Friday, July 29, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Hydrating Lipstick #166 Shalimar Swatches and Review

It's no secret that I really like lipstick. I really do. I've only been wearing it about as long as my son has been alive but a wonderful Mac Makeup Artist, (shout out to Paige!!), helped me to jump the gap from lipglass and find a love for lipstick hidden deep within. My mom used to be an Avon Lady back in the day and she had these mini little sample lipsticks. Barbie looked fabulous in all the discontinued colors that she'd give us. I loved miniatures anyway, so I was fascinated by these little perfectly shaped mini lipsticks. I suppose I tried on one or two gawd-awful grandma corals here and there, but I mostly used them for Barbie.

Fast forward to 15 years ago and my dear friend Paige showing me what happens when you find a color that expresses your attitude of the day. You take the grownup sized tube and like an artist with a fine brush, lightly draw it as a paint across your lips. The silkiness of a good lipstick transforms a look both outwardly and an attitude inside.

This is why I love lipstick. I love everything about a good lipstick. I like the bliss of a successful application; I love the reflection of my feeling of the day in the choice of color and finish. And I love it as a base for a gloss enhancing the length of wear of both.

Guerlain makes the best of the best. I'm convinced. I have tried at least one of each of their formulations and they are the silkiest of applications, the shiniest of wear, the deepest of true color, and a total reflection of my soul. Today I really want to talk about a new favorite, recently acquired, Rouge Automatique #166 Shalimar, but first, I thought it would be hilarious to show you what I look like without makeup. It could be the end of my blog, but for some reason, I just find it hilarious. Note the deep need for the personality of a lipcolor.

Uh oh, where did my personality go? I have non-existant lips...although they make a great blank canvas for applying lipcolor. And, never fear, I really am wearing a shirt in that picture. Let me show you the lovely Shalimar I chose for application of the day.

Shalimar is a new design from Guerlain that can be used one handed as you just push up the lever and the lipstick appears. There is a bit of a learning curve if you're like me and do it upside down all the time. Just remember, gold on top, black on bottom. Let's take a closer look at this fabulous hot pink.

This lipstick is shiny. It is moisturizing, it is long wearing, it doesn't feather. If it were legal, I'd marry it. It's perfect. Honestly, these are the best wearing lipsticks I've tried and my lips do get around the cosmetic counters. I can't hardly believe that something can be so lightweight yet so long wearing. I'm going to bore you with many lip pictures because I love, love, love this lipstick.

This was also my first time wearing Mac Blogger's Obsessions Hocus Pocus eyeshadow. Wow, THE perfect grey. It has multiple personalities but it's awesome. I just wore it lightly. It's a must have. And for blush, I wore Dior's Glowing Color Powder Blush 889 Pink In Love, featured in the Blue Tie Fall 2011 Collection.

I took a digi pic before I left the house

In a cell phone picture, it all goes together something like this:

One last look at Shalimar:

Guerlain lipsticks can be purchased at Dillard's and Nordstrom, that's where I get mine anyway. The new Rouge Automatique retails for $35 USD which, to me, is a bargain for perfection. I've never worn such silky feeling lipsticks, especially having such great wear.


  1. That color looks great on you! And I have to say again what gorgeous eyes you have. :)

  2. Thank you. That's so sweet. And I really appreciate it.

  3. I love the nails and lips - you should have taken another pic wit them together!

    I remember those little lipstick samples from Avon too, I think my Barbie road tested them as well.

    Thanks for the forgotten memory!

  4. It really is the perfect color on you, but so is every color that you've featured on the blog. You seriously have me thinking twice about the blush from Blue Tie. It is so flattering on you! I have yet to pick up a Rouge Automatique but will have to some day when Chanel's not taking all my money.


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