Monday, December 31, 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills Kisses On My List Volume 2 Lipgloss Set Swatches & Review

Anastasia Kisses On My List Lipgloss set, hydrafull lipgloss

Volume 2 of the Anastasia Kisses On My List Hydrafull lipgloss set is an absolute winner!! These glosses quickly became my favorite from the very first try. I've carried 2 or 3 with me every day since I received them.

Included in the set of six Hydrafull lipglosses are three Hypercolor glosses. Hypercolor means that the pigment reacts to your own body chemistry and creates a unique color for you. All three of the pink glosses are the Hypercolor formulation. From left to right, the colors are Moi, Maggie Mae, Sharonna, Jolene, Roxanne and Lola.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss,hyperfull

They are pictured in the same order in the swatch photo below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, hyperfull

I want to tell you a little bit about them before I tell you why I love these glosses so much. When I pulled the wand out of the first tube, I thought it was your average doefoot applicator until I used it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Hyperfull Lipgloss, swatches

The applicator felt a little different in applying the glosses, which have a basic consistency of any Mac lipgloss, tho not quite as sticky. I wasn't sure at first what the difference was, so I took a good look at the wand. It's a silicon paddle shaped applicator!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches

At first, I wasn't sure I could manipulate this on my lips, but I really found it to apply the glosses well. I think I was initially thrown by the applicator being different but different doesn't mean bad. I've learned something!!

Here is Maggie Mae, which is in the running for my top personal favorite gloss from this set. I love love love the nude colors the most but the pinks also look great, I just have to be a little more careful applying them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

I find these glosses to be very moisturizing. They wear well and have great shine. They're pretty much perfect with everything. The theme of the collection is a nod to 1970's rock so you'll find yourself humming the accompanying theme song with each lipgloss you use. Well, I do anyway...



I can't show you a picture of Sharonna since I didn't realize I didn't take one until I started writing up this post. And I can't take one now because this is a limited edition set and I want you to hurry and purchase this before it sells out!!! Instead, I want to show you the back of the box. Noteworthy all on it's own, it gives you a feel for the statement of the glosses. (m-m-m-m-my-yi-yi-yi-yi Woo!! just happens!)


The Hypercolor lipglosses were a surprise to me. They self-adjust to your own body chemistry so that the color you see in the tube isn't necessarily the exact same that your lips will display. After about five minutes, they deepen a bit, too, and leave a nice flush of color on your lips.

Swatches of Roxanne, (only one of the best songs ever, also a wonderful lipgloss).

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Roxanne, Hydrafull lipgloss

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeene....

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene Lipgloss, hydrafull,  swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene, Hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches

And L-o-l-a Lola!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lola, hydrafull,Lipgloss, swatches

The full set of six lipglosses retails for $30...just $5 a gloss!!! You can purchase them, if you hurry, at Nordstrom, Anastasia's own website, Sephora, Dillard's and other fine department stores.  It's important to note that Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty-free company.

I love this set.  Go get them while you can!!  I want to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  One thing I'm excited about for this year is I'm finishing up Invisalign this week and will get those danged buttons removed from my teeth...finally!!!  No more funky lip swatches!!  What are you looking forward to in 2013?

(The lipgloss set was provided by PR for evaluation.  This in no way influences my opinion of them; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see my Disclosure policies for more information.)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sation Under The Miss-tletoe & Holiday GoLightly Nail Polish Swatches and Review

The Sation Holiday Go Lightly collection features six great nail polishes, some of which I've featured previously in blog posts HERE and with some holiday nail art HERE.  The final two colors I have from this collection are going to be featured today.  If you have some after Christmas money that you want to spend, consider picking up these nail lacquers. Both colors are gorgeous and will be a great addition to your nail polish collection.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly,

On the left, is Under The Miss-tletoe, a perfect evergreen with tone on tone matching shimmer. On the right is Holiday Golightly, a light aqua sky with the gentlest of light shimmers inside. Holiday Golightly is a delicious surprise and a most delicate nail polish.

Sation Nail Polish

A very close up shot of the Under The Miss-tletoe nail polish bottle shows the green shimmers lying in the perfect evergreen nail polish.


