Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New From Algenist: Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer With Alguronic Acid. You Need This!

If I told you there was a product that worked as a primer while also immediately decreasing the look of your fine lines and wrinkles while it worked over time to decrease the deep wrinkles, would you believe me? It's ok, I wouldn't believe me either but I've tried a product that makes these claims and delivers.   Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer is a lightweight gel that utilizes a breakthrough ingredient called Alguronic Acid.  I would encourage you to view their website to get all the technical information but I'll tell you in the best way I can.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

The Deep Wrinkle Minimizer is in a tube with a push pump. It delivers a small amount of the gel and you can pump out as many beads of gel as you need. This is a very efficient system of skincare delivery. It also protects the product from UV rays and air that attack jars of skincare when you open them. That bugs me when I feel like expensive delicate products break down when exposing the whole open jar to light and who-knows-what that's in the air. This tube is a clean and safe way to supply skin care. Love it!!

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

It contains 15 ml of product and is about the size of a large marker. You can see it's about the length of my hand. Apply your other skincare and afterward, use a little of this to smooth in those targeted areas that you need help; forehead, eyes, around the mouth in the direction of the wrinkle. Let it dry 90 seconds and apply makeup as usual. I've been using it about a month and I've seen positive results. I can't say what percentage of decrease of wrinkles I see because I'm not a scientist, but I can tell you that this product has delivered on it's promises.

Algenist Targeted Wrinkle Minimizer

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

I want to show you the ingredients from the website itself:

1. Alguronic Acid Filling Spheres: Increase cell regeneration and elastin synthesis
2. Double Peptide complex: Smoothes wrinkles and firms the skin
3. Soy protein: Increases skin density and reduces wrinkles
4. Echinacea: Smoothes skin texture and decreases wrinkles
5. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin C and E: Decrease fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and provide antioxidant protection

This product is not tested on animals, it's safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic and has been tested by dermatologists. There's a lot of research that has gone into this product.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

Alguronic Acid has been shown to provide significant protection from UV cell damage and DNA damage. It was found in a specific strain of microalgae and Alguronic Acid is a trademarked name for this specific compound. It promotes skin regeneration which helps repair those deep wrinkles. I would urge you to check the links to the website that give you more information.

The bottom line is that this is working for me. I've seen a decrease in the lines and wrinkles that I hate the most and it feels nice putting it on my skin. I look forward to it. You can use it twice a day which I would encourage you to do. The 15 ml size of this item can be purchased on the Algenist website or at QVC or Sephora for $45.  

I really feel that anything which helps turn back the damage my skin has encountered during life is a true bargain.   There's just so much information in the development of this product that you really should read up on it.  Please visit the Algenist website for more information.

(Links are provided for your ease and are not affiliate links.  Product was provided by the company for testing.)

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Cosmoprof Sneak Peek At New China Glaze Nail Polish Collections for 2012-2013

The anticipation of seeing the upcoming China Glaze Nail Polish Collections at Cosmoprof was high, very high. The booth was so busy that it was hard to get in, hard to see the products, and hard to hear the rep speaking. But it was worth it!!! Sooooo worth it!! China Glaze never fails with the beauty of their releases, so no one was disappointed. And some of the polish names are totally hilarious, which I enjoyed. But onto pictures!!

China Glaze Bohemian Lustre Chrome nail polish collection should be hitting stores NOW! I'm went to my Sally's this afternoon to check my local store...nada, booo, but I'll patiently wait. Here's some swatches. You'll see there is a dupe of Chanel Peridot among the collection.

Also due now at Sally's are the new China Glaze Nail Appliques, made with real nail polish. So many designs to choose from!

There is a new magnetic polish collection coming out the 2nd of September, 2012. It's called Magnetix II and the magnets are new and supposed to be stronger. Yay! That makes magnetics more fun to play with. The swatches of the colors are so pretty!!

