Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butter London Lippy Lipgloss in Trout Pout - My Worst Purchase Ever

Yeah, I was so sorry I bought this lipgloss. I loved the color of the Butter London Trout Pout nail lacquer so when I heard they had a lipgloss in this color, I had to try it.  This is a color I search for everywhere, in every brand.  Not even kidding.

Butter London Trout Pout Lippy

I was thrilled to find this gloss, plunked down my $17 and couldn't wait to try it on. The color is perfection!!!

Butter London Trout Pout

Color Love!!! But let me tell you what happened when I put this gloss on. I was so disgusted, I wasn't going to blog this at all, but I thought I should help some of you who might be tempted as I was. For a millisecond, I thought I detected a cantelope or melon type of flavor as I applied this, the thickest gooiest gloss I've ever put on. That millisecond passed and I was tasting Band-Aid. Yeah, pink chewy band-aid. *shudder*

With the consistency of Elmer's glue on the lips, no wait, glue isn't even that thick, and the taste of someone's old Band-Aid, this gloss is an epic fail for me. If they fix the flavor, maybe I could be tempted. I'm sure this gloss wears forever because it's just so awkwardly thick!! Fix both those issues and I would come back, but at this point, I will never ever wear this or any Butter London Lippy gloss again.

If you're curious about this gloss, you can purchase it at Nordstrom,, Ulta or the Butter London website.  As much as the color was the answer to my secret prayer, the texture and taste just killed it for me.  How about you?  Would you wear a band-aid?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watch My Teeth Get Whiter With Smile Brilliant LED System - It's So Easy!!

Who doesn't want whiter teeth? Have you ever thought about teeth whitening as perhaps something you might want to try? I know I have. I wouldn't say I have yellow teeth, but I took pictures next to a white piece of paper and I was pretty shocked, honestly HORRIFIED! I wanted to see whitened teeth by a certain date and when I had the opportunity to try the Brilliantly Simple Package featuring LED light and pen, I lept at the chance, teeth first!!  I tried some bleach from the dentist's office in the recent past and it burned the heck out of my gums, so I wasn't anxious to try it again.

The package from Smile Brilliant came in a nice box housing all the products needed for this process.


There is a pen that holds the bleaching agent. It's a click style pen, much like so many lipglosses, which makes it easy to use. Click the bleach up and brush it across each tooth. This mechanism is meant to work on the front visible teeth. If you want to bleach the molars, there are other systems available where Smile Brilliant will custom make a set of trays for you and you wear the bleach in them....but more about the LED system...


Once you have the teeth whitening gel in place, put in the mouthpiece that comes in the set. If you wear retainers or invisalign, you can wear those in place of the mouthpiece.

Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant

The brilliance of the Brilliant system is the LED light. It is SO easy to use. You place it in your mouth in front of the rubber mouthpiece and turn it on for just twenty minutes a day. Easy peasy!! Wear it while watching your favorite sit-com or during your daily scroll through Facebook. It just couldn't be easier.

This is what the light looks like from the top:


And this is the side the goes in the mouth:


Here's some fabulous pictures of me using the light. Can you see the white button on the bottom? That's the on/off switch.

Smile  Brilliant

Smile Bright

It's comfortable and easy to use. I have before and after pictures. I also did some traveling while using this system. In order to show the difference, I took the pictures in the same location during the same time of day. The pictures show my usage of one week. I plan to do another week and bring you those pictures, but I really wanted to show you the difference in the same picture location. I have plenty of whitening gel left for another week or two. I'll let you know how long it lasts as I find out.

Ok, here we go...(bear in mind, those weird things jutting out from my teeth are Invisalign buttons...before:

smile brilliant
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a bit of yellowing, especially at the gum line of the teeth. That comes from drinking colas, teas, coffees, and just general living. I scrub extra hard in those areas, but they still yellow as time goes on.

And after ONE week of use, (different piece of paper used), and you can see the yellowing on the gum side of the teeth is gone:

Smile Bright

oooooooh, those 20 minutes a day were SOOOO worth it!!! This system is really brilliant to achieve whitened teeth. I'm pleased with the results I have from just one week. I think I'll be sparkling after 7 more days!

