Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Deal On A 3-In-1 Lens For IPhone - Extended thru 9/1/12

******THIS DEAL IS EXTENDED THRU 9/1/12, so there's still time!!******

Moolala sent me an offer for a fantastic iphone attachment. It's a 3-in-1 camera that attaches to your iphone offering three uses in a single lens.  It gives you the abililty to shoot  macro, wide angle or fish eye.  The lens normally costs $70 USD and is available thru the link for just $29 including shipping.  Don't wait!!  Order Now!!!

It comes in a couple of different colors.   I can't wait to try the macro setting for taking makeup pictures.  I piddled around with this all day until I read about it and now I wish I'd told you sooner.  There's only slightly over 24 hours left.  Hurry.  This link will take you there.  I will receive a small bonus if you click thru the referral link.  I think it's going to be a really awesome item!!!  Hurry!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Layla Cosmetics The Butterfly Effect Ceramic Nail Polish Swatches And Review

Layla Cosmetics has a whole slew of nail polish colors called The Ceramic Effect. It's their main polish color collection. The most unique of these polishes is called The Butterfly Effect.  The base is a blue tone purple and it has all kinds of fire in it courtesy of some beautiful flakies.  The main color of the flaky component is a red-orange fire.  In different lightings you can also see hints of green and purple.



The nail polishes from Layla don't need any base coat and even without a base, they don't stain. I can't imagine any other blurple like this not leaving a stain on the nail, but The Butterfly Effect doesn't, nor do any Layla nail polishes.


The polish is an absolutely stunning three dimensional color and just trust me that I think you're going to want it. These polishes retail for just $9.95.



You can purchase these at Ulta, Layla Cosmetics, or Ninja Polish.  You can see here that I will have more Ceramic Effects polishes, some Softouch Effects and MagnaEffects polishes to review in the future.

(My thanks to PR for providing this polish for consideration.  All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.  Please see disclosure statement for more info.)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seche To Be Released In 33 One Coat Nail Polish Shades!!

Seche Poster
Today, Seche announced on their Facebook page
that their new one coat nail lacquers would be released in 33 colors in October 2012, I had to tell you about. We all know if it's on Facebook, it's official!! I saw this at the Cosmoprof 2012 trade show in July but bloggers were asked not to talk about it until the company announced it themselves.

I had a hard time getting into the booth to see everything and I couldn't hear the rep at all, so I can't tell you a lot about the new Seche nail polishes. I just know they are one coat with no top coat necessary and the display will look like this:


They are due in October 2012 and I just can't wait. If you regularly use Seche Vite, I'm sure you're going to be as excited as I am. Am I right? Can I get a whoop, whoop?!?!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miss Professional Nail Announces The Nailstock Collection - With A Free And Retro Feeling!

Oh, remember the other day when I told you about seeing the Sation nail polish at Miss Professional Nail booth at Cosmoprof 2012?  How adorable was their Little Horse On The Prairie Collection?  They have such creative collections, I have to tell you about what their newest collection is.

Seriously!!! Nailstock!!!  Oh my word, I can just feel the mud and the beads and tie-dye and see myself driving a Volkswagon bus when I heard about this.   Nailstock is touted as a colorful tribute to peace, love & artistic diversity.

Check out the awesome color range.

When Creative Director Staci Dao wanted to celebrate indie expression and universal creativity, she quickly looked to Woodstock as the gold standard of boho-bonding events. Nailstock’s varied collection of misfit souls features twelve rockin’ shades packed with nostalgic cultural references including: “Gimme Jimi,” “3 Free-dom,” “RV There Yet?” and “I Paint in Peace.”

The marketing personnel at Miss Professional Nail are geniuses.  The promo pictures just place you in that field in New York called Woodstock and play Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in your mind.  From Miss Professional Nail:

Rich, earthy neutrals and vibrant, unconventional hues offer something for everyone. The woodsy environment and rainy, mud-splattered moments represent the offbeat nature of Woodstock’s legendary impact. Let hand-painted harmony take center stage and embrace your grooviest self, with nails to tie-dye for. Nailstock will be available at your local beauty supply and online in September.

The next picture allows you to view the polishes a little clearly, but I have to say I'm pretty partial to the first image.

