Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dior Rosy Tan 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

Last week, I had the opportunity to have a makeover with Dior Master Artist Rita Brown, I will be covering this event in depth, as well as many of the items which were used, including the Dior Rosy Tan eyeshadow palette.  They were long sold out at my Nordstrom counter, so I had to order it, but reviewed the palette on a previous trip to my Dior counter in this post about the Dior Summer colors and collection.

Let me show you what I received in the mail today, ooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaaah.

This is what Rita did with it. A Modern Day Miracle!!

I can't wait to get my hands all into this palette.  I have wanted it every since I saw it on Pink SIth reviewed by Joeybunny.

I think this palette deserves another look, don't you?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nordstrom Exclusive Offer! Guerlain 'Abeille Royale' Serum Set Trio. Great Value!

Guerlain has captured the fountain of youth in a bottle. My first post to tell you about this miraculous product can be found on my blog here.  I urge you to read this review and then go to Nordstrom.com to read what they say about it.  I can't say enough good things about this serum because it has transformed my skin....to the point where my husband notices!!  If you've been married over 20 years and your husband notices your skin, a product must be working!!  I have become the walking spokesperson in town for this product whenever anyone compliments my skin.

I don't have local access to Guerlain at my Nordstrom but when I go on vacation, I check in to see what's new and oogle all the pretty products.  One time on vacation, the MA at the Guerlain counter gave me some samples of the Abeille Royale Youth Serum and I noticed the difference within two applications.  And since it is the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Children, I have been checking the website for what's new, and in the meantime, trying to decide if I needed to order another jar or serum or if I could wait till Anniversary sale in July.  Remember, at this time, this product, this glorious fountain of youth, is exclusive to Nordstrom.

And then I found this:

A trio of Abeille Royale products for the SAME PRICE as the serum only!!!  The Day Cream and the Night Cream are both new products.   I can only imagine the day and night creams are nifty, having the same royal jelly and other ingredients exclusive to the Youth Firming Serum.  This trio is a great way to try all three products and is said to come in a nice box, which I'll include in this post when I get my order, cuz heck yes, I ordered it as soon as I saw it.

If you want this exclusive value set, you'll have to hurry as it is only available in short supply and for a limited edition time.   And only available on Nordstrom.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Honor of All Who Serve, A Patriotic Manicure for Memorial Day

I am so appreciative of all who give their lives to serve our country in the military, especially my niece Angela, a Marine Sergeant who just returned home from an eight month separation from her two little boys while she was in Afghanistan. My grandfather was also a Marine, serving just before the US entered WWII. Many other friends have volunteered in other sections of our Military spending their lives to keep our democracy safe, despite what Congress does to try and tear it down, lol.

I further dedicate this manicure to those who serve our cities in the combat of the daily street war as they leave their families each shift to patrol our streets, putting themselves in harm's way to keep our citizens safe at home. This includes my own family and most of my friends.

Let me again apologize as I'm still trying to heal my cuticles from last's months overdose of chlorine. It looks much better in person, but the macro shows....everything! For this festive mani, the blue is Wet N Wild Fastdry Saved By The Blue, Topped with the starry look of Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale, (my personal favorite polish ever). The white is Finger Paints Paper Mâché and the red is Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Cherry Smash.

I applied Cherry Smash in a diagonal pattern, hoping it would look a bit like stripes. It crackled in diagonal stripes on my right hand and on my left, it made the giraffe pattern. I plan to add crystal stars to the white and red fingers for an honorary service at church on Sunday, but my street war fighting husband tells me that most of my holiday weekend will be spent in the garage, (boo!), so I'll wait a couple days so that I don't accidentally pop them off tossing boxes.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and remember that those street war fighters I spoke of will be on the highways in greater force checking for seatbelts and drunk drivers. So be safe and buckle up. :)

I'm a Wild Wahine for Mac Surf Baby Krazy Kahuna and Good Lovin' Lipglasses!! Swatches and Review

The Mac Surf Baby Lipglasses have the same cute packaging as most of the rest of the collection; cute yellow stripes on top and surfboard inspired oval logo lined in turquoise with a red hibiscus flower pointing to the Mac logo. Totally summer and surfy! With the special packaging comes a slightly higher price and these lip glasses retail for $15.50 in the US.