In the swatch shots, my camera wanted to pull the color more to the blue side of green than it should be, but with a little bit of editing, the swatch photos are as close to accurate as I can get them. It's that beautiful micro-shimmer within the polish that really makes it come alive and differ from your average pine green nail lacquer. This truly is the perfect evergreen polish.

Sation Nail Polish, Under the Mistletoe nail polish, swatch

I used two coats of Under The Miss-tletoe and a coat of Seche Vite, which caused some shrinkage of the polish at the tips.

Sation_Under_The_Miss-tletoe_Swatch_2, nail polish, nail art

I saved this color and Holiday Golightly for the last report of this collection because I want to show you how absolutely perfect they are for Christmas time, particularly if you fancy a northern white Christmas. The next picture is taken in the afternoon on Christmas Day. We were having a beautiful Christmas snow falling, which you can't see in the picture, but notice the colors of the tree, the snow and the sky. The scene absolutely mirrors Sation Under The Miss-tletoe and Holiday Golightly.

Christmas Day 2012, Anchorage, Alaska

Holiday Golightly is the perfect match to a winter day's snow outside at my house. It's the light blue color with a kiss of frost inside. The shimmer mirrors the polish color and flashes an icy white in some lights with the camera lens. It's not silver tho, it's just one of those things with color that a camera sometimes does where you see it look like it might be silver.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly, swatch

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish, swatch

I like to describe this nail polish as delicate as it has almost a lacy type of feel with the lightness of color and the light shimmer. It is SO beautiful!! It was such a surprise to me. You can't tell off a website that it was going to have such personality and be so ladylike in it's appeal. I just really love it. I couldn't get enough of looking at it. It's almost to the point where I feel like I could wear this one polish all winter long and it would be perfect.

I anticipated the question I thought most people would it a dupe of China Glaze For Audrey? So I took some pictures to show you the difference.


On a swatch wheel, I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the left and China Glaze For Audrey on the right.


Pictures will do a more adequate job of showing you the differences than I think my words can. Simply put, For Audrey is a simple creme formula and Holiday Golightly is the sky aqua color with microshimmers. It is the color of winter snow with a kiss of frost. At least way up north in the dead of winter, our snow has an aqua tint.

I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the middle and pinky fingers and China Glaze For Audrey on the ring finger. (My Seche Vite globbed at the base of my middle finger, ugh, giving it that really great lopsided cuticle look. :/)




Again, the shimmer is a delicate tone on tone that runs more to white than it does silver. The camera often reads a shimmer particle as silver no matter what color it is, but there is NO silver in this nail polish.



Delicate. Lacy. Seriously, you just have to experience it!


All Sation nail polishes are Big 3 Free. They have a nice pro brush, making them easy to apply smoothly. You can find them on the Miss Professional nail website, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Winner's in Canada.

(Both nail polishes pictured were provided by PR for the company, which in no way shapes or forms my opinion. All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Nordstrom Buy Two Get One Free Nail Polish Sale

Beginning now online and December 29 and 30 in store, Nordstrom is offering you their fabulous buy two, get one free nail polish offer on select brands. The online sale goes through 12/31/12 at 11:59 pm PST. The brands for this sale are Deborah Lippman, The New Black, Nordstrom brand and Butter London. Sets by The New Black are also included.

This is a sale you really don't want to miss!!

(This post contains an affiliate link, which means that I make a small commission 3-5% on sales clicked thru my website.  Please see disclosure policy for more information).

Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 Favorites From Marcia of Beauty Info Zone

I'm so blessed to have my good friend Marcia provide a guest post today. My husband has been ill and during the time that he recovers, some of my Beauty Blog Coalition buddies have been so kind as to help me out. A blogger just cries inside over the idea of disappointing her readers by not blogging, but sometimes circumstances happen that are beyond our control. I'm so thankful to my friends for providing some interesting reads in between what I am able to compose. Please be sure to visit Marcia at Beauty Info Zone as they cover a lot of great items I know you'd like over there.

