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Monday, December 5, 2011

Exploring Beauty Trends In The Plastic Surgery Industry

As I continue to muddle thru the events of the last two months, I've had offers of guest posting on Polarbelle and I have chosen to bring them to you while I get my head into a more beauty-full place to do reviews. Today, we have a post about trends in Plastic Surgery, a topic which I feel is very inline with the usual talk of the beauty industry and also happens to form many current opinions about what is or isn't beautiful.  Please review today's posting provided to me, along with a few of my comments at the end.

"Much like any other industry that has to do with fashion or beauty, plastic surgery seems to move in trends, with certain procedures becoming more popular than others at different times. Sometimes this is due to new technology in a procedure, and sometimes it is simply more about what is stylish. However, it is undeniable that plastic surgery, both in methods and in different procedures, is an aspect of fashion in that different aspects of it experience ups and downs. So, with this in mind, here are a few words on some of the most notable trends of late in the world of plastic surgery.

• In terms of which procedures are popular right now, breast augmentation seems to be on a relatively constant incline, judging by statistics. As the types of surgeries that you can have become more advanced, and women become more and more confident in the results that they will see, more people are feeling comfortable undergoing breast augmentation. For a bit more specifics on some of the procedures that you can look into, you can check out AboutPlasticSurgery.com.

• Botox is also trending upward, as people begin to trust it more frequently. Botox was quite common when people first realized its effects, and then trended downward as it began to be seen as a very artificial and not always successful way to make your face look younger. However, as people grow more used to how to use botox, and as the method itself becomes more perfected, its popularity is on the up again.

• Statistics also indicate that tummy tucks are becoming more popular over the last couple of years. This is an interesting trend to keep an eye on, as it may indicate that people are losing weight more consistently. Exercise and fitness have been emphasized more in the last few years, on a broad scale – and people who undergo tummy tucks are often trying to tighten up loose skin left over after a loss of weight. There is no definite correlation, but this could be one reason for the increase in tummy tuck popularity.

These are of course just a few of the most statistically noteworthy trends in the industry. There are other patterns as well, such as which specific types of surgery within each procedure are hot right now, and how people are more effectively using imaging and before-and-after photos to choose procedures. If you want information on a specific procedure, there is plenty of research available online."

Who among us hasn't thought that they'd get this nipped or that tucked if we could afford it?  I know I have.  Get a group of females together and at some point, people might be inclined to talk about what they'd like to change about themselves.  With advances in surgical techniques, many things you'd never before thought could be moved can be.  It's a wonder really.  I've never had plastic surgery but if insurance paid, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't consider it.  I wouldn't begrudge a person who had plastic surgery in order to feel better about themselves just because I choose to change my looks with color.  As with any other beauty item, it can be taken to extremes and should be used in moderation because nobody should become the Cat Woman!

All the talk of x-raying Kim Kardashian's rear end was strange to me because really, who cares if she got implants?  Would it change anything or who she is?  No.  Does it change anything or who she is that she's been USDA approved 100% organic?  No.  That whole discussion was about the silliest thing I've heard because if she had done it, it's her business and if she hadn't, it's her business.  People get tattooed eyeliner and nobody has them x-ray their lids to prove anything one way or another.  That is considered cosmetic enhancement.  So is a tummy tuck and so is breast augmentation, but let's face it, celebrities set beauty trends and so many of them have cosmetic surgery that it has become a more mainstream form of beauty enhancement.  Let's call it the red lipstick of the decade.

What I would say to you, dear reader, is that if you do consider plastic surgery, please search out a reputible surgeon and as much information as you would about any other surgery.  You can find much information about it by visiting my sponsor AboutPlasticSurgery.com.  Don't try to shave a few dollars off by going to a discount surgeon in another country or have a back alley plastic surgery.  Those kind of risks are too great to take.  Do your research first and if you decide to fix your nose or have implants in your hiney or if you decide to purchase a new blush, the choice is up to you and the options are plentiful.  And either way, you'll be right in style with current beauty trends.




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