As always, all Miss Professional Nail products are big three free.  So what do you think?  Feel like wearing daisies in your hair and trying one of these polishes?  I've got my sandals all ready!!

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup 8/25/12

Friday, August 24, 2012

OPI Germany Berlin There Done That - A Weimaraner's Dream Nail Polish

Have you seen the OPI Germany Collection? So many stunning colors. Truly. Today I am going to show you Berlin There Done That. My BPFF, (best polish friend forever), told me that this is THE nail polish for all Weimie owners. And this is information that we just can't keep to ourselves. If you own a Weimaraner, you need this polish!! If you have fingers or toes, you need this polish. It's that simple.

This is Tracy and her Weimie:

OPI Germany Berlin There Done That

Ah, the colors meld so well together. Doesn't it make you want to curl up with your puppy and relax with a hot cocoa by a warm fire? Ok, it's fall where I live so hot and warm sounds good. And what's not to love about a puppy snuggle?

Photographing the bottle and swatches on a nail wheel is tough. The color is a nice mid-toned taupey-griege. The camera wants to take out the hint of warmth that it has. So it was a challenge. Tracy's photo is the most accurate.

This bottle shot, taken in natural lighting with a flash, is a little bit dark and a little bit cool but it's the closest my camera could get.

OPI Berlin There Done That

I have a swatch wheel, photographed in natural light and with flash. Natural light is darker than what you'll see in real life; flash is a bit lighter. What you'll see in real life is in between.....just like Tracy's photo. This color is best done with a Weimaraner background!!

OPI Germany Swatches

OPI Germany Swatches

There you have it. A german polish with a German dog. That seems pretty much perfect to me!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - My Review and Recommendation - To Buy Or Not To Buy - That Is The Question!!

When you sign up for Beauty Box 5, there are three options; monthly, quarterly and yearly.  I know what YOU want to know is if it's worth it to sign up for this sample program.  Well, let's take a look, shall we?

Beauty Box 5 comes in a really cute retro looking box. My friends know that I really like retro styled packaging. These kind of advertising items appeal to me in such a way that I've been known to keep packaging for it's stylized artwork. I'm an artist so I come by that compulsion honestly.


Now we're going to look at the items inside but I want to tell you that this review is simply about my analysis of the value of the box in order to help you decide if it's worth subscribing to. There are so many sample boxes popping up that you definitely want to choose wisely. My determination will be on whether I believe this is a worthwhile subscription. The items themselves will be covered at some point when I've used them.

So inside the box is a pretty package in a tulle bag with a nice ribbon. Who doesn't love getting a pretty beauty package?


There are cards inside the box that tell you about the items and give you the price for the full sized product.


The August box contains a two ounce bottle of Curls Gel-les'c. Wouldn't this be great for travel?


There is a sample size of Blinc Mascara. You'll know this as the one that makes the tubes around the lashes that you kind of crush to remove. I've used this brand before and it's really interesting. It's always nice when you don't have to rub your eyes to remove a product.



There is a full sized Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer. It says it's good for 5+ uses. I can't wait to try it. It says the product isn't tested on animals, but I think my dog would love it in her bath. Too bad, it's for mommy.



The final item in the box is a Bodyology Foundation Primer. I can't wait to try this. The tube is a .15 oz size, which should last many uses.


On the whole, I find this box to be rather pleasing. I subscribe to Birchbox, which I like mostly, and to My Glam Bag which I DO NOT recommend. It's my opinion that Beauty Box 5 is worth the $12 per month subscription fee. This box was offered to me to check it out and see if I liked it. If I had paid a monthly fee of $12, (or a quartly fee of $30 bringing the box cost to $10, or even if I paid the yearly fee of $100 bringing the monthly fee down to $8.33), I'd be pleased. These are items that I am interested to use in generous sizes. I definitely think it's worth it. Especially when I compare it to the other boxes I've purchased. (Please don't subscribe to My Glam Bag, it's just horrible).

If you want to be really technical and figure out the exact value of the items in the box, it's about $27 in product and add $4 shipping and you have a nearly $31 value for just $12, (or $10 or $8.33). That's pretty good. If you are considering a sampling program, I would encourage you to check out Beauty Box 5 and see if it's something you might be interested in.

