Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive - Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started Glitter Nail Polish Trio Swatches Review

Swatches! We've got swatches! Lots of swatches!!

For the 2011 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Deborah Lippmann is offering a trio of glitter nail polishes in a set called Get This Party Started. The set is $42 for three full size glitter polishes, which normally cost $18 to $20 each, so that's a nice little savings. One of the polishes has been around for awhile and is one of her most popular, plus there are two brand new polishes in the set. The nail polish set wasn't pictured in the Nordstrom Anniversary catalog, so let's have a preview, shall we?

The set is boxed in a sturdy black box. It houses the famed Lippmann polish Happy Birthday. Now I own every knock-off made of Happy Birthday and I have to tell you, after finally seeing the real thing, there is nothing else like it. The pink glitter polish is called Candy Shop and the black glitter polish is Forget You.

Pictured left to right: Happy Birthday, Candy Shop, Forget You.

In reverse, we have Forget You, Candy Shop and Happy Birthday.

Let's look at them one at a time both in the jar and with a nail swatch. First we'll have Happy Birthday. I'm just so happy to finally have this polish.

Second is the cotton candy pink polish full of glitter, Candy Shop.

Thirdly, we have Forget You, a black polish packed full of glitter.

In my one-fingered swatches, I noted a couple of things. The pink color of Candy Shop is a bit sheer and jellyish compared to the clear Happy Birthday and the black base of Forget You. Forget You is totally opaque in one coat. I imagine these will mostly be used as top glitter-coats, but Forget You will probably be used all on it's own. Happy Birthday can also be used on it's own, and I suppose you could with Candy Shop, but I think it would look better over a base coat.

All three polishes have the same glitter in them. Multiple shapes and multiple colors throughout, but unless I'm really crazy, (a possibility), my eyes tell me all three bear the same exact glitter. Remember that with chunky glitter nail polishes, you can push the glitters around to exactly where you want them, or you can apply them sheerly for just bits of glitter. It just really helps the distribution if you decide where you want the glitter.

I'll be interested to see what you all do with these. They should be in Nordstrom stores and online beginning July 15, 2011. I think they'll be very popular and sell out for sure. Lippmann lovers just can't resist!


  1. I think they are perfect for crazy summer beach parties :)

  2. The unevenness of the glitter would get to me after a while.

  3. I got this set yesterday and just realized today that there are no square glitters in the Happy Birthday polish. Not sure from your pics, but does yours have them?

  4. Liz, it seems to be mostly round and hex.

  5. I think they are gorgeous and buying them right now! xx


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