Smile Brilliant guarantees this system or your money back! It uses 4ml of a 35% professional bleaching agent, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on replacement of the tray. This system is currently on sale for just $39.95. That's a great price!!

Smile Brilliant system was provided for testing by PR. All results are unretouched photos and all opinions are my own. This post contains an affilliate link.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Waterproof Pencils 20E, 28E Swatches and Review

Let it be stated for the record that I am a huge fan of Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream Waterproof colors in the potted form.  I have several that are formulated for eyes and cheeks and one that is for cheeks and lips.   They wear incredibly well, with vibrant color and no creasing.  When I heard that Make Up For Ever, (also known as MUFE), had an Aqua Shadow Waterproof pencil, I had to try it.  I picked up two, ($20 each at Sephora), to try,  assuming they would be as good as the pots are and I wasn't wrong.  You can always count on Make Up For Ever to produce superior products as they were created to be an artist line.


You can see the names of the pencils on each; number 20E, a pearly taupe, on top and number 28E, a warm pearly beige, on the bottom. The following picture shows 28E, beige, on the left, and 20E, taupe, on the right. They are shown in the same order in the hand swatch below, taken in full sunshine.

Make Up For Ever MUFE Aqua Shadow Waterproof Liner

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Waterproof Liner swatches

In application, the shadow sticks are buttery as they glide over the lids, but they dry really quickly. On my lids, I was surprised at how light the 20E taupe really is. From the hand swatch, I thought it would be darker, like perhaps Mac Taupographic shade stick, but this is quite a bit lighter. It is applied to the outer half of my lids, blended over the top of 28E beige, with the beige emphasized at the inner corners.




I found the wear of these pencils to be perfection. They stayed where I put them and didn't budge. These can easily be worn alone or as a shadow base, just like the Aqua Cream pots. The Aqua Creams retail at $23 and contain .21 oz and the Aqua Shadow pencils are $20 for .14 oz. You get a bit more in the pots but you have greater ease with the pencil.

In my opinion, 28E is similar to Mac Beige-ing, and quite possibly the Beige Sephora Collection Jumbo 12Hr Waterproof Liner, ($12). If you haven't tried the Sephora Jumbo liners yet, you simply must!!! They have awesome wear and by comparison with the MUFE, they have a slightly longer time to work with them when applying for smudging and blending. (See my previous post featuring several swatches.)They have a greater color extension than the  MUFE, but I suspect the first twelve are introductory colors and I imagine the line with expand with the success of the first launch. I'd love to see more vibrant colors introduced. You can find the Aqua Shadow pencils at Sephora and Mufe boutiques. There are five matte colors and seven pearls. Give them a try. I think you'll be glad you found them.

I'm wearing Dior Airflash in the picture, Chanel Sable Rose Bronzer, and the soon to be blogged Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. The flash of the camera really lights up the beige pencil...and definitely exposes my lack of concealer. Sorry! :) In regular, non-flash lighting, and outdoors, my eyes didn't glow like the flash picture, but I wanted to give you an idea of how they looked in a natural type of application.

Have you tried anything from MUFE yet? Do you just love the pigment in this line? I've heard such great things about the HD foundation, it's on my mental list of things I want to try someday. P_lus the matte green pencil. I'm getting that tomorrow. Not eeeeven kidding! Plus some more Sephora Jumbo pencils...I've gotten myself all excited for them just writing this post!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enter To Win The Beauty Blog Coalition July 4th Contest for TWO $300 Visa Gift Cards

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Reviva Labs Cleansing Gel, Elastin & Collagen Toner Reviews PLUS A Giveaway!!

