Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Intimate Memory of My First Love - An Ode To Joy

I remember it so well...every feeling, every sight, every moment of my first love. There was nothing else like it. I never got over it...I still get weak in the knees thinking about it. I've had other loves but they say you never forget your first. If you know me, you know who I'm talking about. If you don't know me, it's not too hard to guess.

I guess I was around 10 or 12 the first time we met. My mom was with me and took me and made the introductions. I guess I'd have to say I owe her for that memory that has been with me all these years and has always made me smile with nostalgia. It happened in Anchorage...I renew those mental images by passing that place with alarming frequency. You know how it go back, revisit the memory and get those same butterflies. Every time.

By now you know who I mean.

It's true love. I remember so vividly my mom taking me the first day the store opened in Anchorage, store 12, *sigh*. I can still see us embarking up the escalator for the first time. It's the same escalator that is there today, after so long. I don't remember what we saw or if she purchased anything, but when I return to the scene of the memory, I smile thinking how many times I've ridden up that same escalator, hand sweaty with anticipation on the rubber grippy thing...or when I'm feeling quite daring, I let my hand free and steady my feet and just enjoy the ride.

And when I got my first Nordstrom was actually my first credit card ever, which I guess is appropriate. I think it was the brown one. At any rate, this has been a long love affair. I return quite often and relish many memories and many relationships I've made via Nordstrom, lasting friendships, and all that I've learned from the folks that work there. Truly a joy in my life is a simple trip to Nordstrom as we are connected forever. (Especially after this last sale, lol).

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  1. Very cute post! For some reason I've never been a Nordstrom shopper. I almost feel intimidated going in there. Sad, I know. Some day.... :)


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