Two exciting collections are coming for special events in October. First we have the United In Purpose Collection, which is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are so many beautiful tones of pink in this. I wish I'd gotten a close up of the swatch wheel. I blew up the picture a little so that you can see it better, but of course, that makes it a little fuzzy.

What else happens in October? Oh, that's right...Halloween!! This year's spooky collection is called Wicked and it has some truly gorgeous colors. You can buy them individually or purchase the special four pack which is the only way this year to secure Goulish Glow, always an October favorite.

I'm going to skip ahead to spring because *whispers* there are lovely things coming that I just can't tell you about yet. Sworn to secrecy!! But when I can, you'll be the first to know!!

Coming in Spring 2013 is Avant Garden. Such beautiful creamy colors that span the rainbow!! These polishes will definitely perk up and add color to your springtime manicures.

The final collection I'm going to show you today is one nearly every nail fanatic will go nuts for. It's a holographic nail polish collection called Hologlam!! It's due in March 2013. This will truly be the first time I've looked forward to March...in like a lion, rocking like a Hologlam!!

I know that was a lot of pictures, but ooooooh the holo!!! This year, China Glaze has a truly awesome holographic pigment that's used in this collection. I heard it's expensive so these polishes might be slightly pricier than what we're used to but it's going to be worth it.

The booth was amazing! I wish you could all have been there. My thanks to Tori of DNA who personally held a few of the displays so that I could get better pictures with my camera. The first day in the booth was difficult, having forgotten my camera in the room plus leaning over and around bloggers who were all as excited as I was.  And it was great fun!!!

Any potential favorites that you see in these China Glaze Collections?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Did I See Makeup At Cosmoprof North America? You Bet I Did!!!

Lest you should think that Cosmoprof North America was all about nails, I must show you some other items that I've seen. This is another overview post before I begin a loooooong series of brand dedicated posts. I want to show you some of the variety of what I've seen while in Las Vegas as a show attendee.   So much to see and do; let's view the tip of the cosmetic iceberg.

Shany Cosmetics had a booth full of makeup, nail polish and brushes. Brushes!!! I couldn't get over the brushes. The fan brush in the picture below was about the size of my palm. It's obviously for bodies and it was absolutely fabulous!

Shany Brushes

They had all different kinds of makeup kits. Eyeshadows only, blushes only, and full makeup sets. This one was an attractive rainbow of shades that really appealed to me.

Shany Eye Shadow Palette

They even had nail polishes that matched their nail art stripers.


Something that I am always captivated by is eye color enhancing items. When I heard that Andrea Lashes had an eye color enhancing kit, I oooed and ahhhhed and snapped a quick picture. I think this is such a great idea!! Sorry for the blurriness. I was leaning over and around bodies in the area to get the picture. Oh you guys...live bodies, you big sillies!!

Andrea Lashes

And speaking of lashes, the group that reps Andrea and Ardell had provided people to apply lashes for us, if we wanted. Check out these ones that Ria from Ria Loves Pawlish picked out!!  Awesome feathers!!

Ria's Lashes

Stopping by Cherimoya, I found the 2012 Crackle line that I reviewed previously.  But they had so much, much more.  There were glitter polishes and all kinds of makeup.  Beautiful facial products as well as these lip stick and gloss collections.

Cherimoya Lipstick

Cherimoya Lip Gloss

I have quite a few LA Girl nail polishes. I can purchase them locally at Dollar Zone or Fred Meyer. They both have great selections. What I hadn't seen before was the makeup that LA Girl has. Look at these cute eye palettes!!

LA Girl Color Eyeshadow

LA Colors  was conveniently across the aisle from LA Girl.  It's like I was on I-5 or something!  I also am able to purchase their nail polish locally, but haven't had the chance to view their cosmetics in person.  Oh, they have so many cute things to choose from!! I really liked these eye color booklets.