Last week, I brought you a review that featured Reviva Labs Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream.  I told you a little about the company in that post and today I want to tell you a little more.  Did you know that Reviva Labs was established 38 years ago and it is the first skin care line to be offered in health food stores?  They don't test on animals and use all natural ingredients in their products.  They offer a money back guarantee on all products and they honestly want to help you with your skin care concerns.  They give excellent customer service and are quite responsive thru any method you use to contact them.  I wish all companies were as delightful to deal with.
Today, I want to tell you about their Cleansing Gel and also the Elastin & Collagen Toner.  While you read this review, wait for the Rafflecopter to load because we have a giveaway sponsored by Reviva Labs, but I'll tell you that in a few minutes!

Reviva Labs Cleanser and Collagen Toner

The good people at Reviva helped me to pick a cleanser and a toner that would be suited for my particular skin type.   The Cleansing Gel is the perfect cleanser for me.  It thoroughly cleanses my skin and doesn't leave it dry or feeling tight like so many do.  That's really important to me as I have dry skin.  Using a moisturizer that actually helps moisturize and soften my skin, as it says on the label, has been great for me.  And the really big surprise is that a full 4 ounces of this products is ONLY $8!!!  I've paid a lot more in the past to leave my skin feeling tight and dry after cleansing.
Let me show you, from the product itself what it uses to moisturize and how to use it:

Reviva Labs Cleanser

Great ingredients to keep skin soft and supple!!

Reviva Labs Cleansing Gel

I might consider trying the Glycolic Acid Cleanser next because I do appreciate the exfoliation of a good glycolic acid. Or I may just stick with the Cleansing Gel because it doesn't strip my skin while it cleanses and I already know I really like it.
After the Cleansing Gel, I use the Elastin & Collagen Toner.  Reviva Labs is the first, I said the FIRST, to bring elastin to America in skin care.  This product is available in a 4 ounce bottle and also retails for just $8.  I love this stuff.  It just feels like I'm doing something really good for my skin.  I use it over my face, neck and decollete areas.

Let's look at what's inside the bottle:

Reviva Labs Elastin Collagen Toner

Reviva Labs Elastin Collagen Toner

I would really recommend these products, especially over more expensive products that strip my skin of moisture. I also would recommend the company itself because I've had nothing but great contact with them. They've always been attentive to my concerns and have helped me to choose products that seem to be made just for me. I'm impressed with their quick responses over social media as well. These products were provided by the company for my consideration and all opinions are my own honest review.

Reviva Labs products can be purchased at various health food stores, their own website, (the links provided above), and at Ulta stores.

So let's talk GIVEAWAY!!! I contacted Reviva Labs to ask if they would like to sponsor a giveaway and they have been so very gracious to provide a giveaway of the FOUR products that I have reviewed on my blog: Reviva Labs Makeup Primer, Reviva Labs Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream, and the two products in this review, the Cleansing Gel and the Elastin & Collagen Toner.  I would urge you to read the other two reviews to familiarize yourself with the products and see what you may win. The contest is open to US contestants only.  Wait for Rafflecopter to load and follow the entries for greater odds of winning.

The contest runs for just a week, so enter now! Tweet daily to increase your odds of winning.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup - July 15, 2012

Week Ending July 15, 2012

Reviva Labs Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream With Vitamin K - It Works!!

Do you struggle with rosacea or facial spider veins?  Would you believe me if I told you I know of a cream that can help?  Sometimes if something sounds too good to be true, it's really not. When I heard Reviva Labs had a cream that could help spider veins, I wondered if it could work for me. I'm pleased to report that it does.

Several months ago, I began a medication to increase circulation in my hands. It works by dilating small capillaries to get more blood flowing. Imagine my surprise when I realized it does the dilating all over, not just where I need it. Spider veins started to creep up on my face. The good folks at Reviva Labs heard my distress and came to my rescue with their Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream.


Look at the goodies in the cream:

Reviva Labs Spider Vein and Rosacea cream

The actual cream is a nice pleasing white color of moderate consistency.

Reviva Labs Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream

This tiny amount on my fingertip is almost double what I use each day. I've been using it just about six weeks and it still looks full and brand new.

Reviva Labs Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream

I took 100 pictures of my face trying to capture good "before" pictures of the spider veins.  I wanted the proof that the cream either worked or it didn't.  The pictures don't show the veins as well as my 10x mirror does, so I just don't have good before and after pictures for you. I have had significant shrinkage of these veins in my problem areas. It's suggested to use this during the day because it does have SPF 15 in it.

