the rooftops because it is truly a fountain of youth in a bottle. Here is my first bottle about mid-March.

If you have a Guerlain counter, try a sample. It may transform your skin as it has mine.

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