The two I am reviewing today are Krazy Kahuna and Good Lovin'. I have Strange Potion from the Venonmous Villans Collection, a soft corally pink that is perfect for everyday wear.

In the following photo, Good Lovin' is pictured on the right and Krazy Kahuna on the left.

My first impression looking at them in the tubes was that Good Lovin' would be similar to Prr and Krazy Kahuna would be difficult to wear. I was wrong on both counts! Good Lovin' is a peachy colored shimmer with some light gold particles that shows up on me as mainly a beachy wet lip. It really shines. Those with more pigmented lips may get more color but I get mainly shine. With Prr, I get the frosty peachy pink which is totally different. This is definitely more wet, more shiney, more coral toned than Prr.

The next photo shows a lip swatch of Good Lovin'

And a lip swatch of Strange Potion:

Now before I wax eloquent about Krazy Kahuna, let's see these two kids in a swatch together.
Good Lovin on the right; Krazy Kahuna on the left.

Krazy Kahuna makes me a Wild Wahine!!! Love this Lipglass. It's fabulous. Go buy it now! Let me tell you why....this is a dark nude or cinnamon color and it makes teeth their whitest. I can't believe how much I love it. Today, I put on Spitfire lipstick and it was bright for the rest of my makeup so I dove outside the box and put Krazy Kahuna over it and I absolutely loved it. You can wear this color heavily or lighter depending on how much color you desire, but it also makes a good neutralizer to other colors that may not seem to be working. Try it. You won't be sorry.

I have a few pictures with Krazy Kahuna all alone, not my wild Wahine mix and match, with more pictures to come in the very near future. I have nothing else like this gloss.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mac Surf Baby Lipsticks Swatches and Reviews featuring Hibiscus and Bust Out

Mac Surf Baby collection has just been released and this post will cover the lipsticks. Naturally Eccentric was released previously eons ago in another collection and Mocha is a standard Mac color, available anytime. I LOVE Mocha. I wear it often. But today, I am covering the two newest colors Hibiscus and Bust Out!

I was excited to see these two colors because lately, I'm all about the purple and coral lips. I seem to be collecting. I've had a nude lip comfort zone for a long time because it's so easy as far as maintenance thruout the day or when you're out to lunch with the girls...another way to read that would be lazy, I guess. :)

The lipsticks come in a special packaging designed to cue the closet surfer in you. With special packaging comes a slightly higher price of $15.50 in the US. The bullet shaped white packaging has the same surfboard inspired oval that is on the nail polish packages and sporting the same fabulous hibiscus flower pointing to the word Mac.

On the left is Hibiscus, a cremesheen formula coral, and on the right is Bust Out!, a violet lustre formula. Here's a bit more of a close-up and some swatches on the skin:

I have been loving all the purples and violets Mac has come out with for lips lately, mainly because I didn't know I could wear them! I thought they'd make me look dead and I find that they look really natural on me and kind of even brighten up my face.

My only complaint with this lipstick is that it's so sheer. I'm not fond of lustres in general, although I have many that I adore. This one just seems to fade quickly. It's a shame because I really love the color but it doesn't seem to last on me. So I shall be trying it with a liner or gloss for more ooomph and longer wear.

Hibiscus is a longer lasting color. You won't have to touch up often and the color remains true as it wears. Delightful for summer. I have pictures in a couple different lightings.

I love the mix of colors that Mac used in the lipsticks in this collection. They are vastly different from each other which makes it seem like there is truely at least one of the four for everyone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lancome Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow And Liner Palette 501 Emerald Boudoir Swatches and Review

Lancome's latest edition to their fabulous All-In-One 5 Shadow and Liner palettes is one called Emerald Boudoir. I spied this in Dillard's while on vacation and have yet to see it in my hometown at Nordstrom. The second picture shows most of the colors more accurately but the first picture shows the liner in the most accurate light.  However, the green was difficult to photograph accurately in conjunction with the others.  It is more green and less blue than either photo shows and is the color of the hand swatch.

