Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nicka K Cosmetics At Cosmoprof 2012 Was So Much Fun!

Well, I have to tell you I just had a fantastic time visiting the Nicka K New York booth at Cosmoprof 2012.  James was our tour guide and he was as enthusiastic as he was informative.  Previously unfamiliar with this brand, I learned a lot about their product line and what they have to offer.  And two weeks after my return home from the Las Vegas trade show, I saw some of the items showing up in my local Fred Meyer!! Woot!

James literally saved my trip with their makeup cleansing tissues. There are several types with different ingredients to meet all your skincare needs.


I had brought a package of wipes that was on clearance sale, (should have been my first clue), with me to Las Vegas. Easier than bringing cleanser and often as effective. Not in this case. They wouldn't remove my Vegas-y makeup or even my everyday makeup. I told James of my absolute cleansing frustration and he graciously let me choose a package to take with me. I chose the Aloe as I have dry skin and these would be moisturizing.

Nicka K Makeup Cleansing Wipes

James, these saved my trip!! Seriously!! No more lingering makeup the next day. They work like a dream! I was thrilled to see them this week at Fred Meyer so that I can replenish when I use them all.

I also saw that Fred Meyer is selling the Soothing Eye Pads. Oh, these are super cool and fun. They look like slices of different kinds of fruit and plants.

Nicka K Eye Eye Pads

Seriously, how fun are these?!! I'll have a full review in the future.

Nicka K Cooling Eye Pads


Nicka K Cooling Eye Pads

And this is where it got really fun! James was telling us about the Brightening Essence Mask Tissue Nicka K offers. There are six formulas all having a special kind of effect.


Bloggers, being ever curious to investigate, may or may not have totally encouraged James to show us how it works. Lol!! He was a great sport!

Nicka K Brightening Essence Mask

We were downright giddy at that point. But let me get back to business and tell you the other things that Nicka K has to offer.

Everyone needs these in Las Vegas. No brainer!

Nicka K Heel Patch

And now, dear reader, let us move into the cosmetic portion of today's post. COLOR!!! There were some beautiful colors in the Nicka K booth. Lipglosses!

Nicka K Lipgloss

Nicka K lipgloss

Face and Body Shimmer!!!

Nicka K Face and Body Shimmer

And Nail Polish!!

Nicka K Nail Polish

This is a very cool bottle. I feel like I Dream Of Jeannie when I look at this bottle. I want to look inside and see if there's a little genie in each one. I mean...just look how cool this shape is.

Nicka K Nail Polish

Nicka K Nail Polish

Nicka K New York Nail Polish

They also have magnetic nail polish with a unique take on the magnet. It's a ring that is attached to the top with the packaging plastic. You could take it off and use it on your finger to apply the magnetic effect, or you could leave the plastic on and leave it on the handle to use.


James showed us some other cool things like scented spray body shimmers and perfume sticks. The perfume sticks were particularly nice. They have quite a variety of scents. There had to be at least 12 that we saw and each is a light natural scent. No harsh chemicals. For me, that's a great thing. My husband is allergic to everything and a lot of perfumes either give me a migraine or cause an asthma attack, so to be able to use something that smells nice and natural is a real gift.

Nicka K Parfum Solids

The perfume sticks come in a nice heavy cardboard container that, coincidentally, can fit some nail polishes in for travel. ;)

Nicka K Solid Perfume stick

I will be having specific Nicka K reviews in the near future. There were many more items in the booth, but I just didn't get all of them photographed. Be sure to visit their website in the links provided above, and follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.  Check them out!!


  1. OK. You going to have to buy me some of those eye pads if you come down to Florida. I haven't seen them here and those are STINKIN' COOL!!!! I got some of the tissue masks at Premiere Orlando, a different brand though, and I LOVE using them!

  2. There's a beauty supply that I go to sometimes that carries some of this line but I've never explored it. I'd love if they had the eye pads but I think they just have color.

    1. I'm hoping Fred Meyer brings the color in too. I just live the new polish bottle shape.

  3. Those eyepads look really cute - right up my street! I've never seen orange ones before!

    1. The orange ones are my favorite cuz they're just so cute!!

  4. Thanks for the great photos. These are better than pics found at the website of Nicka k! I am an ipsy subscriber and we all got a polish in our subscription bags this month. I was looking online for better photos. Thanks. Very nice blog. :)


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