Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mac Bloggers Obsession Sonoran Rain Lipglass Swatch and Review FOTD

Recently, Mac Cosmetics chose nine bloggers for a special collection of eyeshadows and lipglasses called Bloggers Obsession. Today I feature for you a lipglass created by blogger Aileen de los Angeles called Sonoran Rain. Read more about her inspiration on her website The Shades of U. This gloss was my lip of choice on July Fourth as I wore some red, white and blue and made it the focus of my face that day.

Sonoran Rain is described as a deep reddened coral with gold and silver shimmers. A close-up picture shows this well.

It was kind of a blustery day that day. I have some really hilarious photos of my hair flying in every direction, but I won't bore you with those, I'll just show you some typical "look at a full face shot of this gloss" photos.

On the eyes, I am wearing Sephora's jumbo waterproof liner pencils in Taupe and Grey. They wore very well with no creasing and I applied them without my usual eye prepping ritual. LORAC 3D was my mascara of choice. Dior Aurora glossed over my cheeks. Here's a closed eye picture so you can kind of see the pencils on the eyes.

I can't seem to help wrinkling my nose like a bunny in the sun. Maybe I need to try some kind of instant freeze thing to put on my nose/cheek before going outside to take photos. Who knows, maybe it could work?

I will review all the Blogger's Collection Lipglasses in one post, but I'm having a lot of fun working with them and I really feel that they seem to be superior in texture and wear to any regular lipglass that I've worn prior.


  1. I've never seen anyone mention anything about texture, I may have to break down and order one just to see for myself.

    Thanks for the review. :]

  2. Ooh, the close up on this is perfect - it's so pretty! I think the description of this color is just right. And I just noticed you have the prettiest green eyes. :)

  3. Thanks girls. I sure am enjoying the Blogger's Obsession Lipglasses!

  4. Love this shade--must check it out. Looks in the pics like it might have some pink in it?


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