These palettes are fabulous because they have all you need in one slim compact. They come with a fold-out insert that shows you placement for a day look and on the flip side is an explanation for a night look. The fold out is pictured in  this review.  Additionally, if you lose the fold-out paper, there is a plastic overlay inside the quint itself that labels the colors for easy placement. Of course, you can lay down any of the colors in any fashion that you feel inspired to.

I applied the colors in the suggested pattern to display them for your viewing. I found with this quint, it might be the way I would have done it anyway, so kudos to Lancome for reading my mind. :) I used Mac Prep and Prime Vibrancy Eye followed by Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast as my coverup and eye base, both above and below the eyes. This provides for all day color with no creasing.

Would you like to see how it turned out? Please bear in mind, I took these photos while my son was nagging me about taking them, so they came out a bit blurry. Take off ten blogger points for being able to be so easily stressed by my kid. In the photos, I am wearing Dior Aurora, (hello!!), on the cheeks as I have ever since I got it because it's like cheek magic. I've forgone blush, which is a first for me. I just love the look of the Aurora.

More Aurora, (looooove!), plus Mac Surf Baby Krazy Kahuna Lipglass, (review coming soon).

The colors include a shimmering wheat labeled as the all-over base, the shimmering emerald green which is called the Lid color, a satin taupey brown for the crease color, a light sparkling peach for highlight and the liner is a brown with subtle golden sparkle. These palettes come with two applicators; the first a typical sponge applicator and the second is a sponge liner applicator.

And....now to unveil what you end up with using these products....and if you forget foundation on your nose, lol!!!

I don't wear green often on the eyes. Sometimes the colors can make my eyes look more yellow, but this palette works for me and I'm pretty happy I bought all the products used in this face-o-the-day. Definite winners for me.

These palettes retail for $48 in the US. This is a fabulous value for five shades of coordinating color with not a dud in the bunch.

Follow Polarbelle And Enter to Win OPI Serena Glam Slam Polish and Shatter Duo

When Polarbelle hits 100 followers via Google Friend Connect, a winner will be chosen to receive, (at my own cost), the Serena Glam Slam Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter duo. Additionally, once there are 100 followers, I will run a fabulous contest that you can enter, in addition to following on GFC. Stay tuned and urge your friends to join, retweet or mail your mom a card asking her to join so that you may be a winner of the Serena Glam Slam Duo. Winners will be chosen from the GFC list. Here's a sneak peak:

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Skittles Manicure with Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen recently jumped on the crackle polish bandwagon with the release of Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoats in about 8 colors. Here's a quickie photo I made from when I purchased them at Walgreens.

There was also a black that I passed on since I have OPI Black Shatter, and I think there might have been a white? At any rate, I got all the rest.

I thought using all the colors at the same time would be a fantastic way to get ready for the Zombie Apocolypse. I did a manicure of Mac Surf Baby Nail Lacquer in Hangin' Loose, which is a nude on me and I thought it would be a great way to show off the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoats instead of them competing with an underlying color. It's an interesting effect because once crackled, it kind of looks like I crackled on bare nails. I found I really like the look of a crackle over a nude nail.

Here is the Mac Surf Baby Hangin' Loose by itself....followed by what I did with the Crackle Overcoats.

On the pointer fingers, I used Fuchsia Shock. It is a bright pink that is more to the red side of Fuchsia rather than the purple side. The middle fingers are Distressed Denim, a royal blue.

On my ring fingers is Cherry Smash, a bright true red. The pinky nails have Vintage Violet, a violet purple with blue microshimmer.

Oh, let's not forget the thumbs! Lefty wore the Antiqued gold, a shimmering gold.

And on my right thumb is Fractured Foil, the silver.

Fractured Foil was very much like OPI Silver Shatter, which I found to be a bit thinner in application than OPI Black Shatter. The other colors seemed very different to me than the OPI Shatters. They are thinner and the OPI seems thicker, but they worked the same. I don't know how they compare to the China Glaze crackles because I haven't used those ones yet.

My Distressed Denim was kind of thin and runny, and I felt I needed to shake it up and then reapply quickly. So I had two coats of the blue on my finger, but it still shattered just the same as the others.