LA Colors Eyeshadow Palettes

I had a fabulous meeting at NYX Cosmetics that I'll be telling you about in depth soon. NYX isn't currently available to me locally, but there is good news, Alaskan peeps!! Fred Meyer is considering bringing the brand to us. Let's work together to see that it happens. This is what a full store display looks like. I'll be bringing you more soon from NYX.

NYX Store Display

There's nothing like looking at makeup that inspires you to...get a makeover!!! At Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Rebecca, was doing makeovers. Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog got her makeup applied and I've never been more jealous in my life.  Rebecca is a wonderful artist!!  I was just wearing too darned much makeup to start with to jump in the chair.

Rebecca and Lindsey

Can you see what's on Rebecca's arm? It's her genius creation, the brush sleeve. Fits all sized arms as it has some elastic that will stretch as needed. But, seriously, this is every makeup artist's dream!!!! And I WILL own one!!! I WILL!! I've mentioned here so many times that I'm a brush fiend and the number one rule is always take care of your brushes. This is a great way to do so while working.  It keeps your brushes safe, neatly organized and very handy.

Brush sleeve

Rebecca Rachael has an amazing resume'!!  You should check it out.  It's really impressive.  Look at how happy Lindsey is with her look which took her right from the show to our dinner meeting.


I know this has been a long post, and it's about makeup, but I'm going to leave you with a teaser.....China Glaze. I'll be doing a full rundown on China Glaze soon. There is some confusion on what the bloggers are allowed to tell you right away and what we need to wait on, so as soon as I have clearance, I'll bring you more China Glaze. Here is one collection I know it ok to post now; Avant Garden. Oh the polish names in this collection are so cute!!!

China Glaze Avant Garden

And I leave you with a look at some of the swatches from this collection. Do you see the one called Keep Calm, Paint On? That has been my mantra for 20 years. Whether I was painting a canvas, an item, a face or nails, I've always found the use of a brush to be soothing and therapeutic. I've always said that I could solve the world's problems while painting. Brush strokes just sooth the savage beast and make all problems disappear. Painting, whether thru art, makeup or nail polish, is the world's greatest mental health healer, bar none.

China Glaze Avant Garden

There you go, loyal readers, Keep Calm and Paint On!!!

Beauty Blog Coalition Roundup for Week Ending 7/28/12

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Visit To The Nubar Nail Polish Booth At Cosmoprof North America

Nubar is one of the first nail polish brands that I was aware of when it came to holographic polishes.  And, OH how I love holos!!!  Lusting after Nubar online was an impetus to my nail polish collecting.  When I saw the booth at CosmoprofLV, I gasped and whispered "Nubar", building the volume louder and louder until I was nearly yelling to my pals "Look!!!  NUBAR has a booth!!!!"  It was an exciting moment.

We met with representative Lona Martinez who was SO much fun!!!  She is witty and cheerful and loves to play with nail polish just as much as most nail-philes.  Let me show you a couple items that particularly caught my interest in their booth.

Nubar Sparkles Collection

*drool* The Sparkles Collection. Glitter runs through my veins, so I could NOT take my eyes off this collection. I couldn't even put it down!! I kept going back and picking it up over and over, wishing that I hadn't forgotten my real camera in the hotel room. All I had was my iphone but it was better than nothing to use to remember the gloriousness of what I saw at Nubar. This full collection is on sale at Nubar for $54.

I mentioned the holos, which are called Prisms. They're a scattered holographic polish, having multiple colors within, and they just glow like nobody's business! They are so beautiful, I can't even describe it. There is a set of eight that you can purchase at Nubar for $54.

Nubar Prisms Collection

Look at these beautiful swatches!!! The one on the right reminds me so much of the Aurora Borealis, with all the colors dancing in it.

Nubar Nail Swatches

Just for pure pleasure, I took a few shots of random bottles to illustrate the beauty of these polishes.

Nubar glitter nail polish

I'm telling you, I totally squealed like a little girl when I saw this booth and our time there was just so much fun!!!

Nubar Glitter Nail Polish

All Nubar polishes are Big 3 Free!!

