Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick 165 Champs-Elysees Swatches And Review With Wet N Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio

Fuchsia is a great color for spring, summer, fall, winter...well, anytime really.  It's bright and happy.  I have many in the color range.  Some are more red, some are more sheer, some are more purple...on the day I purchased Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipsick Champs-Elysees, I was looking for a long wearing fuchsia that wouldn't end up red, but stay that lovely bright pink on my lips.

There were SO many Guerlain lipsticks I wanted...every finish, every color range...I love them all.  I bought several but the one I am showing you today is the one I went to the counter looking for.  The color is a creamy shiney fuchsia pink with a hint of red.  It's in the new lipstick applicator with no lid.  I'm a little behind the power curve with this new fangled tube.  I open it upside down every time.  One day I'll get it.  I'm sure most people are quicker on the uptake than I am.

This is a swatchy swatch outside in the sunshine.

And lippie swatches, indoor and out:

This lipstick is both moisturizing and long wearing. It even says so on the box! But it's true, it's a really comfortable wearing lipstick and gives a long amount of wear. I'm pretty pleased.

I recently wore this with Wet N Wild's Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio, which looks something like this:

It's a wonderful neutral palette and especially fantastic for taupe lovers. I wore it lightly on the day pictured and it made a nice simple look for church.

Here's the end result of the day:


  1. Champs-Elysees looks great on you. It definitely brightens up the face without being too bold or gaudy. I love Silent Treatment as well. In fact, I have it on right now :)

  2. Thanks Kristie! *whispers* I bought four Guerlain lipsticks at the Nordstrom sale. :-0

    I hope Wet N Wild never discontinues the three pans. They're just awesome. I'm mourning the loss of the 6 pans.


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