Friday, July 1, 2011

Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like Blasted by Sephora By OPI

Deborah Lippmann released a nail polish for Spring/Summer 2011 that I wanted just based on the name alone. It's called I Know What Boys Like. I love the name because I've kissed a boy and I liked it, so when I was in a place where I could test it, I did and purchased it. It is a slightly purple toned medium depth blue. What you will see below is two coats of I Know What Boys Like and the shineyness is the color itself, no top coat.

My husband isn't crazy about blue on my nails so I wore it alone for about three days and promised him an amazing crackle job that he really likes with this color. I put Silver Blasted from Sephora by OPI and it turned my manicure into something that he really loves.

Of course, I have enjoyed it both ways. Alone and blasted.

All crackle/shatter/blasted colors crack in different ways. I particularly like the way this one cracks over the Lippmann. I have no top coat in any of these pictures. While I was playing around, enjoying my summer vacation, I just happened to notice that my mani choice matches the pool! Awesome!!

I purchased the Lippmann polish at Nordstrom for $16 and the Sephora for OPI at Sephora for $9.50.


  1. Thank you, Modesty. I was just sitting there thinking how it matched the pool so I made hubs grab the camera.

  2. I'm with Jane, the pool pic rocks!


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