Monday, July 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Well, boys and girls, I did indeed do a manicure of Single Ladies by Deborah Lippmann as I had promised in the previous post. I have some pictures but the manicure cleanup isn't...pretty. Let me tell you about my experience tho because based on my swatching, I was really surprised with how the polish performed. I have at least half or more the available Lippmann polishes and I know the quality that is standard in them. I regret to tell you, my experience with this polish was a little disappointing.

Look at the pretty swatch.

Ahhhh such a pretty cranberry! In fact, in practical application, with two coats the color is more of a black cherry. Black cherry color is ok, I like black cherry, but I am reasonably sure I have a dupe of this in my stash at home. Since I'm out of state right now, I can't compare but maybe you can by looking at the photos.

I had some problems with application, so we're going to look at it real close up. I think it will be kind of obvious.

You can kind of tell that the ring finger and pinky are darker than the pointer and middle fingers. I found this polish to be rather like a jelly and it tended to streak, which took me a thumb and two fingers to figure out. I had to be very careful laying down the first coat because it would pull up if I overlapped. For that reason, I laid down heavier first coats on the ring and pinky. In some of the pictures, you can see the streakiness of the first two fingers.

So it was darker than I thought, ok, and so it can probably be duped, it goes on a bit streaky and you have to be really careful about how you apply...that's starting to push it a bit for me. But the kiss of death was that after just one day, there is tip wear and I have a couple of chips. How can this be? I used Seche Vite, like I always do...applied two coats of polish, like I always do...used base coat like I always do...and all I did today was go to church and hang out at the pool. I did virtually nothing which should be a problem to my manicure, and yet, I have three nails chipped at the end of the first day. Maybe the problem is simply that this needs three coats? I don't know but color me a little bit disappointed for a $16 Lippmann nail polish.

** As a follow-up ** I was at Nordstrom tonight and showed the MA my manicure and told her the troubles I had. She said I must have a bad bottle and bring it back and trade it in. I think I'll try one more mani and then follow her advice because we KNOW Lippmann's don't chip in one day.

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