Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Your Sephora 20 Percent Friend and Family Code!

In the past, Sephora has run a Friends and Family Sale offering 20 percent off the usual prices. Last year, it ran for about two weeks. The code has been universal and multi-use.

My how times have changed!!! But this is good news to my credit card. This year, the code is individual and a one-time use code. Go to the website Sephora set up that will generate your code when you enter your email address.
As always, have a great time shopping!!

Guest Blogger Post: Spotlight on Estee Lauder

I am thankful to have a guest blogger today and I'd like you to welcome Carleen Coulter. The last ten days have been a very difficult time in real life and Carleen provided me with a post while I've been unable to attend to my blog. Carleen owns multiple beauty blogs, including Girl Gloss and Beauty And Fashion Tech, which focuses in part on technological advances in beauty and includes a popular buyer’s guide with full home laser hair removal reviews.

Brand Spotlight: Great Items From Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder brand of makeup and beauty products stands out as a favorite to thousands of women around the world. Founded in 1946, the brand is known for supplying women excellent quality, but generally affordable, makeup products. In general, Estee Lauder is one of the better department store brands, often offering luxury quality at a more modest price than some of its true luxury level competitors. As a result, Estee Lauder has become one of the best known makeup producers worldwide, and now is the owner of 27 different brand names. The Estee Lauder brand not only makes cosmetic solutions, but also skin care products, perfumes, and hair treatment products.

Estee Lauder provides an outstanding choice of makeup items that involve lip care products, eye care solutions, face care products, and many additional makeup accessories. Inside the face care line, there is a high quality selection of blushes, powders, foundations, concealers, compacts and bronzers. Within the eye care line, there are an array of eye shadows, eyeliners, brow liners and mascaras. Estee Lauder releases a number of limited edition collections throughout each year.

Estee Lauder additionally provides an exceptional lip care selection, with quality lip pencils, lip glosses, and lipsticks. Its lip gloss and lipstick are very popular amongst younger women due to the items being quality, but fairly affordable, goods. The lipstick in particular wears well and has a nice range of shades. There is also a fabulous array of gadgets involving nail lacquers, makeup removers, cleansers, brushes and towelettes.

Favorite Estee Lauder products include EL Signature powder silky blush, Double Wear remain-within-place makeup SPF 10, Pure Color long lasting lipsticks, Bronze Goddess matte bronzer, Pure Color eye shadows, Sig hydra luster lipstick, bold volume lifting mascara, Dual Wear 0-smudge lengthening mascara, Double Wear remain-in-place lipstick, and EL Signature hydra luster lipstick.

When it comes to skin care, the ReNutriv line includes a number of quality products, including the popular fundamental cream, a robust hydrating moisturizer. The cream is a favorite among many women, and comes in an attractive gold container. Estee Lauder also creates a great firming lotion, and their Day Wear line of moisturizers have been favorites of many women for years.

Another perennial favorite is Estee Lauder’s matte oil control powder. The powder runs at around $26, which is on the higher part of the spectrum, yet rightfully so, as consumer reviews of the product tend to be quite good.

Estee Lauder products are generally available at department stores such as Nordstrom. Alternatively, the products may be purchased at internet retailers.

Winner of the Madre Labs/ Giveaway

All entries were tallied and entered to and the winner it chose was Angie P. Congratulations!!! I will be contacting you via email in order to connect you with so that you may receive your wonderful products.

Thank you to all who entered!

Friday, October 14, 2011

No Title For This Post

Polarbelle is experiencing a minor delay in announcing the winner of the Madre Labs giveaway. After, many long days at the hospital, there has been a death in the family. It may be a couple more days before I'm able to process all the entries and generate the winner. Please had patience, and I promise it will happen as soon as is humanly possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Beauty Blogger Giveaway!!!

We have returned for yet another giveaway! We decided to up the ante and giveaway a $500 Sephora E-Gift Certificate this time!

To enter, wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below. You’re more than welcome to leave comments, but they will not earn entries into the contest. Each action in the Rafflecopter widget (below) earns you another entry. Actions will only be counted one time – even if you click on the widgets on the other participating blogs. You may tweet once per day – just come back here (or any of the blogs listed above) and submit a new tweet! 18+, International Entries are welcomed!

Please make sure to check out all the great bloggers that contributed to make this happen!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Blogger Post: Celebrities That Set Beauty Trends

I'd like to welcome today's guest blogger!!  Give her a read, won't you?  This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.  I am honored to be able to present the following piece of her blogging expertise, which has saved me after a computer disaster this week.  Thank you, Aleya, I hope you enjoy the space here!

