Monday, July 25, 2011

There's A Little Nail Polish Surprise From Color Club!!!

Often frustrated that no one in my hometown sold Color Club Nail Polish, I was pleasantly surprised about six weeks ago to find a display in my local Fred Meyer. Color Club, what?!?! In Alaska?!? I quickly bought a couple colors, which I haven't reviewed yet, but will soon, PROMISE, and then I went on vacation. To a big metropolis. Which has no Color Club anywhere I could find. What again!?!?! I contacted the company and they told me to check Ross stores.

Ha! That's an easy assignment for me because I have every Ross store in the area mapped. Dude, no joke. So I went around for nearly five weeks checking the Ross stores for Color Club polish. Most had none. The ones that did had eight packs of the same colors that I had just purchased in Alaska.

Have you ever shopped a Ross store for Color Club? Oh my gosh, people can be such pigs! Most sets I saw didn't have all the colors, some had other things in place of bottles...literally, people would put anything in there, another polish, a hair scrunchy, whatever. It was so disheartening that people would steal a polish or two out of a set, which was mostly what I found. I can only imagine the company loses 98% of what they send to Ross stores to theft.

So imgaine my surprise and delight when, on the last night I was there, I found some mini sets! I found them at TJ Maxx and at Ross! Such a surprise. And they were unmolested!! And colors I didn't have!! I found two sets I didn't purchase that were the summer colors that I already had. And then, there were these:

They're not full sized bottles. I thought they were maybe half size but I placed Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets next to a set to show size, and I'm thinking these are pretty danged big for mini sets. And, it's four polishes for $3.99!!!

Before I show you another neat surprise, I'll show you the two I left behind:

So after I jumped up and down at my finds, I looked behing them and found a lovely six pack of glitter top coats for, hello!, $4.99. I couldn't resist.

I didn't have time to swatch anything before I left for home and I think I left the glitters behind till next time. What was I thinking? But, seriously, I brought home about 30 pounds of polish. What the heck? How do I purchase so much polish when I'm out of town? I only have ten fingers and ten toes but I'm thinking of taking fertilizer so I can grow more. Does anybody else have this vacation discovery problem that I do?


  1. You need to head down to Sterling/Kenai area, I found 25c polishes (some used, some fairly new) at a thrift shop when I was there last week! OPI dusties! Sally Hansen Prisms!

  2. I never heard of this make at I live in the UK, but need to check this brand out... you seem to like it! heheh :)) xxx

  3. i'm in hawaii, so i feel some of your alaska pain (i.e., every commercial has the "prices higher in AK & HI" disclaimer at the bottom), so i'm pretty thrilled when i find color club polishes at Ross, too :)

    i am currently on a nail polish no-buy (been going on almost 9 weeks), so i left behind a Color Club Vivid Top Coat, to much chagrin. i'm pretty sure it'll be gone the next time i go. but i think i'm gonna cave and buy Nubar Indigo Illusion on eBay.

  4. @Bunny, that's worth the drive. I may need directions!!

    @Lovelain94, I was just so desperate to check it out because it was so elusive. I've tried one color so far and it wore really really well.

    @Courtney, ah you are in my favorite place ever. I hope they don't treat the Color Clubs in Hawaii the way they do at the Ross stores in Phoenix. It was messy and awful.

    I also bought the Vivid Top Coat...because really, what the heck is it? Does it make colors brighter? Does the name just fool us? I gotta see what this thing does.


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