Do you ever wonder what beauty bloggers wear when they aren’t testing products? As a beauty blogger we have the ‘difficult’ job of testing many cosmetics and skincare items. Luckily for me most are successes but I’m just a normal (though addicted) beauty consumer so I have favorites that I don’t want to be without. I’ve chosen three of these (actually 4 since I don’t know how to count) to share with Polarbelle’s audience. These are items that I use either daily or often enough that I don’t want to be without.

1. Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40). I bought my first Mally Poreless Face Defender in a Mally kit on QVC. I was considering the kit and what sold me on it was seeing there was a sample size of this as one of the products. It wasn’t long before I realized that this was what I’d been searching for, I then ordered a full size one from I use this as a replacement for powdering my face. What makes this so unusual is the texture. It’s a clear gel like product that doesn’t feel like gel. It’s got a smooth texture that feels like a soft rubber. Buying the full size means I got the great sponge with it for application. The sponge is the perfect tool for Poreless Face Defender. I press it into the product and try not to pick up too much. Then I just blot it on my face. You don’t want to use a lot. It gives my face a matte finish though not quite as matte as a powder. It keeps the oilies at bay for me and helps blur my pores. A winner.

2. Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush ($27). I received these from Youngblood to review. ( It was love at first application. I’ve probably mentioned this on every favorites post on Beauty Info Zone because they are the best crème blushes I’ve tried. There are six shades so there’s one for everyone. My two favorites are Taffeta and Tropical Glow. When I’m choosing blush each day these are the ones that come to mind first. Taffeta is described as a bubble gum pink but in reality it gives me the perfect pink flush. Tropical Glow is a peachy pink that wears well with just about everything. Both of my favorites have a slight glow to them. They are creamy without being greasy. They are perfection in my book.

3. MAC eyeshadow in Moth Brown ($15). This is an oldie but goodie. It was rereleased in 2012 so it fits in with favorites of the year but I bought it the first time (2005) and the second time (2007) around. Where they came up with that name I’ll never know. On me there’s no brown at all, it’s a dark gray with a touch of violet to it. It’s not a shade for everyone. Some people feel that they look bruised in it but for me it’s a shade that I can count on all the time. I barely buy MAC anymore but if they’d bring back their old textures like Moth Brown or Satin Taupe, they’d win my heart again.

Thanks for reading about some of my favorites. I hope you’ll check me out on and maybe stick around for a while,

Now you all be SURE to read more wonderful content by Marcia on  She's a wonderful person and explores many great products.  I completely agree with the Moth Brown analysis above.  It's a standard favorite of so many makeup mavens.  I haven't had the good fortune to try the other products, but after reading this and seeing the pictures, I REALLY want to!!!  Thank you so much, Marcia!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!! Plus...

I've been offline for a few weeks with very little time to blog due to unforseen circumstances.  I haven't forgotten you all, my dear readers...I just haven't been able to sit at the computer.  I'm looking forward to more blogging time and sharing many more products with you.

Merry Christmas to all and to all enjoy your holiday, enjoy the after Christmas shopping, and take all the time you can get with your friends and family.  They are precious gems in our lives that should never be taken for granted.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Argania 1640 Pure Argan Oil Review

Today I have a product that I'd like to share with you that has a wonderful mission behind it, in addition to being a nice product. It's Argania 1640 Pure Argan Oil. There is so much information to tell you about the product and the women's cooperative behind it that I can't do it all in one blog post....but I can link you to it.

Argania 1640 Argan Oil

Argania 1640 is different than any argan oil I've used before. It's 100% pure and not heavily processed. It contains natural vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and unsaturated omega 3, 6, and 9 lipids, giving the oil a slightly different texture and viscosity than what you're used to with other brands. It is cruelty free, organic and there are no preservatives, chemicals or additives in it.

This oil comes directly from Morocco, being purchased from the women's cooperative that processed the oil in the 1000 year old, stone ground, hand processed extraction process. (It should be noted that argan oil is a tree nut product so that those with other tree nut allergies may wish to use caution or consult with their doctor before using argan oil.)