Nubar Glitter Nail Polish

I leave you with one more look at the current desire of my heart:

Nubar Sparkle Collection Nail Polish

What nail polish formula, brand or style started your collection?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Post Show Release - Cosmoprof North America 2012



Las Vegas, NV (July 25, 2012) – Celebrating 10 years in Las Vegas, Cosmoprof North America continues to exemplify the energy and creativity that drive the beauty industry. This year’s show boasted the highest attendance and participation, which proves that the beauty industry is resilient and poised for expansion in the upcoming year. Cosmoprof North America prides itself on uniting attendees and exhibitors, acting as the ultimate platform for networking, sharing new and upcoming products and cultivating new business relationships. Encompassing all sectors of the industry under one venue, Cosmoprof North America remains the single most important forum for the beauty industry in the United States.

The event, which was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from July 22 – 24, featured 856 exhibiting companies to a sold out show floor along with over 25,000 attendees representing a 9% increase to the year before that included importers, distributors, manufactures, and global beauty leaders all under one roof. As in past years, CPNA attracted many new and innovative brands in addition to industry leaders such as AHAVA, CONAIR, CND, Essie / L’Oreal Professional, Moroccan Oil, OPI Nail, Orly, RUSK, Schwarzkopf, and Zotos International.

The International Buyer Program, sponsored by UNIPRO, the Italian Association of Cosmetic Industries, once again united buyers and sellers around the world with the resources, contacts, and data to build business partnerships. Beauty and cosmetic companies showcased their products and were offered the opportunity to have pre-scheduled appointments with a group of selected importers and distributors. Overall 300 meetings were held between international buyers involving more than 150 exhibiting companies and 88 qualified international buyers. The international buyers were invited from Argentina, Canada, Chili, Honduras and Mexico; the US Commercial Service was also present at the event with buyers from Bulgaria, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ecuador and New Zealand.

Through strong collaborations with countries seeking to expand their beauty trade presence, CPNA dedicated special sections on the show floor to distinct International Country Pavilions. Country Pavilions allow small and medium-sized companies from within select markets to participate in CPNA with the objective of obtaining direct “face time” with distributors and retailers to secure distribution in the U.S. Featured countries and regions at the 2012 show included Brazil, China, Columbia, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Discover Beauty, an exclusive initiative of CPNA, assists emerging brands in finding the appropriate retail market, while highlighting new trends. The one-on-one meetings with prominent retailers like BeautySage.com, C.O. Bigelow, Duane Reade, Henri Bendel, HSN, Nordstrom, Skins 6|2 and Zappos aim to give Discover Beauty brands critiques and feedback. The program returned this year with 15 brands competing for the prestigious Discover Beauty Award. With voting done by specialty retailers and editors from top beauty sites, these brands were judged on creativity, innovation and market readiness. The 2012 Discover Beauty Award winner is Layla Cosmetics from Italy, which was announced at the Discover Beauty party at MIX in THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. Fusing together the latest technology and Italian fashion influence, Layla Cosmetics has been creating trend setting and cutting edge nail products from Milan for over 70 years.

Earlier this year, CPNA unveiled its first-ever Discover Beauty partnership with BeautySage.com, the new e-commerce site founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. BeautySage.com will host an exclusive Discover Beauty pop-up store that will feature three Discover Beauty brands from this year’s lineup. These brands, which were announced also announced at the Discover Beauty party include, Marula – The Leakey Collection, Recipe for men and Fairiche.

CPNA also introduced another new initiative this year as a part of the Discover Beauty program called, SPOTLIGHTS. This new exhibit space offered smaller companies that excel on creativity, but seek economic solutions, the opportunity to showcase their products at CPNA. With 19 brands in the program, SPOTLIGHTS featured small artisan labels that are a prime fit for high-end retail stores, boutiques, salons and spas, and was all abuzz with activity throughout the three days of the show.