Celebrities That Set Beauty Trends

Designers and big companies pay celebrities huge sums of money so that they endorse their latest products and have the masses take notice. However even without endorsements people look to celebrities for entertainment and the latest trends. Women sit through award shows, read fashion and beauty blogs and study magazines to see the latest trends on the most sought after female celebs. These A list celebrities give women inspiration to look and feel their best and as such should be acknowledged. Ladies we take our hats off to you.

Cameron Diaz- Those eyes, that smile, the glow! How can we not take notice of Cameron Diaz! Her claim to fame was making the funny girl with a goofy laugh sexy and we love her for it. While Cameron likes to keep her name out of the press women (and men) all over the world can’t help but notice her sun kissed skin. Cameron got her beautiful glow from surfing, but you can get it by using a touch of bronzer.

Emma Watson- No longer just the cute little girl from Harry Potter, Emma Watson is on her way to becoming a beauty icon. Almost single handedly she brought the pixie cut back in style and is now a celebrity that young women look to for beauty and fashion inspiration. So much in fact that she’s one of the latest faces of Lancome.

Kim Kardashian- Love her or hate her you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian has a beautiful head of hair. More and more today women are forgoing the stick straight blowout for one that has more body thanks to Kim. As for the makeup, Kim has adopted J Los natural look with shimmery nude gloss which is one of the hottest fall trends for 2011.

Gwen Stafani- Once she got rid of that hot pink hair and went platinum blond Gwen Stefani became a cutting edge muse. We love how she uses bold red lipstick and dark eye makeup to set off her porcelain skin.  

Anne Hathaway- Anne is known to have a great sense of style and in one of the most watched out for celebrities on the red carpet. While she looks cute in her every day makeup it’s her glam look that draws us in. She has a way with bringing back old Hollywood and giving it a modern twist that we all love. That great big smile that she’s always sporting doesn’t hurt either.

Cate Blanchett- Cate may be the oldest of the bunch but she’s also the most sophisticated. She has the kind of face that can be transformed into any look that she wants and she uses that trait to show a strong, classy, independent sort of woman. To be honest, she’s my favorite.

There are so many more celebrities out there that set beauty trends. Angelina Joie single handedly made women all over the world head to the plastic surgeon to get fuller lips. J Lo got women to be proud of their backsides and wear sparkly natural looking makeup. Rhianna got women to dye their hair red. And it goes on and on and on. The trick is to find out which trends will look the best on you. Whatever you decide we know you’ll look beautiful.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly Beauty Blogger Roundup

For this week, we have some of the best on the net for you to peruse. Take a moment and have a read. There's some real gems here.
Don't forget to enter my Great Giveaway by clicking the link Review of the Madre Labs and Enter to Win Huge Giveaway from
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From Midnight Manicures - Let's look at the China Glaze Glitters From The Metro Collection.
 Nailfiled is back (again) with The Face Shop GR502.
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Polish Pauper wants you to  Forget The Rainbows And Bring On The Unicorn Puke!!
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Beauty.Mark Style & Fashion has  New Updates.
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Nails and Noms  has a review and swatches of Essie Winter 2011 Cocktail Bling Collection.
Glitter Gloss Garbage reviews
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And wrapping up the week, Cosmetically Challenged discusses Ruby Kisses Ultra Control Eyeliner and why it's a Keeper.
Enjoy this week's peek at the latest from the brightest!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

China Glaze Haunting Collection It's Alive Swatches and Crackled

This week I am wearing a very spooooooky manicure. It's a zombified Frankenstein's brains crackled. *cue spooky laughter* bwahahahahahaha!! I have previously swatched these colors on a nail wheel here, and ever since then, I couldn't wait to use these colors on my nails.

I started with two coats of It's Alive, a pickle colored green with multiple sizes of green glitter. It will be as fabulous for Christmas as it is for Halloween. This week, I am pretending it's Frankenstein's blood. Surely he would bleed green, no?

Look at this awesome color on the nails. (I've done no cleanup because I knew I was crackling right away.) Can you believe I'm wearing a color that doesn't match my cell phone case?


Neither does it match my ipad case.


It does, however, match the most ridiculously priced hand cream you could ever use. (Price is outrageous but the smell is awesome!)