I really would like you to read on the Argania 1640 website about the Women's Cooperative in Morocco where the product is made. Incidently, the name Argania 1640 comes from the fact that it takes the Essaouiran women 16 hours of labor and 40 kilograms of fruit to produce a single liter of Argan oil. Thus, Argania 1640.

I'm a big believer in supporting women's cooperatives and farming missions around the world. Please read more about this cooperative on the website.

You can shop on the Argania 1640 site here with a money back guarantee, free priority shipping in the US and a no hassle returns policy.

Soooo....I have to tell you something interesting in my experience with this argan oil.  It comes in a dropper top bottle so you don't waste any and you can get every last drop.  I thought that was great because oils are so hard to get out of a bottle.   The first time, I used about the same amount I've used with other oils and that wasn't right because the consistancy is different due to the purity.  Once you figure out the right dropper amount for you, it works really well for smoothing hair.

 But did you know there are more uses for argan oil?  I didn't.  The company told me to try it on my hands, elbows, and...wait for face.  :-0  Put pure oil on my face? I admit my review was delayed a little while I pondered if I should try it or not, but having faith in what I'd seen from the product so far, I tried it. More than once. It's good for the face.  And while it moisturized, it didn't leave me feeling greasy or make me break out.  How could it not be good for my skin with Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and all those omegas?

Argan oil heals, strengthens and moisturizes every part of your body to which you apply it. It fights wrinkles, dryness, blemishes, stretchmarks, scars, and more.

I'd like to quote from the Argania 1640 website to tell you more about the benefits for skin. "Argan oil is packed with a mega-dose of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Argan oil has ten times as much Vitamin E as olive oil, and three times as much as palm oil. The special chemistry of Vitamin E makes it an amazing anti-aging vitamin. It stops oxygen from drying and aging your skin, and it destroys free radicals that contribute to oxidation. The rich unsaturated fatty acids in Argan oil (including Omega 3, 6, and 9) give your skin a rich, firm look and feel that complements the anti-aging Vitamin E.

Argan oil will fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reverse the effects of aging on your skin, and give you a healthy, youthful glow you'll notice immediately."

There's so much more to learn, you just have to visit the Argania 1640 website.   You can purchase a 15 ml supply for $14 USD, a 60 ml size for $42 or a 120 ml size for $81, each with the eye dropper type top.  The oil is packaged in special brown bottles that shut light out to prevent the oil from degrading and the bottles are shipped in recycled packaging.  Again, when you first try it, you will notice immediately that it is different from the commercially processed argan oils, but that's a good thing.

Have you tried any argan oils?  Have you tried a pure argan oil on your skin or face?
(Product provided by PR for consideration.  Opinions expressed are from my own experience and honest evaluation.  Please see disclosure statement for more information.)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup for 12/14/12

Merry Christmas everyone.  My gosh, only one week left.  I'm way behind. Bah!!  Here's a little reading to help give you some gifting ideas for the holidays.

  • Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom: Can a lip gloss curb your appetite? Destany tests Joey NY lipFIT to find out!
  • Blushing Noir: Check out the MAC 5 Neutral Eyes Palette from Holiday 2012 and see how un-neutral it can be!
  • BeautyTidbits: Looking for the perfect gift for the jewelry loving gal? Check out Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry!
  • TheFabZilla: Skin care that replaces water? TheFabZilla reviews PUR attitude. Is it the coveted fountain of youth?
  • Painted Ladies: Megan tries Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils - and it's a golden lipped glam fail!
  • Beauty and Fashion Tech: Five Easy Holiday Nail Polish ideas
  • Girl Gloss: Holiday Party Makeup Looks
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has discovered the artfully handcrafted tweezers, scissors and manicure sets from Artestile. They are hardworking high quality tools made in Italy that are simply GORGEOUS!
  • Beauty Professor: The Beauty Professor has found her perfect winter bronzer: Rouge Bunny Rouge at Goldcombe Bay!
  • Mama Fashionista: Mama Fashionista shares why Bath and Body Works' Cashmere Glow is the perfect scent for the season!
  • Lipgloss Break: Enter to win a Clos du Bois Pixi Cosmetic Bag. There are 5 up for grabs!
  • Curls N Pearls: This week, Christina from Curls N Pearls looks back at how her skin care routine has changed over the years.
  • Pammy Blogs Beauty: Pammy Blogs Beauty wants you to get gorgeous this Holiday season with Laura Mericer's Art Deco Muse Collection
  • Beauty by Miss L: Miss L had an opportunity to review Adorebox which is a monthly subscription beauty box available in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Polarbelle: Do you love holiday nail art? Check out Polarbelle's Christmas tree accent nail for a holiday flourish.
  • Endless Summer: Elena thought she had found the best mascara ever, but then something went wrong...
  • Beauty Info Zone: Beauty Info Zone is back with the Mystic version of Senna's Haute Nudes. A palette and bonus you don't want to miss.