I applied each of these in a simple vertical design and was pleased with the way they crackled. I like how they look. They've been on my nails four days with a top coat over them and I have no chipping yet of the Crackle Overcoats or the Mac Hangin' Loose underneath. Shatters and Crackles aren't for everyone, but I love them. It's a nifty way to shake up a mani and each time you do it, it's different.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mac Surf Baby Hangin' Loose & Ocean Dip Nail Lacquer Swatches and Polish Review

Mac Surf Baby includes all kinds of products; some are color products for face, some are bronzing products for face and body and then there's nail laquers. The nail lacquers are in the familiar 10 ml Mac bottle with the black top. The two lacquers in this collection have an emblem on the front of the bottles to identify them as part of this limited edition assortment. A pretty little surfboardesque oval outlined with turquoise is met with a red hibiscus flower at the corner pointing to the word MAC. This emblem alone makes me wistful for my days in Hawaii. It's been too long, but I can feel a little closer just by gazing at this logo.

Both lacquers are a cream formulation and Hangin' Loose is opaque in two coats. I have a couple of pictures that show the relative color in a couple of different lightings...and dare I say this could be Mac's equivalent to Deborah Lippmann's Naked? The Mac Lacquers retail for $15 in the US.

I apologize for my cuticles in the above picture. I spent two weeks in a chlorinated pool recently and my skin hasn't quite recovered yet. I am open to really great moisturizer recommendations if anyone has some suggestions.

This is a beautiful fleshy nude beige with just a faint touch of pink to it. It is definitely a cream, and while I can see a tough of faint shimmer in the bottle, there is none on the nail. It's a great nail cleansing color for when you need a break from all the flashy and wild nail colors that you might otherwise display.

Here's a sneak peak of the other nail lacquer, Ocean Dip.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Summer Look Eyeshadow Palettes Rosy Tan 754 & Rosy Nude 534 Swatches & Review

While at the Dior counter to check out the new Summer 2011 items, I really wanted to check out the new eye quints, Rosy Tan and Rosy Nude. I'd walked by them a couple of times before, lightly swatching as I went, but had kept on moving cuz I'd seemed to be there when there was no one available who could find where anything was kept. Saved me money, right? Or did it just make me more determined to try/buy?

So I had my Dior quint cloak of invincibility on which couldn't be penetrated until I read a review by joeybunny for Pink Sith's blog, view it here. In order to be a good cosmetic investigator, I left my cloack at home and went a'swatchin'. I apologize for the fuzzy cell phone pictures.

The display looks as such:

I swatched the shadows and found that I was most attracted to the Rosy Tan as it had a couple of lovely taupes, a highlighter, a nice brown and a great pink. To me, the Rosy Nude was a lot of highlighters with another great pink, but most colors were just shimmering highlighters.

Because I took my own sweet time to check into these, Rosy Tan, my choice, was sold out at the counter. Not a problem for a cosmetic affectianado, I came home and placed an online order. When I get an in home picture of my own quint, I'll post it, as well as on the eye.

Dior Diorskin Nude Summer Glow Powder Swatches and Review Featuring Aurora and Sunset Bronzers

Let's face it, these are Bronzers. But Dior has this super long name making my title eternal. Nevertheless, today I went to the Dior counter to check out the much talked about new Bronzers in Aurora and Sunset. Dior suggests that Aurora is for blondes and fair to medium skin while Sunset is suggested for brunettes and medium to dark complexions.

The Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Summer Powders are silky on application. They are a delight to look at, having a ribboned effect of multiple colors passing thru each other as if they are weaving together. Kind of brings out the Girl Scout in you, doesn't it? Here they are on the counter display:

Aurora, 001, is on top. It is a weave of pinks and nudes with mild shimmer that mixes together in a lighter combination than the accompanying Sunset, 002, on the bottom. Sunset is more tans and ochres to come off with a bit more of an orange look.

