Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm a Wild Wahine for Mac Surf Baby Krazy Kahuna and Good Lovin' Lipglasses!! Swatches and Review

The Mac Surf Baby Lipglasses have the same cute packaging as most of the rest of the collection; cute yellow stripes on top and surfboard inspired oval logo lined in turquoise with a red hibiscus flower pointing to the Mac logo. Totally summer and surfy! With the special packaging comes a slightly higher price and these lip glasses retail for $15.50 in the US.

The two I am reviewing today are Krazy Kahuna and Good Lovin'. I have Strange Potion from the Venonmous Villans Collection, a soft corally pink that is perfect for everyday wear.

In the following photo, Good Lovin' is pictured on the right and Krazy Kahuna on the left.

My first impression looking at them in the tubes was that Good Lovin' would be similar to Prr and Krazy Kahuna would be difficult to wear. I was wrong on both counts! Good Lovin' is a peachy colored shimmer with some light gold particles that shows up on me as mainly a beachy wet lip. It really shines. Those with more pigmented lips may get more color but I get mainly shine. With Prr, I get the frosty peachy pink which is totally different. This is definitely more wet, more shiney, more coral toned than Prr.

The next photo shows a lip swatch of Good Lovin'

And a lip swatch of Strange Potion:

Now before I wax eloquent about Krazy Kahuna, let's see these two kids in a swatch together.
Good Lovin on the right; Krazy Kahuna on the left.

Krazy Kahuna makes me a Wild Wahine!!! Love this Lipglass. It's fabulous. Go buy it now! Let me tell you why....this is a dark nude or cinnamon color and it makes teeth their whitest. I can't believe how much I love it. Today, I put on Spitfire lipstick and it was bright for the rest of my makeup so I dove outside the box and put Krazy Kahuna over it and I absolutely loved it. You can wear this color heavily or lighter depending on how much color you desire, but it also makes a good neutralizer to other colors that may not seem to be working. Try it. You won't be sorry.

I have a few pictures with Krazy Kahuna all alone, not my wild Wahine mix and match, with more pictures to come in the very near future. I have nothing else like this gloss.

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  1. Krazy Kahuna looks gorgeous on you! I agree it does make your teeth look so white. It is definitely a unique color that I haven't seen from MAC before.


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