Top trade publications from across the globe joined leading beauty industry professionals at the show to seek out the newest emerging trends. CPNA also saw a higher presence of online media with over 100 bloggers reporting live from the show. In addition, Beaut-E Zone, which featured editors from Bellasugar.com, DailyMakeover.com, TotalBeauty.com and YouBeauty.com / BeautySage.com was a huge success. These leading online beauty editors were able to meet with exhibitors in Discover Beauty and report trends they discovered and show happenings on their respective sites; combined they have a total reach of over 30+ million readers.

Prior to the show, CPNA announced that five talented students from the Penrose Academy in Scottsdale, AZ would participate in CPNA’s second annual Trendscout program. While given unrestricted access to the show floor, the CPNA Trendscouts met with exhibitors to find new product launches and discover the latest trends. They reported their findings via Twitter and Facebook posts, which were displayed in real-time at the main entrance of the show floor, helping attendees identify the current trends at the show. CPNA will issue a Trend Report, which will be based on the scouts findings later this month.

Staying connected during the show was easier than ever this year. Attendees and exhibitors could “check in” via Foursquare and view show specials as well as download the new CPNA Smartphone App, which helped attendees find their favorite exhibitors and other companies. Guests could also scan the new CPNA QR Code that featured exclusive show promotions and tips from CPNA show organizers.

Every year CPNA brings industry leaders to the forefront to share innovative ideas and experiences that will help the beauty industry better understand the dynamics and market trends, current and future. Special education seminars were filled to capacity with more than 500 attendees in total. Business and industry leaders from multiple sectors of the industry participated in round-table discussions and panels to share their knowledge and insights.

CPNA Hosts PBA Beauty Week
In addition to all that CPNA offers, the event also hosts PBA Beauty Week from the Professional Beauty Association. PBA Beauty Week features the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), PBA Symposium, and BEACON. All three events featured a record number of attendees.

The NAHAs in particular, which are the professional hair care industry’s single most important awards event of the year, were hosted by famed entertainment journalist and star of E! Network’s E! News and Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic. In addition to hosting the show, Rancic also received the Professional Beauty Association’s Beautiful Humanitarian Award for her work with the charities Dress for Success, Bright Pink, Operation Smile, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in Chicago, and the Children’s Miracle Networks. This year’s show was attended by a record number of more than 3,000 guests and was also seen worldwide via live online steaming broadcast by an additional 40,000. Dimitrios Tsioumas of the Mizu Salon in New York City took home NAHA’s top prize, Hairstylist of the Year, as well as the Contemporary Classic honor. To see the winners, visit probeauty.org/naha.

Cosmoprof North America 2013 will take place July 14 – 16 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. For more information on exhibiting or attending, please visit cosmoprofnorthamerica.com or call 800-557-3356.

Cosmoprof North America is organized by North American Beauty Events L.L.C., a joint venture company between BolognaFiere Group and the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).

About BolognaFiere Group (bolognafiere.it)
BolognaFiere Group, the world’s leading trade show organizer in the cosmetics, fashion, architecture and building, art and culture sectors, features in its portoflio more than 80 exhibitions, both domestic and interanational events. SoGeCos S.p.A., as organizer of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (established 1967), the most important beauty meeting point in the world that will take place in Bologna next March 15-18, 2013, has the privilege to work with the beauty industry in the five continents and to monitor new emerging markets where there is a demand for cosmetics products. The International platform offered by Cosmoprof, with its events in Hong Kong (established 1996) and Las Vegas (established 2002), provides a truely global marketplace for the beauty industry where brands can find success.

About PBA (probeauty.org)
The Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) purpose is to advance the professional beauty industry by providing its members with education, charitable outreach, government advocacy, events and more. PBA is the largest organization of industry professionals with members representing salons and spas, distributors, manufacturers and beauty professionals/NCA. Visit probeauty.org or call 800.468.2274 (480.281.0424) to learn more.

Cosmoprof North America: What is it? Why did I go? And Sneak Peeks!!