I swatched them on my arm, which is pretty tan at the moment. It makes the true colors harder to see, in my opinion. Although many people are this color by nature, so maybe that will help them. To me, I know I am naturally lighter, so I like to swatch at the inner part of my palm, base of the thumb because it gives me a more accurate accessment of how the colors will look when I'm not tan, so I give you these two swatch pictures, and in both, Sunset is on the left and Aurora on the right:

Even though I had already purchased Aurora, I wanted to see how the Sunset would look on my skintone, which is about NW35 right now, although in the different lightings that I took pictures, it looks anywhere from there to my normal coloring of about NW20-25. And in the different lightings, it looks like a good bronzer, or it can look a little orange.

I should note that I went to Nordstrom barefaced with just mascara, (scary, I know), and the MA put some Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Fluid on me in spots here and there. She then swept the Sunset bronzer down the tip of my nose and across my cheeks. My poor chin looks so bare. I have pictures in the car under a cloudy rainy day and pictures at home. You can see it in different lightings and I hope it helps to you to decide because as I live and breathe, I don't enjoy posting all these face pictures on the internet, you lucky people.

Tomorrow I am going to try out the Aurora, which my instinct says will be like a highlighter for me right now, but I think will be better for a glow when I'm more of my natural color.

Here's the picture at home where it's not really too bad:

Buying the lipstick next week when I have a makeover, by the way. Some celeb artist. Woot!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Blog Giveaway at 100 Followers. Join now!!

When I reach 100 followers on the blog via Google Friend Connect, I'm going to have a super fabulous giveaway. Help me to reach that magic number by retweeting or passing my blog along to people who may enjoy it. My thanks will be a giveaway guaranteed to be awesome.

In other news, I should have brought the new computer home with me from my vacation locale. I think I'll be trading out this dinosaur for the new one the next time I leave town.

Here's a picture of some of my Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadow quads for your amusement. Don't you just hate blog posts with no pictures?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Returning From Vacation With Previews of Things to Come, (Sally Hansen Crackle Polish)

Honestly, I had the best of intentions when I left home, but the playing and shopping won me over and there's been nary a blog post. I have many pictures to edit and am very excited to be getting back to all of you soon. Since I am at 30,000 feet currently, I'll just have to supply some kind of picture to tide you over. I was pretty excited to get the new Sally Hansen Crackles last night, I have to say. Here's a preview, click to enlarge:


Oh wait, did I tell you about the Lorac 3D set?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Vacation Is Almost Over

I have failed at blogging this past week due to vacation shopping. The good news is I have exciting things to tell you about next week, like Dior, Deborah Lippman, new Lancome quint eyeshadows, OPI Serena Duo Shatter sets...please stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lancome Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow Palette Amethyst Glam

Lancome recently introduced Eye Brightening Color Design 5 shadow palettes in a variety of colors. I have for you today the palette titled Amethyst Glam.

They call these All-In-One because you get an allover base shade, a lid shade, crease shade, highlighter and a liner shade. You can do a variety of looks with these palettes. Inside the palette is a plastic overlay that labels the colors and how Lancome intends you to start using them.

Inside the box is an extended fold out instructional pamphlet that gives you an idea for a day look with the palette and then on the other side directions for an evening type of design. And if you lose your plastic insert, on the back of the pamphlet is the numbers that correspond to the shades.

The Lancome website also has extensive directions if you lose both and want to see their instruction on how to use the palette. Of course, this is all guidelines and you can use any of the colors the way you wish.

Did I hear you say you wanted to see real life swatches? Well, here ya go!

These shadows are very silky in application and I find they wear all day without creasing. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and plan to pick up a couple other palettes. So far, I have this one and Coral Crush and will be reviewing that very soon.

I love what Dior Aurora does to my cheeks. It just makes them glow, so here we go:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Nearly Mannequin Hands via Wet N Wild Sugar Coat & OPI In The Spot-Light Pink

I swear if I wasn't mildly tan, this could be my mannequin hands look. I was in the mood for something light and fluffy since I usually go to the edge of color...color, color, color is my mantra since I live in a place that is dark and grey for 8 months out of the year. I live to explore color!!! Light, nude and barely there is also a color. I love to do nude nails as much as I love to go crazy. It's like a palette cleansing experience.