  • Fekkai Sale!!! And Brilliant Glossing Conditioner Review

    Before I get into the review, I want to let you know that there is a sale on the Frederic Fekkai website.  Please visit the website using this link and think about doing some shopping there.  The sale is 10% off of the total order and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband with $50 purchase (while supplies last) Promo Code: HEADBAND

    I have used Fekkai products ever since I heard of them when they were first introduced on the market and sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus. We don't have Neimans where I live so I used to have to stock up when I went out of state. Thankfully, these products are now sold many more places, including their own website.

    Today I want to tell you about my very favorite Fekkai product, the  Brilliant Glossing Conditioner.

    Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Conditioner

    The first Fekkai products I ever used were the Brilliant Glossing Shampoo, Brilliant Glossing Conditioner and Brilliant Glossing Cream. Having coarse curly hair, I need products that help to soften the texture of my hair and tame it's unruly nature. Before I first started using these products, I couldn't comb thru my hair after shampooing. I noticed an immediate difference in my hair texture and managability from the olive oil based ingredients and the encapsulated Shine Release Complex. Honestly, it was the first time my hair had ever been manageable and laid down like I wanted it to.  The ability to easily slid my comb thru my hair after I got out of the shower was a definite plus!

    I really could have chosen any of the three products as my favorite because all were revolutionary to my hair, but I chose the conditioner due to the wonderful treatment type effect I get when I use it. My hair is instantly smoother and shinier.

    Right now on the Fekkai website, in addition to the sale, (and headband using the code HEADBAND), you also receive three samples with any order over $50 plus free shipping.  I often use these samples to take with me when I travel.

    If you haven't heard of Frederic Fekkai, he is a world reknown style maker and one of the most famous names in beauty and hair.  He brought his products which were developed to meet different hair types and needs to the public in 1995.  The Fekkai products are designed into different families, such as curling, straightening, wavey, etc, and I think I've tried them all for different purposes and styling needs.  (I always return to the Brilliant Glossing line as my regular go-to.)  Frederic and his staff personally test every formula in the Frederic Fekkai Salon before bringing them to the public.

    Please visit the website to learn more about the products.  I know you'll find something that's right for you.  And don't forget the headband.  It's grey with some grey pearls on it.  It's really cute!!!

    Friday, December 14, 2012

    Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup for 12/15/12

    Thursday, December 13, 2012

    Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat Nail Polish Swatches and Review

    Seche Collage Overlay has finally come to Sally's. Go get it!! I'd been waiting to see this for sale ever since I saw it in the summer at the Cosmoprof booth. Woo hoo. What is it? It's an overlay nail polish made of hexes and bars, holos and flats, white, pink and silver.

    Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat, nail polish, glitter, pink, white

    The holographic glitters reflect many colors while the white hexes are a solid white.

    Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat, nail polish, pink bar glitter, white hex glitter

    When I got this, I approached it as any other top coat...apply it over white and black and see what happens. I used Fingerpaints Papier Mache' and Cult Nails Nevermore. Each finger has just one coat of Seche Collage Overlay and I was able to manipulate a piece or two as I wished.

    Seche Collage Overlay swatches, nail polish

    And THAT's when I realized there were white hex glitter pieces in this mix. Look at the tip of my index finger and you'll see two white hexes...if you squint and stare long enough. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend wearing it over white.

