Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat Eye Trio Reviews and Swatches...And More!

Today's lesson, class, is HOW TO APPRECIATE A SPOILED BRAT.

Step One: See the pretty!

Step two: See the pretty in sunlight and admire all it's amazing qualities:

Step Three: Make some Swatches and Admire the Nuances of Color!

The pink has gorgeous fuchsia and violet shimmers to give it the perfect pink look. It can also be used as a blush to tie your look together or on the lips with clear WnW Glassy Gloss over it. The shimmering silver is the most perfect silver you'll ever find. The black has silver shimmers to make it special.

Step Four: Apply the Shadows On Your Eyes:

Step Five: Tell Your Friends!!!!

This is the second best part. Wearing the trio is the first. Wet N Wild makes such great shadows and at such a fabulous price, I seriously just can't believe it. The shadows are silky...like buttah to apply. All Wet N Wild Trios come with a mini brush and a mini sponge brush as well.

When I spied this trio at the store, I knew immediately that I would go outside the box and apply the shades differently than suggested. I often love to put a pink or peach in and just above my crease. I have, well...huge eye space, and it helps blend my eyes with any blush I might wear as well as blending my eye spaces a bit better with the rest of the mug.

This could possibly be my favorite trio so far, although I put off wearing it till I'd tried many others. I thought the colors were kind of bold in the pan but when I used it, I found I could blend them to either boldness or a lighter color...whatever depth I wanted. Love them all but especially the black. The silver glitter is awesome!!! It doesn't fall out all over the face during the day. I had no creasing with any colors, just with my falling eyelids, lol.

I wanted a nude lip with a little bit of color to it, so I applied a nude liner and then put Wet N Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel This Too Shall Glass. I was provided with a sample of some Glassy Gloss which I will give a full review later this week. But here is a pinky gloss on top of the nude liner, in two lightings. One shows the color better; the other shows the juiciness of the gloss.

And again, my look of the day, which wore well. I just couldn't be more thrilled with the Wet N Wild Trios and the Glassy Gloss Lip Gels. There are so many fun looks you can get with them. And should I see you in the store, just know I am stalking all locations for a sighting of the new limited edition trios. I can't miss them!


  1. Wet n Wild keeps me impressed with their shadows, especially given the quality paired with the low price point.

    Lovely look. :]

  2. I'm wondering why I would buy anything else anymore. All my needs are met with these shadows...except maybe orange.

  3. The black shade is my favorite!

  4. Oh how I envy your "huge eye space"!! I have the exact opposite :( hardly any eye space...This was a nice look!!

  5. That's a wonderful look; the entire look. :)


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