Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frugal Tips For Gorgeous Hair

I have a guest post for you today to help you take care of your lucious locks. I hope you enjoy the read!

We all know that our hair is our greatest accessory. A great cut, color or style can make or break an outfit. So how do we keep our locks in check without spending an arm and a leg, and possibly a torso? Don’t worry, you don’t need to cut it all off and hope for the best. Try these great tips to keep your tresses luscious and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Healthy Living

Changing your diet is the first and most important step you can take to insure your mane is always looking its best. The fatty acids found in nuts such as almonds and pistachios make your hair shine, and a diet full of protein keeps your hair strong and helps it grow faster and longer. Take a B-Vitamin supplement every day and within a month you won’t have any need for those pricy split-end treatments anymore. Staying hydrated work wonders for your hair as well as your skin and nails.

Shower Habits

The sensation of lathering your shampoo into your scalp while standing in a steaming hot shower is one of the most relaxing things in the world. It may be difficult but try to only wash your hair every other day. Shampoo can be harsh on your scalp and strips away your hairs natural oils which protect it from damage. When you do shampoo, only scrub your roots. The excess that rinses down your strands is enough to get the ends clean.
Rinse your hair with cold water and let your head air-dry about 75 percent of the way before using a blower. If you have to use a blower, set it to a cool setting. The cold rinse makes your hair cuticles close up so your hair will be less likely to frizz and the cool setting on your blower will help set your smoothness.

Instant Fix

For those in-between days, if you just don’t feel as clean up top without your daily lather, rinse and repeat; try sprinkling baby powder on your hairline and roots. This trick works great and is much cheaper than splurging on dry shampoo. Let the powder sit on your oily bits for a minute, brush through to remove any residue and you’ll look like you have freshly washed hair.

To get fantastic waves or “beach curls”, pour about 1/3 cup of salt into a spray bottle, fill the rest of the way with warm water and spritz on damp or dry hair. Scrunch with your fingers and voila! You have fantastic texture and waves without spending a dime.

Ever run out of smoothing serum on a rainy day? No worries just use your favorite lotion. Slightly dampen hair –if you get caught in the rain, skip this step- and squeeze a small dab of lotion into your hand. Rub your hands together a few times to absorb most of it then lightly run your hands across your hair. Problem solved.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or hire your own personal hair-dresser to look like you did so. Never spend your hard earned money on expensive hair products again. Basic, healthy habits with a few do-it-yourself tips will work far better for you –and your wallet-in the long run.

Marissa O'Donnell writes about beauty, finance & her credit report.

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