    Seche Overlay top Coat lacquer, nail polish, glitter

    Oh heck, it's not bad. I can see the white pieces with my naked eye, but still white on white probably isn't the best way to display all the functions of the Collage Overlay.

    Seche, Collage Overlay nail lacquer swatch, nail polish

    Seche Collage Overlay, nail polish,  Top Coat, bar glitter, hex glitter, holographic

    Then I did a colorful swatch wheel and swatched the Seche Collage Overlay on top. You really have to see this in person; it's so much more three dimensional than a flat picture. The holographic qualities of the glitters make the polish flash rainbows and brightness as you roll the fingers around. At any rate, I'm going to do a full manicure and wear it over the color at the top, number 16, Layla Softouch Effects 05, a two-toned rose with a hint of gold.

    Seche Collage Overlay swatches, nail polish, glitter top coat

    It really looks great over all the colors I tried.

    Seche Collage Overlay Lacquer swatches, nail polish, glitter, nail art

    How will you wear yours? Any color combinations that you have in mind?

    Receive 6 Free Nail Polishes From Miss Professional Nail

    How would you like to earn some free nail polish and help out others at the same time? I'd like to share this opportunity from Miss Professional Nail and Working Woredrobes with you. I think this is a great opportunity which takes place at Camp Pendleton, the Marine base where my niece is stationed. If you're in the area, please take part in this endeavor.

    Miss President Accepts Board Invite; Sponsors Nationwide Dress Drive

    Miss Professional Nail President Mike Vo has announced the company’s first annual “100 Dresses” campaign in conjunction with esteemed non-profit Working Wardrobes. After accepting the invitation to join its Board of Directors earlier this year, Vo explored opportunities to support the charity’s confidence-building mission: to empower men, women and young adults who have faced life crises to re-enter the workforce, through job skills and professional wardrobe services.

    The “100 Dresses” nationwide campaign will benefit the at-risk high school seniors attending this year’s “Dreams Girls and Distinguished Gentlemen” Prom Event, presented by Working Wardrobes. Excess dresses will be donated to the Camp Pendleton YMCA to prepare and serve nearly 800 Marine wives so they can attend the Marine Ball.

    In return for gently used prom dresses and attire donated to Working Wardrobes, Miss Professional has pledged a gift of six bottles of Sation Nail Lacquer to the first 100 donors; every donor thereafter will receive three bottles. Working Wardrobes founder and CEO Jerri Rosen shares, “We are so honored to have Mike Vo join our Board of Directors. Mike is a powerful voice for corporate social responsibility, as is evident in this amazing national drive Mike is orchestrating. We are looking forward to an avalanche of dresses from everywhere in the country!”

    The “100 Dresses” campaign will run December 15, 2012 - February 22, 2013. The following guidelines apply:
    Shipments can be sent to: Working Wardrobes 3030 Pullman St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
    Drop offs (use above location): Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm beginning December 15, 2012 (excluding Holiday weekends).

    Reference: Please mention Miss Pro Nail with your shipment/drop off to ensure that every donor receives their free polish.

    For more information on the “100 Dresses” campaign, please contact Marlo at

    For more information on Miss Professional Nail, please go to or contact:

    Mike Vo
    Miss Professional Nail
    (310) 538-5975

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" Gold Professional Flat Iron Review

    Stunning is the word that immediately comes to mind when you see the outer packaging of the ghd Gold Professional 1" Flat Iron in the limited edition Pink Cherry Blossom style. The box is beautiful and sturdy and deserves to be showcased as the work of art that it is.

    GHD Flat Iron

    GHD Flat Iron Box2

    A closer look at the box shows the pink and gold styled cherry blossoms that replicate the design on the flat iron storage bag that you'll find inside.

    GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron Box

    The box is so beautiful and sturdy that I will proudly display it on my dresser and find something wonderful to store in it. It opens like a drawer with a ribbon pull and reveals an exquisite bag which holds the ghd styler.

    GHD Flat Iron Box, cherry blossum

    ghd Cherry Blossom Flat Iron

    The matching heat resistant zippered bag inside the box holds the flat iron. It has the same beautiful cherry blossom pattern.

