Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Frankenstein Nail Art Manicure

It's time for a little bit of Halloween nail art. There are sooooooo many things that you can do to pump up your nails for the spookiest of all days. Let's just start with one silly little manicure. These are the items I used.

Halloween Nail Art, Cult Nails, Happy Ending, Nevermore, manicure

I'm going to tell you what they all are going on the top row, from left to right. The green at the left is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in 630 Tough Luck. Next is THE best black ever, Cult Nails Nevermore. Cult Nails Happy Ending is next to that. The purple is Sation Miss Emo Shun All. At the right is a package of Kiss Nails Nail Artist stickers.

On the bottom row is a package of wiggly eyes in the size 4mm. You can get those at any craft store. They were the smallest I saw and they seem almost too big for my nail but what the heck, this manicure isn't supposed to be worn forever; it's for fun. Then we have a craft dotter. You can also purchase this in any craft or painting store and it will probably be cheaper than nail art dotters. You can see my 5/0 artist's nylon bristle brush and then the tool used for applying googly eyes or stones to nails that you can find at Sally's. The green OPI on the left is Green Wich Village.

So here's what I did:

Halloween, manicure, nail polish, nail art

Paint all nails except the ring finger with the black of your choice. I choose Cult Nails Nevermore.   I chose to do two fingers with Cult Nails Happy Ending.  It's my favorite glitter ever!  It's got so many cool colors and odd shapes.  It's really different, unique and unusual.    And it's limited edition so get it while you can.  Slap a sticker on that index finger so that when you point at anything, everyone knows you want a treat.

To do Frankenstein, I first applied two coats of OPI Green Wich Village.  I wanted Frank's face to have a very light shimmer but the Sally Hansen Tough Luck was too sheer by itself.  I applied it over the OPI.  Take the royal purple Sation Miss Emo Shun All, (they have the funniest names ever!),  and blob some on the nail tip for Frank's hair. I think it's fun to make it all uneven and goofy.  Using the liner brush, paint Frank's mouth.  With the dotting tool, blob on Frank's nose and don't forget the screws that hold his head together!!

Halloween Nail Art, Frankenstein

While you're putting all his doo-dads in place, keep in mind where you want the eyes. Apply a top coat and while wet, pick up the eyes with the stone applying tool and set them in place. If you didn't want to fuss with the wiggly eyes, you could easily dot them on, using first a larger white dot and then a smaller black one for pupils. Top coat everything and you have yourself a fun little Halloween manicure.

Halloween, Frankenstein, Nail Art, manicure

Wouldn't this be great for kids?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. The google eyes makes it fun.

  2. Hellacious homage to Halloween here!

    I like it, alot!

    It looks like Frankie has Glitter Gloves up!

    Put your hands in the air like you just don't care Frankenstein!

    1. Thank you! Super fun comment. Love the glittah gloves.

  3. Wow, what a fun manicure. I have no talent but I'd love to steal your idea. I used to have a ton of those little googly eyes when I was teaching but I finally gave them all away. Maybe I need to get to Michaels.

    1. I keep thinking of a pumpkin with the google eyes too. Man, you can do anything with these silly things.

  4. I love your nails!!! It's great for kids...I know my daughter would love this, and I would as well. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if we booked a flight to visit! :-)

    1. You've got a place to stay. And we can play nail salon and makeup counter all day!!! I would love that.

  5. lol, love your frankie, he's so funny :D

  6. Aw I love it! Make sure you enter in the iFabbo Nail Art Contest!


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