Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Look Wearing Nars Summer 2012 Liberte' Blush and Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio

For swatches of the Nars Summer 2012 items, I purchased, see this post.  Today is a quickie post utilizing the Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio and the Liberte' blush, just to give you an idea of how they look on.  I confess, I was scared of Liberte' at first because it's one of those really pigmented blushes from Nars, but I found it to be quite workable and really, I really like it.
The eyeshadows wore VERY well.  I've had hit and miss luck in the past with Nars eyeshadows but this trio wore all day long with no mishaps.  The blush, ahhhhhh, I love the blush!!  If you get it, you won't be sorry.  As for the lip I'm wearing here, well, it's a mismash of a few items...a Buxom lip pencil and then I just threw a Lancome gloss over it. 
Anyway, the picture is unedited and hopefully you can see that I focused on the blue in the trio for the inner 2/3 of the eye, and went with the orange on the outer 1/3 and used the golden peach to highlight.  I threw on Chanel Taupe liner just for grins.
I still haven't been able to find the Nars summer items locally, and I'm not sure I want to spend $8 shipping for one lipstick, so I'm waiting...waiting for a website code or for the collection to come on-line at Nordstrom.
And there ya go!


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    1. I was a little afraid when I first saw it. I had ordered it on a whim, but when I tried it, found it just deliciously wearable.


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