There's a couple of light colors I'd been wanting to explore and so I decided to use them both. After a base coat and Gelous, I applied Wet N Wild Sugar Coat Megalast Nail Color. I used two coats. It was a bit light for my skintone right now which was just fine with me because I'd been dying to try OPI In The Spotlight Pink. I put one coat over the Wet N Wild and God said it was good. *cue singing angels*

Here they are in their natural habitat:

And here they are on me:

Looooooove!! What joy it is that something so simple and clean and inexpensive can bring a heart such a thrill.

Guest Post on My Lips But Better - Maybelline Shadows!!

Read it here on My Lips But Better
It's been an honor to guest post for Katie and I'd like to thank her for that opportunity. I also want to mention that there is currently a limited edition eyesgadow quad out by Maybelline that is all pinks and rose. Can't wait to use it!!! It's gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Soliel Tan De Chanel Bronzing Powder Bronze Corail

There are many reviews of this powder online already from many of my favorite bloggers. I think Amy from CafeMakeup.com has the best review of this bronzer, followed closely by Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book. Also be sure to check NaturalNChicMakeup for her review. So why am I reviewing it? Well, because I FINALLY saw a tester and I was so surprised to like it that I purchased it. My utter surprise and excitement over this purchase requires a blog post. Really. It's in the rules somewhere in the blogosphere.

I purchased all my previous Chanel Summer 2011 items without being able to test them. My counter didn't have testers for a few weeks and God forbid anything should sell out before I got it, right? But I didn't jump at the bronzer. I have several that I like and I'm not a real big bronzer person so I figured I didn't need to fork out $50 for another bronzer. But the colors of this one really intrigued me.

After all my internet research and feigned indifference, I thought if I did happen to purchase, I was sure I would get the Bronze Rose. I wear pink and coral equally as often and equally as well, although pink is my personal favorite, and coral is my husband's. Bronze Rose looked like the safe option, you know what I mean, not too dark, won't turn orange, won't make me look like Snooky or an Oompa Loompa. When I swatched it on my skin, it looked the same to me as my Mac Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skin Finish. I gasped with surprise. And realized I obviously didn't need that.

So I did what any good shopper would do, I looked to the next one, Bronze Corail. And I swiped my finger thru that and got the loveliest shade of shimmering coral, which was different than all my other blushes and bronzers. These bronzers come with a brush that is as wide and thick as one row of color.

At this writing, I haven't worn this yet, and will update when I do, but I would really like to try using this little brush in the individual colors to place them in different areas. I will also use a fluffy brush for an application using all the colors together. And then I'll let you know what I like. I will be wearing it today but I'm writing the post ahead of beautifying myself. :)

Here's a closeup of the four stripes of color, and then a swatch of the individual colors on my hand.

You can see from the swatches that I don't think I'm going to have to worry about this bronzer being too dark or too Snooky, I mean orange. I have saved a "blended together" swatch for when I apply it to my face. More to come...

Here's a couple pictures of me wearing it. Be kind, the first one was really early in the morning so apparently I couldn't see how dark my eyeshadow got. LOL

And a closeup, where you can see that you don't have to apply this heavily at all.

Three different days, three different applications.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Spring Nail Polishes From L'Oreal and Maybelline

A few bright and shiny spring items caught my eye while shopping in my local Fred Meyer. I was looking for a yellow polish that would be wearable for me, some orange, and I was totally bummed out that I hadn't seen China Glaze 108 degrees anywhere in my town. I turned the corner of the cosmetic aisle and WA LAH! There on the end cap where some new bright and shiny spring offerings from L'Oreal and Maybelline. Check it out!

The item on the left is Maybelline Express Finish in Orange Blazes #654. It's a really nice orange cream for summer. It is limited edition. It is shown in two coats on my pinky finger.

In the first picture, the orange L'Oreal Nail Polish is the color Coral Starfish #422. It is an orange with silver and orange sparkles. It is shown in two coats on my index finger.

The bottle third from the left in the first picture is L'oreal Yellow Seahorse #322. It is a yellow with pink and yellow shimmers. They don't really show when wearing it but give it that little bit of oomph to keep it from looking flat. It is pictured in THREE coats on my middle finger. Here's more of a closeup of the bottle to show the shimmers. It's really pretty.