    GHD, Cherry Blossom, Flat Iron, bag

    Close-ups reveal the delicious gold embroidery and attention to detail that ghd puts into their products.

    GHD Cherry Blossom embroidery flat iron bag

    GHD flat iron, Cherry Blossom bag

    The beautiful bag is a heat resistant zippered pouch that safely carries your flat iron whether it is cold or if you've just turned it off after using it. This is so important to me. With this bag, you can safely carry a hot iron with you or put it in your luggage and not only is your flat iron protected, but so are your other items. Unzip it  and you'll find your matching ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" flat iron. Notice on the inside is a separator that allows you to put the flat iron on one side and the cord safely on the other side.

    GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron in bag, GHD Flat Iron

    The flat iron itself is a beautiful work of art. It has hot pink ceramic plates that match the bag and the box. I love this iron and how it looks. Hot pink! What's not to like??

    GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron and bag, GHD Flat Iron

    The iron has rounded edges so that you can easily use it for either curling or straightening. The size and feel of the iron make it really comfortable to hold and use. The ceramic plates of the ghd iron are fully heated. Many other irons use rods beneath the plates to heat them but this iron has fully heated plates.

    GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron plates, GHD, flat iron

    With a sliding button, the styler is easy to turn on and off. It will beep once it's heated up with three beeps so  you know for sure that it's ready for you.  It takes less than 30 seconds.  This iron adjusts it's heat range to your specific hair type as you use it. That feature, in part, is what makes this the perfect flat iron for the working professional as well as the average person. Imagine if you had to fumble with a temperature control each time a client came in. This is the same flat iron my hair stylist uses in her very busy salon.

    GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron switch, GHD flat iron

    The iron will turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity, making it the perfect iron for all of us. Believe me, I need the sleep mode. I can't count how many times I've come back after many hours and found my previous iron still on. *shudder*

    The ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" Professional Flat Iron has the best cord I've ever used. It has universal voltage so you can use it anywhere and a swiveling cord which doesn't tangle. The plug is sturdy and has a reset button, which also comes in handy.

    GHD Flat Iron plug in

    At this point, I'm thinking you might want to know what I think of this styler. My stylist uses this and I trust her implicitly. I already knew that it was the best iron ever used on my hair. But how was it for me to use it myself?

    Oh come the pictures of my hair. First I have to tell you I have curly hair. It has kinky curls all down the length and I've always found it difficult to work with. The first set of pictures show you my hair AFTER I have dried it with a brush, attempting to straighten it as much as possible with the drying process.


    hair dried

    Soooooooo not pretty!!! Drying curly hair with a blow dryer makes it poof and frizz. Below is a few short minutes with the ghd Pink Cherry Blossom styler.

    hair straightened, GHD flat iron

    I didn't do a perfect job but this was BY FAR the quickest and best flat iron job I've ever done!! And it was just a few minutes. I usually fuss with the flat iron for almost an hour before I dare be seen in public. The above picture was taken after less than five minutes. Cue the angels singing because this is a modern day miracle!!!

    For second day hair, I decided to put a few more minutes into the difficult spots in the back that I can't see.

    hair, straight, GHD flat iron

    I can't believe it!! Seriously!!!

    When I first went to use it, I snagged my hair a couple of times. And then I realized I hadn't turned it on. I didn't have any snagging once it was heated.  Pure operator error. I have great confidence that this iron can straighten, curl or do any manner of hair style in between. I've seen what my stylist is able to do with it and I'm positive that with enough practice, I can probably manage some awesome curls with it, too.  It's lightweight and doesn't burn my hands making it a joy to work with in every way.

    This iron is available for purchase at the ghd website, Sephora and Nordstrom for $225.00.  It's worth every penny for great hair.  There is a two year manufactor's warranty with your purchase, which is outstanding.  The Pink Cherry Blossom ghd 1" Gold Professional Flat Iron is a limited edition.

    (You can follow ghd on Facebook and Twitter.)

    Now that you've seen my worst hair, I'm curious...what is your greatest hair woe?

    (This post contains an affiliate link.  Product was provided by PR/company.  All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  Please see my Disclosure statement for more information.)

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