Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Easy Black Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

We're shaking things up here this month at Polarbelle. I've launched a Fight Like A Girl; Fight to Win series and in a few days I'll be bringing you some spooky offerings for Halloween. Today, I've got a guest post for you from another blogger, Sidrah from MakeupMew. And without further adieu, welcome to the show!

Easy as 1-2-3 Black Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

With fall season in bloom, I love using rich jewel tones for the eyes. Plums and burgundy paired with a rich black smokey effect is perfect for adding dimension to your look. For this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to create an easy smoky eye look with a pop of bright violet in the crease. The pop of color will create a nice transition from darkness of the black to the brow bone highlight. So take out your makeup goodies and let’s get started!

Step 1: Start off with a primed eyelid to prevent your eyeshadows from creasing. Next, taking a creamy black kohl eyeliner, apply this starting at the outer corner of your eyes and a thick line on your lashline.

Step 2: Taking a small crease brush, smudge out the eyeliner. I tend to use a precision brush since I don’t want the black to be smudged all over. Since the eyeliner is creamy, it will blend out easily. Try not to use waterproof eyeliner since it dries a lot quicker so you will not be able to smudge out the eyeliner evenly.

Step 3: Taking a black eyeshadow, apply this all over the lid. You want to pack on the color on top of the eyeliner to set it. I used one with a tiny bit of shimmer which doesn’t show up so much.

Step 4: Taking a matte violet purple shadow, apply this on the crease of your eye where the black eyeshadow ends. I used the ELF Studio Shadow C brush which is perfect for crease work. Make sure to blend out the eyeshadow and apply a shimmery highlight shade.

Step 5: I wanted to add another pop of color to the inner corner; I used the Stila Smudgepot in Violet with a tiny liner brush. This has more of a blue tone so it really makes the eyes pop.

Step 6: Apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lashline. Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara. For this look I wanted to use some false lashes since my eyes a bit smaller so it needs every bit of oomph as possible!

Here’s the final look!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Have you rocked a smokey eye lately? What lip and cheek duo would you pair this look with?

Sidrah is a beauty blogger over at MakeupMew. She loves doing makeup tutorials and reviewing beauty products. For the latest in makeup tips and amazing tutorials, please check out the blog or follow us on Twitter (@MakeupMew).


  1. I love this twist on the classic smokey eye. It'd be beautiful with sheer peach blush and a glossy nude lip.

    1. Yes, it really would! I think I need to try it too.


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