Tuesday, October 9, 2012

China Glaze Wicked Collection Halloween Nail Swatches

Several Halloween nail polish collections came out from some large nail polish companies and I picked up what was available to play with. I want to show them to you as well as some other combinations that will be good for autumn or Halloween time. Well....I started out wanting to show you everything and a lot of ideas and I realize the post will be way too long, so I'm going to break it up. First we'll talk about the China Glaze Wicked Collection.

Halloween Nail Polish Art

My Sally's sold out right away in individual stock but I was able to snag one of the four packs and the grey polish. There were a couple other glitters from the collection that I wanted but gee whiz, they sure don't send many to service a town our size.

China Glaze, nail polish,  Wicked

The colors in the four pack are Rougish Red, Glitter Goblin, Bizarre Blurple, and Goulish Glow. Directly to the right in the first picture of the large group is the other China Glaze Wicked Collection polish that I was able to purchase. It's name is Immortal.

I have swatches to show you with the colors alone and with Glitter Goblin over them. Glitter Goblin is such a cool glitter. It has multi-colored sparkles and scattered holographic particles that are like lightbulbs shooting fire out of the polish. Ping! Ping! Ping! Light will hit you in the eye and blind you!

I apologize for not showing you full manicures, but I thought I was writing a different post. lol See number 13? That is Immortal, a beautiful mid depth grey with very tiny micro shimmers in blue and violet. The shimmers make the polish so unique and pretty. Definitely worth owning. In swatch number 14, you'll see Immortal with Glitter Goblin over it.

China Glaze, nail polish, Wicked,  Immortal, Glitter Goblin swatches

Swatch number 12 is Glitter Goblin all by itself. Gah! So pretty. So much better in person in 3 dimensions than on a two dimensional screen. Number 11 is Rougish Red with Glitter Goblin over the top and number ten is Rougish Red by itself.

China Glaze, nail polish, Wicked, Swatches

The holographic reflections in Glitter Goblin are deceiving. They would imply that there is every color glitter in the rainbow in this polish. They just reflect all colors. The polish is largely orange/copper and gold in color but the reflecting quality of the holographic glitters shows a whole autumnal array of hues. It even retains it's magic indoors under the kitchen light. It's just that cool!

Glitter Goblin is a glitter that spreads easily, smoothly and uniformly over the nail. It's not mega-bumpy and is easily tamed with a top coat. It's just purrrrfect.

China Glaze, nail polish, Glitter Goblin, Swatch

Rougish Red is a red toned orange. It has quite a red lean. It's a great color; highly wearable year round.

China Glaze, nail polish, Rougish Red, Wicked, Swatches

And let's talk about Bizarre Blurple. Could there BE a more perfect blurple? No, I think not. Check this out.

China Glaze, nail polish, Wicked, Bizarre Blurple, swatches

The first coat goes on more purple and the second coat leans it more blue. Put Glitter Goblin over it and it looks more purple!! What kind of sorcery is this!?! It's a deep rich color that you'll enjoy playing with.

China Glaze nail polish,  Wicked, Bizarre Blurple swatch

China Glaze, Wicked, Bizarre Blurple, Swatches, nail art, glitter, nail polish

Each of the colors that I have applied perfectly. They were smooth and the creams were nearly one coaters. I didn't have any streaking or bald spots or any such nonsense. (You can view my review of Goulish Glow at this location.)

China Glaze, nail polish, glitter,  Wicked Collection

So many pictures I had to show you, I just had to change the focus of what I'd had planned!!! Because, hello, some of these colors are just too cool for just one picture!!

Are you planning a Halloween manicure yet? My sister wears Halloween socks all month, so I was wondering...do some of you do Halloween manicures all month long?


  1. I love these polishes!! Have you tried the glow in the dark one before? I am curious how it would look over the other shades. I see some amazing halloween nail art possibilities here.

    Bizarre Blurple is so dreamy! And that tomato red is great! And the glitter, words don't do it justice really. Which would I wear first? Maybe ALL AT ONCE.

    I don't wear Halloween manicures all month, I am going to do my first one today I think? Not planning on doing them every single day until Halloween. Great question. What about you?

    Thanks for all the swatches, they really helps me decide!

    1. Goulish Glow is the best glow in the dark I've used. I have a link in this post that'll take you to my review of it I don't do Halloween all month. But I was tempted this year with so many great things to choose from!!!

  2. I love the wide range of shades, I'm tempted by this one for sure, Blurple please!!

    1. Blurple for everyone!!!! On the house!!!

  3. I just bought Glitter Goblin the other day, I love it so much! Love how you've used it over other colours. I am wearing it now over an orange shimmer and it looks fab :)


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