Have you tried Beauty Box 5?  Have you tried other sampling programs?  Which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)?

(This box was provided by PR for my evaluation.  All opinions are my own honest review.  Please see my disclosure statement for more information.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cleopatra's Choice 100% Pure African Shea Butter Review

I've always loved lotions that have shea butter in them. I find them more effective at moisturizing and even healing little cuts that sometimes happen with excessively dry skin. When I purchase a lotion, I look for one that has shea butter in it. So when I was contacted by Cleopatra's Choice to ask if I'd be interested in sampling their 100% Pure African shea butter, I said oh yes, please!!  It's one of my favorite ingredients.

I was quite surprised when it arrived to find out just how little I knew about it.  I received a 1 pound tub of PURE and I mean PURE shea butter.


Shea butter comes from the nut of a tree in Africa called the Karite tree, which is translated to "Tree of Life". It grows for 20 years until it produces the nuts that fall to the ground when ripened. These nuts are then crushed to make the shea butter. It is boiled and strained for purification. In Africa, the women often cook with this substance, in addition to using it as a salve for burns and as a moisturizer. It has all kinds of uses. From moisturizer, to hair products, to lip balms, to ointments, it contains many valuable vitamins and oils that will help to heal and maintain moisture wherever you use it.

I've been using the Cleopatra's Choice Pure shea butter as a body moisturizer. It's been great for my hands and elbows, especially. When I first saw the tub, I wasn't sure how I was supposed to use it. It's a one pound shea brick.


Looking at it, I thought I could either shave off a tiny piece with a spoon or something and warm it up in my hands to use as I wished, or I could just warm the top with my hands and probably get enough to use that way. In order to make sure I was using it correctly, I emailed PR and they confirmed how to use it. I haven't used it on my hair or face yet because I'm testing other products in those areas, but since this will probably last the rest of my life, I'll have plenty of time to try it.

Look at the label closely. All these things are really important. I can tell you about the vitamins, but it's right there on the label and on the website. You'll see that it's recommended for scars, stretch marks, dry skin, dry hair, burns...well, the list is endless. I especially want you to see that this is a fair trade item from Africa. That's very important. It means that by purchasing this item, it's supports farmers in developing nations, (women farmers!!), helping them to build sustainable businesses. It's good for the globe.


100% Pure African Shea Butter can be purchased from Cleopatra's choice for just $13.95.  With more than one, there is a price break.  You can purchase it in either the yellow or white.  If you happen to be a lip balm or lotion maker, this is a heck of a deal to get the ingredients you need. Actually, it's a heck of a deal for anyone.

This item was provided by PR for my evaluation. All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation. See my disclosure for more information.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cult Nails I Got Distracted With Wet N Wild Fergie Hollywood Walk Of Fame Nail Polish Reviews and Swatches

Two really great nail polishes came to my house recently. The first was Cult Nails I Got Distracted. It's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It will be featured in a post all of it's own because it deserves maximum attention with it's holographic deep blackened green features. I wanted it since it's first inception and am so happy to have this polish. Go get it. Now. Wait!! Finish the post and then go get that polish!! (Full swatches and review soon!!)

Cult Nails I Got Distracted

The second polish came home while I still wearing I Got Distracted. It's Wet N Wild's Fergie nail polish in Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It's totally Fergalicious.  Perhaps the funnest nail polish I own. It might seem a little childish at first, all full of multi-colored stars, but it will surely get your fingers noticed. You won't be able to stop looking at them; it's just so fun. I thought it would be all kinds of awesome over I Got Distracted. It was $3.99 at Walgreen's.


When I see a polish with large glitters like this, I'm always a little worried that application might be spotty. Sometimes, as in the case of OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It, the glitter pieces are so few and far between that it's difficult to get enough of it on the brush to get even just one accent on your nail. I didn't have that problem at all with Hollywood Walk Of Stars.

I learned a valuable trick from Jessika of Polish Insomniac. With a polish that has large glitter pieces, turn it upside and you'll get more glitter on the brush. I did this and got so many glitter pieces that I was able to do my whole hand with one dip of the brush. They just kept coming out of the brush!!

