Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Summer Look Eyeshadow Palettes Rosy Tan 754 & Rosy Nude 534 Swatches & Review

While at the Dior counter to check out the new Summer 2011 items, I really wanted to check out the new eye quints, Rosy Tan and Rosy Nude. I'd walked by them a couple of times before, lightly swatching as I went, but had kept on moving cuz I'd seemed to be there when there was no one available who could find where anything was kept. Saved me money, right? Or did it just make me more determined to try/buy?

So I had my Dior quint cloak of invincibility on which couldn't be penetrated until I read a review by joeybunny for Pink Sith's blog, view it here. In order to be a good cosmetic investigator, I left my cloack at home and went a'swatchin'. I apologize for the fuzzy cell phone pictures.

The display looks as such:

I swatched the shadows and found that I was most attracted to the Rosy Tan as it had a couple of lovely taupes, a highlighter, a nice brown and a great pink. To me, the Rosy Nude was a lot of highlighters with another great pink, but most colors were just shimmering highlighters.

Because I took my own sweet time to check into these, Rosy Tan, my choice, was sold out at the counter. Not a problem for a cosmetic affectianado, I came home and placed an online order. When I get an in home picture of my own quint, I'll post it, as well as on the eye.


  1. You got the quint! Your powers against the dark side are weak! LOL! Thanks for the mention!

  2. Great post, love the Rosy Nude.

    Sadie xx


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