Keeping in mind that I continue to take the medicine that has caused me spider veins, I will continue to use this cream. I would LOVE to pass on a sample to a friend with Rosacea but I don't really know anyone locally that has it. I'd love to hear how it would work for them. Rosacea has the same kind of trouble with veins being overactive as spider veins are and I can only imagine this cream would be as helpful to them as it is to me.

If you have facial spider veins or rosacea, I'd like to suggest you try this cream. It takes regular use and I think it could be helpful to you. You can purchase is for $19.00 on the Reviva Labs website.  I've also seen the brand for sale at Ulta.  You might consider following them on facebook and Twitter.  The people there are very conscientious and attentive to their customers.  I would like to thank Reviva Labs for providing this product to me for testing.  (Please see my disclosure policy for more information).
Do you have a favorite Reviva Labs product?  I'd love to hear your stories.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

CosmoProf North America Announces Spotlights Brands for 2012



Las Vegas, NV (June 14, 2012) – This year, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) introduces SPOTLIGHTS, an exclusive initiative within the Discover Beauty program. This new exhibit space will allow smaller companies that excel on creativity but seek economic solutions the opportunity to showcase their products at CPNA, the premiere international B2B beauty event.

Every year, CPNA attracts various indie boutique retail store owners, major salon and spa owners and international buyers from more than 100 countries who come to scout and find new resources to launch in their establishments. SPOTLIGHTS will house small artisan labels that are a prime fit for high-end retail stores, boutiques, salons and spas.

The 2012 SPOTLIGHTS inaugural line-up includes brands from eight countries: Acquarella, DoshaCare, eyeslices®, greenland, la C C by la Couleur Couture, LaVie Organique, Lily.B Skincare, Line N Grow by Lashious, LVX, Mama Mio, NIA24®, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, Pure Earth Minerals, Royal Apothic, RSD Group Champs Elysees Paris, Sans New Generation Ceuticals, Senteurs d’Orient, Shea Terra Organics, Trinitae, and Triumph & Disaster Ltd.


Acquarella is the premier water-based nail polish brand that uses highly advanced, water-based technology without harmful petrochemical solvents and chemicals. This green-alternative polish is perfect for everyone, especially discerning clientele, including people that have asthma, allergies, and religious concerns, are pregnant or in cancer remission.


DoshaCare natural and organic Ayurvedic products is customizable skincare made easy. Endorsed by the leading authorities in Ayurveda, including the Chopra Center and Ayurvedic Institute, DoshaCare combines modern science with ancient wisdom for a unique approach to beauty.



eyeslices® are multi award-winning, innovative, reusable eye treatment masks that use ground-breaking cryogel polymer technology. The professional eyeslices offer an all-in-one solution to puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness and wrinkles, while the biotanix eyeslices target different eye concerns. Both provide an instant cooling sensation without a fridge and are reusable up to 10 times.



Greenland, a natural and organic bath and body brand, uses the utmost care when developing its products. The fruit extracts, essential oils, milkies and natural butters in combination with the stunning packaging and design make greenland products not only great for your skin, but also for your senses. Greenland treats your senses, naturally.


Fashion forward, sophisticated and urban-edgy, la C C provides vegan-friendly nail lacquers, available in various couture colors. The unique basecoat formula ensures the longest lasting protection for your nails, while the topcoat offers unmatched diamond-like shine. Say goodbye to brittle, yellow nails with la Couleur Couture's protective UV inhibitor
and say hello to gorgeously colored, healthy nails.


LaVie Organique is an elegant organic skin care system that encompasses the quality and effectiveness of the finest European spa treatments through a proprietary blend of botanical oils and organic herbal extracts. From hydration and nutrition to sun protection, all the elements of a beautifully balanced complexion are in the jars.