Color Club Holographic

What? Holographic nail polish? How did that get there? Via Color Club.  Maybe it's not a good idea to start a post with a fuzzy iphone photo, but it is a good idea to start with a holo polish!

Before we get into that, let's talk about what Cosmoprof North America is and why I was there.   

It's a large cosmetic trade show featuring beauty brands of all types...hair, cosmetics, skin care, nails, salon products.  It's a business to business show where the beauty industry can come together for four days and showcase the best of the new and the best of the established.  Companies from all over the world bring their products to display and demonstrate and buyers from salons and every retailer from Nordstrom to Walmart is there to find things to fill their nitch.

I, along with many other bloggers, were media partners with CosmoprofLV, and we attended to report on the items and companies that we found press worthy.  But let me tell you, this show is HUGE!!!!!  There are four sections, or pavillions, and many of us weren't prepared for the scope of the show.  Beautiful plush white carpeting lead us from section to section.  I felt like Dorothy wearing her ruby slippers and skipping down the plush white road.


 Coming back home, I feel like I missed more than I saw, but I got to know some great bloggers.  Wonderful people, and I wouldn't change that for anything!!  Confessions of A Sarcastic MomRia Loves Pawlish and I were connected at the hip.  Or in the case of Destany and Ria, they were connected at the first smack of a camera to a head.  We got to spend a lot of time with Lindsay from Neverland Nail Blog and Carly of Lacquered Lover.  Blogger buds for life!!  Woot!!  My personal thanks to Krystal from Polish Galore for making this an event for bloggers to remember.  Krystal put in a lot of hard work and dedication which made our work a breeze and our experience top notch.  I couldn't possibly thank her enough.

So I promised a sneak peek of some things I saw.  This is the first:

Yeah, that's right.  A picture from my room.  I had the whole strip at my feet, although I was too busy to visit it.  I want to feature some items today and I'll cover them in depth in later postings, but I just have to whet your whistle as mine was.

Our first night in Las Vegas, we had a dinner meeting with Katie Cazorla, who owns the salon The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, CA, and is the star of the reality show Nail Files.  You can tell she's not at all a dull date!!

We stopped by the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics booth where we met with YouTube guru Julie G.  She was so sweet and cute and just like the most delicious cupcake.  Talking with her just made you want to talk more.  Here is Krystal from Polish Galore with Julie G.
I have some wonderful items to tell you about that I saw at their booth!!  I realize I'm running long so I'm going to quickly show you some awesome pictures of other things to come.  Let's talk Sation nail polish.  We were overwhelmed by their booth.  Wow!  And oh, the glitters!!!!  Wonderful complex glitters...matte ones too!  Look at their beautiful rainbow rack!!

Sation Nail Polish

Sation Glitter Nail Polish

Sation Nail Polish

I was captivated by the allure of the cosmetic tattoos I saw when I stopped by Eye Rock.

Eye Rock Crystal Tattoos

We saw a guaranteed sell-out at the Orly booth.

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

NCLA had some of the prettiest nail wraps I've ever seen.

NCLA Nail Stickers

Layla Cosmetics has so many awesome products out!!  We had a business meeting with them one night and not only did I learn a lot about their company, but I learned a whole lot about the nail industry in general.  The ladies were so great!!!!  Here's a preview of what they have. That's right!! New holographic polishes!!!

Layla Cosmetics Holographic Nail Polish

And, finally for today, I have a new company that I'm excited about and will be featuring in days to come. LACC was in the Discover Beauty section that featured brand new items. I love love love the pigment in their polishes.

LACC Nail Polish

Phew, I think this is my longest post to date. But I have so much to tell you and so much to cover...I am just overflowing with information that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did learning it. What a wonderful experience CosmoprofLV was. It was crazy busy but I loved every minute of it.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the show, or to request coverage of your favorite items seen here or on other blogs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Report From Cosmoprof North America 2012, Vegas Baby!!