Lastly, on my ring finger is L'Oreal #222 Pink Shells. It is a vivid deep pink with magenta flecks. It is very similar to China Glaze 108 degrees, perhaps just a bit brighter.

All four polishes applied like a dream, with no streaking. The L'Oreal are a steal at $4.99 and the Maybelline is priced at $7.99. Get them while you can. I don't think they'll last long on the displays.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mac Fashionflower, Now In Season, Budding Beauty Lip Gelee Swatches and Review

Mac released three lip gelees recently as part of the Fashionflower Collection. I adore Lip Gelees. They are mostly sheer and glossy and some are super sparkly. This collection contains lots of sparkle, especially in two of the glosses and the third has sparkle but it is less noticible. Lip Gelee's are in long squeeze tubes with an angled applicator at the bottom so that you can control how much you wish to squeeze out. They retail in the US for $14.50.

They aren't particularly sticky glosses but are wet and glossy without the stick. They feel a little more like a petroleum jelly than a traditional Mac Lipglass. The wear time is exceptional. Here's a closeup of, from left to right, Budding Beauty, Fashionflower, and Now in Season.

The order is the same for the gloss swatches on my hand. It should be noted that I put enough in the hand blobs to do my whole lips. A heavy swatch shows you more of the color, but when you apply these, they will be far more sheer, especially Budding Beauty.

Budding Beauty is a very sheer peach with golden peach sparkles. It looks very sheer on me and just adds a tiny bit of shimmer. The best picture I have is a blurry photo to show the shimmer.

Fashionflower has a light lavender base with silver and pinky sparkles. This one is high on shimmer and adds a little bit of silvery lavendar to my lips. It's not a full on thick silver like the heavy swatch on my hand would indicate.

Lastly, I have Now In Season, a lightly golden sheer gloss filled with gold and teal sparkles. On my lips, it gives somewhat of a nude look with plenty of shimmer.

Mac Fashionflower, Ever Hip, Growing Trend, Summer Shower Lipstick Swatches & Review

Mac released a new color collection called Fashionflower in the end of April 2011. Fashionflower is all one word, which seems unusual to me, but I don't make the rules. :) Today I have for you three of the lipsticks featured in this collection. They are, from left to right, Growing Trend, Ever Hip, and Summer Shower.

I swatched the three lipsticks in the same order in the following picture:

Growing Trend is a slightly cool toned nude in the Amplified Creme formula. I tried it with trepidation as I wasn't sure if it would be too light or too cool for me. Viva Gaga 2 was a bit dark to look like a natural nude on me, but there is mild success with Growing Trend.

I was curious how Growing Trend compared to my new favorite nude Revlon Fashion's Night Pout, and the not-too-wearable-for-me Viva Gaga 2. I swatched them with the Revlon at the left, Growing Trend in the middle and Gaga 2 on the right to give you an idea of the similarities and differences.

Here's a refresher on the Revlon that I posted a week or two ago:

I have reviewed Ever Hip in a post below as I had already purchased it from the Liberty of London collection. Here's a picture to refresh you, if you haven't seen it.

Summer Shower is a glaze formula with silver, blue and teal shimmers. Any lip product with blue or green shimmers is tops on my list. Those colors can plump up the look of a lip like nobody's business. I really love a light green over an orange lipstick. Blue shimmers give quite a glossy wet look.

If you're like me, you tend to get dressed and do your makeup without a care in the world until you look outside and see that the weather didn't cooperate with said outfit or makeup. If it's really windy outside, there's no way I'm wearing a gloss because I have long hair and it's just too messy and frustrating. I can beat the wind with a blue glaze lipstick! It will give a glossy wet look without the goo of being an actual gloss. C'mon, wind! I dare you!

Just for grins, I applied a waterproof lipliner, specifically Makeup Forever Aqua Lip number 10C, a plum color. I put Summer Shower over the top. Look how wet and glossy this looks with just lipstick!!

Summer Shower will save me from windy days. That and a hat or ponytail holder! I am curious to see this on more pigmented lips and see if it will tone the pinks and reds and give a natural glossy look. Don't be scared of light blue, it can really be your friend.

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