You'll find a delightful array of colored stars along with some holographic ones. There is also short bar glitters in the polish that add sparkle. It's hard to photograph because there's just so much shine and sparkle from the glitter pieces that the camera can't accurately record it. There's so much reflection off a flash and without one, it looks dull so put on your imagination to view it in your mind's eye the way that it's seen to the naked eye.

Two with flash:



One without flash:


I did have a star that stuck out over the edge of my index fingernail, (you can see it in the last picture), and I had to clip the star just a tad so it wouldn't feel awkward, (the end result is the two previous pictures). You can easily arrange the stars, but work quickly because it dries a bit faster than you might think.

The only place in my town that carries Wet N Wild Fergie is Walgreen's and Cult Nails can be purchased on their website and beginning 8/24/12 on Gloss 48. Both polishes were purchased by myself. Links are included solely for your ease of continued information and/or purchase.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Orly And SpaRitual Nail Polish Collections As Seen at Cosmoprof 2012!!

A trip to the Cosmoprof booth which displayed both Orly nail polish and SpaRitual polishes and body products was both informative and exhilarating. I had just been able to purchase my first SpaRitual nail polish a week before at a Sephora out of town. I felt like I'd hit a gold mine being able to try this brand which to me was quite elusive. I'm hoping they bring it to the JC Penney Sephora in my home town.

SpaRitual has developed nail collections for 2012 based on the theme Earth Matters. This is a vegan company that has Big 3 free nail lacquers, which are eco-friendly. The current collection is called Gold. Each polish has actual gold particles in it.  It's not on-line at Sephora yet, but I really hope it makes it there because I love every one of these.

Sparitual Gold Nail Polish Collection

Also current is the Pigment collection, put out for summer 2012. I love beautiful rich pigments.

Sparitual Nail Polish

And coming for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the following collection. 20% of all sales go to Cancer Schmancer, founded by cancer survivor actress Fran Drescher.  Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to saving lives thru prevention and early detection of cancer.  I've lost many people to cancer and I always like to see companies providing a portion of proceeds to cancer research and detection.

Sparitual Breast Cancer Nail Polish Collection

The SpaRitual collection for fall is called Rock. I see the colors on Sephora on-line, but they're not currently in stock. Metal is the Christmas collection. Do you not just LOVE the SpaRitual bottle? I love the shape and the handle. It feels so decadent to hold the bottle.

Our tour guide, John, also introduced us to the spa products. Oh my word!! They have the best hand cream that I think I've ever used. Apply it and your hands look 15 years younger. I would love to use this for every nail swatch photo I take. It would be fabulous. It smells great and feels even better.

Around the corner of the booth was the Orly display. Naturally, I about tripped over the other bloggers to get to the glitter. GLITTER. Orly had a lovely Flash Glam FX display. I would love to run into this somewhere. The only place in my town that sells Orly is Sally's, and I haven't seen a new Orly there since the original six piece Flash Glam release in the beginning of July. I am dying for more of these. Let's ooooh and ahhhh at them a little, shall we?

Orly Nail Polish

Orly glitter nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

Orly nail polish

I missed the last photo on the lower right. The black is Orly's Liquid Vinyl, a rich black which is perfect to show off the Flash Glam FX polishes. John gave us a little flyer that shows each of the top coats, which you can also see on their website linked above.

Orly Nail Polish

Orly nail polish

The Orly Fired Up Collection premiers September 1, 2012, with some rich fall tones.

Orly Fired Up Nail Polish Collection

Halloween brings Spellbound, a nice display which repromotes three Flash Glam FX colors as well as Liquid Vinyl.

Orly Spellbound Nail Polish

October, also being the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, showcases Orly's Pretty In Pink. The colors are Flash Glam FX colors with a nice breast cancer ribbon charm. Like their sister company SpaRitual, Orly is donating 20% of all proceeds to Cancer Schmancer.

Orly Pretty In Pink Polish Collection

And finally, we have the holiday 2012 collection called Naughty Or Nice. John was a total gentleman telling us he wouldn't ask which we were. Lol, I think it was pretty obvious. :)


Orly has such great Christmas collections!! I love every color in this one. I'm really looking forward to the new releases.