This is a fantastic experience. I'm so excited to tell you about everything I've seen and the fabulous people I've met, especially the awesome bloggers. Bloggers just couldn't possibly be nicer people. Honestly. Everyone has been great.

The show is busy, busy, busy and we've had meetings in the evenings. I've learned SO much!! I can't wait to show you pictures. I've twittered out many, so check for those while I get my photos loaded to the computer.

This is a quickie post to tell you that Cosmoprof North America is the most organized trade show I've ever attended. I used to go to various ones in a few different states that were jewelry and gift buying shows, and until this week, I've not seen such great organization. The registration process was very organized, making the check-in process quick and streamlined. I really appreciate that.

The show floor itself has a comfortable and inviting feel to it as you walk in. It's such a pleasure to attend. I've been to so many others and they just haven't had the feel that this one has. Most people have been so darned nice!!! The staff, the exhibitors and the press.

More to come tomorrow, with pictures...check twitter and Instagram in the meantime as well as my fellow blogger buddies who are listed on the Cosmoprof North America website, as well as a couple others that you don't see on the list, Ria Loves Pawlish and The Gloss Menagerie.  If you're on twitter, check the hashtag #cosmoprofna for more great pictures and information.
Let me leave you a few words about things to come:  HOLO, HOLO, HOLO!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup for Week Ending 7/21/12

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Keep Hair Looking Healthy And Full

I have a guest post for you today, which I hope you'll enjoy. It has some good tips for healthy hair, something we all strive for.

Do you feel yourself getting older? Is your hair starting to thin out? Age definitely plays a role in thinning and damaged hair, but there are many people well into their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond that still have the hair of a person in their early 20s. There are few secrets to having vibrant, healthy, and full hair, but many people still believe it's impossible to change their hair to look its best.

Healthy, vibrant hair begins with a healthy, strong diet while staying hydrated. Water is excellent for every part of your body and your hair is no exception. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps you eliminate harmful toxins and wastes that can negatively affect the health of your hair.

The foods you eat are especially important to maintaining health of your body and hair. Make sure to eat a variety of healthy foods including nuts, green vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, lean meats, and even fish. A healthy diet is the first step to achieving healthier hair as well as your general health.

The next thing to make note of is how often you wash your hair. Many people enjoy washing their hair everyday or even twice a day, but those habits of washing can cause your hair to thin out and became straggly. I believe washing your hair every other day works best because you’re not aggravating the hair follicles and not eliminating too many follicles from your scalp. The rinsing should be done in cool water and only scrub the roots. Hot water can be damaging to your hair and if the water is too hot, it may even burn your skin.

I use a combination of a shampoo and conditioner for my hair because it gets the job done and it's effective. After washing my hair, I either let it air dry until it's almost completely dry or I immediately use the blower. The cool setting on the blower works best because it prevents too much frizzing while keeping your hair nice and smooth. I use some form of powder or a gel in case there is any frizz so my hair looks smooth and healthy.

Other methods that keep hair healthy include avoiding too much sun. Sun damage doesn't only affect your skin, it can dry and thin out your hair. This is especially true if you tan for long periods of time over several years. As you age, you'll notice your hair become thinner, drier, and looking more unhealthy. Try to protect your head when out in the sun for an extended period of time. Definitely try to stay in the shade for as long as you have to and do apply suntan lotion to your scalp.

It may sound strange but rubbing suntan lotion into your scalp will help protect your scalp and hair follicles from the deadly sun rays. It's, in my opinion, the best method to protecting your hair when outdoors.

Those are the basic ways to create and maintain healthy hair. Hair will naturally thin as you age but that doesn't mean it has to look dead and unhealthy. So remember to eat right, wash correctly, and protect yourself, and you'll have healthy, full hair for a long time.

