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Milani Pure Love Eyeshadow Trio and Nail Lacquer Swatches, Pics and Review

When I first saw the Milani ad for the Pure Love Collection, I couldn't wait to try it.  Yesterday, I picked up three items from the collection.  I purchased the eyeshadow trio, Gray Tux nail lacquer and Bridesmaid nail lacquer.  Couldn't wait to try them so I gave them a go today.

Here they are in mint retail condition, just after purchase:
April 2012 Milani Trio

The True Romance Eyeshadow Trio contains the most pigmented black I've ever used. It has a mild silver sparkle in it. The brown shade looks more bronzey in an arm swatch but on my eye, it is a pure mid-toned taupe. The lightest shade is a light gray that doesn't impart much shimmer. In fact, it's not really going to work for me as a highlighter because it completely disappears on my skin. The other two shades are really fabulous, so I can deal with one dud. The light gray make work for other skintones, it just doesn't work for mine.

MilaniPureLoveCollection Eyeshadow Trio

Milani Pure Love Collection

I gave the shadow a run today using the taupe on the lid, lining the upper lid with the black and bringing it to the outer corner. I lined under the bottom lid with the taupe and put some of the light gray under the brown and at the inner corner. Lightly in the crease is a Laura Mercier shadow that I often use at the top orbital bone called Fresco.

Milani Pure Love Collection

Milani Pure Love Collection

I paired this eyeshadow trio with L'Oreal Sultry Raven's blush.

L'oreal Raven

So the overall look together is something like this:

Milani Pure Love Collection

I don't feel the taupe is as rosy as in the ad, nor is the gray as lightly shimmery as the ad, but it's still a darned good little trio with pleasing colors and some good pigmentation. I did a trial with the nail lacquers last night, just looking at the colors. And then today, I applied them for real. Gray Tux was such a surprise!! I thought it would be kind of sheer and need 100 coats for opacity, but it is complete in just two! It is a very dark, nearly black, grey color with silver and charcoal glitters. It's pretty awesome.

  milani true love nail lacquers

In the ad, it shows Gray Tux used as a french tip. Oh, you know I'll be trying that, but I wanted to show more of how it looks, so I used it for an accent nail.

milani true love nail lacquers

Milani Bridesmaid is a champagne foil nail lacquer. In the macro shots, it looks like silver with bronze specs. On the nail with the naked eye, it gives hints of silver and bronze sparkles but is truly a champagne foil. This is my favorite kind of polish color. I have one little complaint. About a half hour after the manicure, I changed my pants and one nail got all wonky. I went to the store and even an hour later, another Bridesmaid nail got creases in it, and that was after a coat of Seche Vite was applied on top. That's a little confusing to me. I don't know how it's even possible, but next time, I'll wait even longer between coats and maybe use two coats of Seche Vite so as not to funky up the mani.

milani true love nail lacquers

In this collection is also a silvery white nail polish, which looks so similar in the bottle to a Zoya I have that I felt I could skip it. This collection is only at Walgreen's and if your store gets as few as mine did, if you're at all interested in these products, you need to hurry to get them. They just came out two days ago in my town, have you seen them in yours yet?
Breaking News!!!!!!   DUPE ALERT!!!  Please see this post for information on dupes as pointed out by my nail buddy.  Thanks, Tracy!!!

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