I was so snap-happy while I photographed It's Alive against everything I owned. I just love this color. But then it was time to crackle. I initially planned to use the OPI Black Shatter because it was the kind of look I was going for, but for the sake of review, I thought I'd use the China Glaze Black Crackle that came in the set.

The China Glaze Crackle has an opacity that is in between OPI Shatter and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat. Brushing it on was a little bit of a challenge as the brush is rather thin. I wanted to do an easy three strokes down the nail but with the thinness of the brush, my thumb took six and most fingers took at least four. I also found it really difficult to even up the edges around the cuticle with the varying brush strokes. I was hoping for a linear crack pattern but I got something that looks more like an alligator skin, don't you think?


The zombies make late night crank calls.


It still doesn't match my cell phone case.


But this will be one of my favorite manicures of all time. I think this whole month, I'll be alternating between spooky nails and pink. How about you?


Monday, October 3, 2011

Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Collection Swatches And Review!

October is quite the month, isn't it? We have the pinking of products to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and then we have the creepiness and dark colors of Halloween at the end. What a contrast. This post happens to focus on Pink via a review of one of the lipstick and bag sets issued by Estee Lauder to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Estee Lauder is donating 20% of the retail price of it's Pink Ribbon Collection to the foundation. At my local Nordstrom counter, the sales associate told me that they are giving up their commission on the Pink Ribbon Collection as well. I don't know if that's local decision or corporate from EL or Nordstrom. You can read more about the BCRF at



There are two lipstick and bag sets issued by Estee Lauder as part of the 2011 Pink Ribbon Collection. I purchased the Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Collection set but I think I'll probably return to purchase the other set as well. This one contains a Pure Color lipstick in a Crystal Shimmer formula called Lavish Pink. As it's a Pure Color Crystal, it is a little sheer and shiney, kind of a lustre formula. It's a nice girly pink.




I'm sure you can get this anywhere that sells Estee Lauder and I purchased mine at Nordstrom. I will probably be returning to purchase the other set entitled Evelyn Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection.  It contains a Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in the color Wildly Pink.  When I swatched it at the counter, it was more of a full coverage deeper pink.  I'm really into pinks and fuchsias right now so I think $24 USD for one of these sets is a great price, as well as the benefit of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month by picking up something pretty.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass Infinitely Likeable Swatches and Review

Before I get into the review, I have to tell you my initial impression of the Mac Pro Longwear Lipglasses. I first tried them at the Nordstrom Mac counter using the little tester wands that they have for lipglass and it was a mess. Those wands aren't really high quality, nor should they be as they're disposable and for color testing purposes. The little cheapo brushes didn't apply the color well and it was kind of a sticky mess on my lips. My friend was getting a makeup application at the time and the girl put one of the glosses on her. (Hi, Kelsy! You made the blog!!) It looked AWESOME. So I had to get it, too, right?

When I came home and actually tried the Pro Longwear Lipglass with the wand intended for it, I found that it wasn't really hard to apply at all. It is a little more sticky than a lot of glosses, but stick = longwear. You can't have a long wearing gloss without stick. So while it was different feeling, I was hopeful that it would live up to it's name. And it does. So what did I do then? Buy a few more.

Today I have for you Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass in Infinitely Likeable, a light baby pink.


I swatched it heavily on my hand but I'm sorry the swatch is so small. Blog fail, lol.

Mac Infinitely Likeable

In the pictures I took, I'd been running around all day and had just refreshed my gloss. I put it on a little thickly because I wanted to see how it wore thru dinner. The great thing about these glosses is that you can apply them thickly or thinner, if you wish. So before dinner, I looked like this:





This is the VITAL information that you need. I drank TWO bottles of water, a large coke with a straw and ate salty fries. That's a LOT of lip action. Afterward, I looked like this:

Mac After Infinitely Likeable

mac infinitely likeable after

That's pretty good wear on an unusual amount of wrapping my lips around straws and bottles and eating salty french fries. I call it a win. There's still quite a bit of color on my lips. I'll be reviewing more of the colors as I wear them.

You can purchase the Pro Longwear lipglasses at Mac Cosmetics dot com, Nordstrom, and wherever else you might find a Mac Counter.  The glosses are $18.50 USD and contain .06 fl oz of product.
(Please note: This post contains an affiliate link for your convenience.  If you click it, they think I'm cool, and if you purchase, I might make a small stipend that helps keep Polarbelle "on the air".  Please see disclosure policies for more information.)

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