Tiana Hao works in various roles at Pura d’or. She enjoys beauty, fashion, as well as beautiful architecture and scenery. Pura d’or is a health and beauty company that is known for its argan oil products. Its argan oil is used for skin and acne care as well as for hair and nails.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Almost Time For Cosmoprof North America!! And I Need Your Help!

Myself and several other bloggers are honored to be Press for the Cosmoprof North America Show which starts at the end of the week. It will be awesome to get sneak peaks of what's coming during the next 12 months in hair, cosmetics and nails. I will try my best to report on things that I think will be interesting to you, my readers. And this is where I need your help!

If you have requests of brands or items you'd like to see covered on this blog, please let me know and I'll do my best to make it to that brand or PR group. There is a listing of exhibitors on the Cosmoprof North America website.  Some brands are listed and some brands are rep'ed by PR groups.  Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite and hopefully, I'll be able to cover it.

I'll be tweeting live from the show, as well as posting sneak peeks as often as possible.  It will be fast, fun and furious and I want it to be productive, so please submit your requests, if you have any.

Dior Glow 664 Rose Bikini (Pink Bikini) Ultra-Gloss Lipgloss Swatches and Review

Do you have any of the Dior Glow lipglosses? I have a few others in addition to the new Rose Bikini that is part of the Summer Mix of brights for 2012. (In the US, the color is called Rose Bikini and in French, the name is Pink Bikini so I've included both for other countries where the dominant name may be Pink.  I'm a little confused about this and what the actual name is...you might be able to tell, lol). Rose Bikini is a little different than the other Glow Ultra-Glosses that I have and I'll tell you about it in a minute but let's look at pictures first.

Dior Pink Bikini Lipgloss

It took me several weeks to decide if I liked this gloss or not. The other Glow glosses I have are very sheer and add a sweet wet glossy cover to whatever I wear underneath. They are super easy to wear and I can slap them on nilly willy and they always look great. Rose Bikini requires just a little bit more work because, while it's still a see-thru type of gloss, it's highly pigmented. I find, with this gloss, that the brush applicator is a little more difficult to get it on how I want it. It's also a bit thicker than the others, which deposits a lot more color and makes it less likely to bleed.

Dior Rose Bikini Pink Bikini Lipgloss, swatch

Now, I really love a pigmented gloss but I'd become accustomed to the Glow Ultra-glosses being a light flush of color, so it took me a bit to mentally adjust. I had to decide if it was worth it to apply with a mirror or not. Over the course of three weeks, I went from annoyed to appreciating the aspects of this gloss. It gives enough color that I can wear it alone or it really enhances any lip color that I put it over. From hate to love in three weeks. I've decided that it's worth the little bit of extra care in application.

In a hand swatch, the color is much more of a yellow toned rose than it shows on my lips. On the lips, it's a hot pink bright color. I found that confusing at first, but wearing it, it's the pink that I prefer.

Dior Pink Bikini Glow Lipgloss, swatch

DIor Rose Pink Bikini Lipgloss, lipgloss swatch

Dior called this a "Flash-plumping Spotlight Shine Lipgloss". I *think*, just by virtue of wearing it a lot, that this means that it's so shiny that it gives a plumper look to the lips. I'm including the next picture because while the ambient light doesn't show the color well, it does show how much shine is in this gloss....and because my son is in the picture. Shhhh, don't tell him, it'll be our secret.

Dior Rose Pink Bikini Lipgloss

The last picture is taken inside with a flash. It shows more of the rosy tones, so I'm including it but the other pictures are more color accurate with how the gloss actually looks while wearing it around town.

Dior Pink Bikini Rose Bikini Lipgloss

The Dior Addict Ulta-Glow glosses retail for $28 and can be purchased at Nordstrom, Dillard's, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Belk, and other fine department stores.  Now that I've grown to love this gloss, I have my eye on the Rose Croisiere, which looks like more of a red.

So I want to ask you if you've tried these glosses, the other Glow glosses and if it took you awhile to appreciate it, like it took me.  And should I get the red, or is it difficult to wear?

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