Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lancome Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow Palette Amethyst Glam

Lancome recently introduced Eye Brightening Color Design 5 shadow palettes in a variety of colors. I have for you today the palette titled Amethyst Glam.

They call these All-In-One because you get an allover base shade, a lid shade, crease shade, highlighter and a liner shade. You can do a variety of looks with these palettes. Inside the palette is a plastic overlay that labels the colors and how Lancome intends you to start using them.

Inside the box is an extended fold out instructional pamphlet that gives you an idea for a day look with the palette and then on the other side directions for an evening type of design. And if you lose your plastic insert, on the back of the pamphlet is the numbers that correspond to the shades.

The Lancome website also has extensive directions if you lose both and want to see their instruction on how to use the palette. Of course, this is all guidelines and you can use any of the colors the way you wish.

Did I hear you say you wanted to see real life swatches? Well, here ya go!

These shadows are very silky in application and I find they wear all day without creasing. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and plan to pick up a couple other palettes. So far, I have this one and Coral Crush and will be reviewing that very soon.

I love what Dior Aurora does to my cheeks. It just makes them glow, so here we go:


  1. Wow purple makes your green eyes jump off the page!

  2. thanks. I've just recently started wearing more purple this year. Red toned purples are better for me than blue based ones.


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