Endorsed by dermatologists, the Lily.B Skincare Collection is simple by design. It is naturally derived, rich in functional, botanical and sea sourced ingredients as well as simply formulated without skin irritating additives like parabens, sulfates, dyes or synthetic fragrances. Lily.B Skincare products focus on optimizing skin health and managing the signs of aging.


Line N Grow by Lashious is the first-ever line of all-natural, non-toxic lash-growing eye liners. Available in five shades, Line N Grow also offers a clear colored treatment serum for lashes and brows. Line your way to longer, stronger, beautiful lashes in 30 days... naturally! Made in the USA, all of the packaging comes from a facility that is run on wind energy.


LVX, meaning light; the essence of all color in Latin, is a devoted fashion brand, dedicated to providing a deep understanding fashion. The unique color collections are carefully selected to be the top colors of the season, and will be the perfect compliment to your wardrobe.


Mama Mio creates high-performance face, body care and spa treatments to give you beautifully FIT skin. They believe that whatever your shape, age or skin type, if your skin looks firm, smooth and glowing, you will feel gorgeous… and if you FEEL gorgeous, you will LOOK gorgeous!

NIA24® – USA

NIA 24® Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy delivers a patented Pro-Niacin® molecule deep within the skin's layers to build a stronger, healthier skin barrier from the inside-out that is more resilient and resistant to sun damage. NIA 24® provides complete prevention and protection and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, brown spots and hyperpigmentation.


A premier non-violence advocate cosmetics line, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics’s celebrity/media-driven organic & natural products are rated as one of the safest in the industry. While sourcing certain ingredients from developing world farmers, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is supporting these farmers in a sustainable trade. They are the first make-up company in history to donate ALL of its profits, after taxes, to women’s health and human rights advocacy issues.


Discover skincare treatments that have been used for thousands of years. Pure Earth Minerals researches the best way to extract minerals from around the world by using modern day technology to produce a luxury line of natural skincare products and gives you healthy, younger-looking skin.


Inspired by a forgotten apothecary manual and landing stateside in 2009, Royal Apothic set out on a mission to bring sovereign luxury to every home with its complete range of perfumes, bath and body care and home fragrances. The exclusive design house, led by noted designer Sean O’Mara, has headquarters in Los Angeles and London.

RENOV’SMILE, a latest tooth whitening system for the home, is the only professional, miniaturized device made and developed by the RSD Group Champs Elysees Paris laboratory. RENOV’SMILE was invented by renowned dental surgeon Dr. Marc Arfi, alongside with cosmetic sector engineers and professionals.


Pure and chemical-free, Sans New Generation Ceuticals is a range of highly active super-products designed to regenerate your skin and hair. The line is developed by hair and beauty professional, Lucy Marr, in response to her own uncompromising needs. Sans New Generation Ceuticals is naturally-derived, environmentally sustainable and effective.


Senteurs d’Orient is an exclusive luxury soap line, handcrafted using the Mesopotamian soap-making tradition. Triple-milled with glycerin, shea butter and essential oils for an incredibly luxurious lather, these glamorous aromatherapy soaps and bath products are available in 16 enchanting fragrances, presented individually in keepsake gift boxes.


Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent, organic and wild harvested ingredients from all regions of Africa. This pristine environment, barely tainted by modern pollution, grows some of the safest, unchanged botanical ingredients on earth. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic skincare solutions.


From Jordan’s legendary Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, comes Trinitae, a line of luxury handmade bath & body products enriched with Dead Sea Mud and Salt. Trinitae’s indulgent, all-natural creams & lotions, mud masks, bath salts and body scrubs provide a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy Dead Sea Spa experience.


Built upon old-fashioned values, Triumph & Disaster Ltd offers shaving and skincare products that are derived from nature, but engineered with science to be safe, efficient and highly effective. They try for humility, believe in risk, walk with swagger, and hope to treat Triumph & Disaster, those two imposters, just the same.

Cosmoprof North America will take place July 22 - 24, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Stay tuned for regular CPNA show updates, and for more information, visit and,

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly for 1/6/10

Polarbelle has a new video featuring the Urban Decay Bailout On The Run palette. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in the Rock ...