Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dior Spring 2012 Nail Polishes Waterlily and Forget-Me-Not Swatches and Review

It's nail polish week on Polarbelle. I had a minor surgery last week and I haven't worn makeup much in a couple of weeks, but I do have all kinds of new Mac, Dior and Chanel to show you once I get some swatching done. I may have to forgo the in-use-full-face photos until we get better light here in Alaska, but don't worry, loyal peeps, those pictures will be coming soon.

At any rate, today I have for you swatches and bottle photos of the two nail polishes issued by Dior for Spring 2012 in a collection called Garden Party. The first one I want to show you is called Forget-Me-Not. Well, I had to get that because that's the state bird of Alaska. Ooops, no the state bird is the mosquito; Forget-Me-Not is the state flower.

All the Dior polishes I have are so shiny on their own even without a top coat, it's amazing and these two polishes are no exception. Forget-Me-Not is the purple that I have on my pinky in the photos and on my ring finger is Waterlily.



Waterlily is a cool green color with microshimmers.


I almost passed it over because I wasn't sure I could wear it but when I put China Glaze Techno over it, I truly fell in love.


I'm declaring both of these polishes a total win for me, even at a price point of $23.00. I should note that the finger swatches were done with just one coat each. And they are supposed to be scented. I really can't detect a scent on these. Color Club does amazing scented polishes and the scent lasts the whole time you wear it, but I'm not finding that with these polishes. Maybe it's just me? Or maybe it's because they're rose scented and they just smell like half of my makeup collection?
Have you tried these and noticed the scent? Don't you just love the sheen and wear of Dior nail polishes?


  1. I have waterlily and loveeeee it. I definitely need to try your combo with techno!

  2. Both of those polishes are amazing! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Waterlily seems close to Chanel Jade, to me. Or am I totally wrong? Thanks for sharing, these are wonderful polishes!

    1. I don't have Chanel Jade to compare but I think I've seen a comparison post somewhere, maybe on the beauty look book.


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