Which nail collections are on your wishlist this fall through the New Year?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

NYX Cosmetics Be Free Palette Swatches And Review

NYX Be Free Palette

If you're out shopping and you see the NYX Cosmetics Be Free Palette, just buy it.  Right away.  Trust me on this, it's a great palette, cruelty free, and is a total steal at just $20.  Fully mirrored top, people!!!!!

I've been using the palette for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed with the pigmentation and wear of the products.  I've even given them the nap test and wake up with no fading, no smearing and no creasing.  This palette will take you from day to evening, weekday to vacation, and any kind of event in between.  It's got everything that you need to create the look you want.

I first brought you some pictures in this post that you might wish to review.  I took the pictures from the above the top lengthwise, so they're kind of sideways the way they're laid out.  Today I'm going to cover this from top to'll see what I mean in a minute.  Here is an overview of the full palette, with a hint of the mirror peeking at the top.


We're going to look at the eye shadows first. The following is a picture in natural lighting with no flash. Have I mentioned that these shadows DO NOT CREASE?


They wear ALL DAY for me. They apply well and stay put. I've even used them to line the inner lower lid and the shadow stays there!! You know that's a cosmetic miracle!! The pigmentation is excellent in these shadows. They are on par with more expensive brands but at a fraction of the price. I couldn't possibly emphasize enough that they are fantastic shadows, non-creasing, long wearing, everything you could ever want in an eyeshadow if you were designing them yourself.

Here's a photo of the shadow portion of the palette with flash:


We're going to look at swatches, done with sponge applicators, starting from the top row down to the bottom, so that you can see the colors.

Top Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Top Row

Second Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Row 2

Third Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Middle Row

Fourth Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Row 4

And, the bottom row of the eyeshadows:

NYX Be Free Palette Bottom Row

Looking at the palette, it seems visually like there's quite a few similar taupes and lights. I swatched them all together so you could see the differences. I have two pictures because they each show emphasis on different colors with the light hitting different areas.

NYX Be Free Palette taupe comparisons

NYX Be Free Taupe Comparisons

You'll recall from my previous post that there are blushes and lipcolors that slide out from under the eyeshadows, along with three types of applicators.


Would you be surprised if I said I swatched those, too? Again, two pictures because the flash was hitting different areas and trying to wash out colors. The blushes are long wearing on me. They apply easily and there's no chalkiness. The colors are three colors that will work for anyone, I'm convinced. The tones are just perfect and you can mix them together if you want a pinky-peach or a plummy-pink.

In the first picture, it shows the pink on the left more accurately than in the other picture but doesn't show the peach as well as in the second picture.

NYX Be Free Palette Blushes

NYX Be Free Palette blushes

I'm not normally a lip palette fan. I love the application of a lipstick, just wiping it on, sashaying to and fro, so I didn't have high hopes for the accompanying lipsticks, just based on personal preference. However, the lipsticks in this palette are really decent. They wear forever. Not kidding, I wore them and they lasted thru eating and's like they wore down to a stain which kept color on my lips a lot longer than most lipsticks I wear. That was a complete surprise. They're also easy to mix and match.

NYX Be Free Palette

And lastly, we have a couple of looks I did with the palette. The only other items I used were foundation, bronzer and mascara. Everything else was the palette. I wanted to test it to see if it could stand up as a single item that could meet all your needs, so I tested it as such.

Going out of my usual application mode, I tried a little more color:

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

And here's a look I did where I was lusting after a Dior palette and thought I could probably recreate the look with the Be Free palette. Success!! I don't need that Dior palette after all.

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

25 eyeshadows, three blushes, 7 lipcolors, three applicators and a large mirror all for $20. Really? Really!!! And the shadows can be used wet or dry!!! You can find this wherever NYX is sold. Unfortunately for my Alaskan peeps, it's not available locally YET but we've got our fingers crossed! Get your out of state friends to run to Ulta and pick it up!

I want you to know that this palette was provided to me by PR for evaluation. Everything I have told you is my own honest opinion. I really do love this palette and I'm sure that it could be the only shadows you'd need on a month long vacation. The pigmentation is superb and the wear is exceptional. It's a must have and THAT is my honest opinion!

For those of you in other areas of the country and world, where do you purchase NYX?

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