Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jesse's Girl Lip Lock Liquid Glass Lipgloss Swatches and Review

I want to tell you about a girl I knew in high school named Lisa. I was older than her by a couple of years and I remember when I first met her as a freshman.  She was all elbows and knees and just tiny! She was so much shorter than I was and what I remember most was how gangly she looked as a youngster running and skiing.  Lisa later made a name for herself as a leader in women's running events around town.  I remember a couple years ago my shock at seeing interviews on the news where it was announced that Lisa was fighting breast cancer.  She was wearing a tell-tale scarf on her head and talking of her determination to beat this disease. 

 It showed me that you can be in the best of shape, literally at the top of your game physically, and breast cancer can still reside in your body.  This disease doesn't play fair; it knows no bounds.  It strikes men and women; the fit and unfit.  It has no regard for race or religion.  It is a terror that every woman fears and many men and women know first hand.  It wounds bodies, spirits and families.  And this is why we fight and fight to win.  This is why we bring awareness to this disease.  We need better treatments.  We need support for patients and families for physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs.  We fight like girls, and we fight to win.  Never give up.  Never surrender.

Today's pink offering is Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Liquid Glass Lipgloss in the color Lip Lock.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Liquid Glass Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatches

Lip Lock is a baby pink. It's a delicious light pink color with a little shimmer. The lipgloss wears very well and tastes a little like vanilla. I really like it. This gloss was given to me by the company during Cosmoprof LV 2012.  It's a great color and I like the gloss formula so well that I had to hunt down a Rite Aid while I was across the country so that I could purchase a few more.
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatch

Can I say one more time that I really love these glosses? I need someone in my area to carry Jesse's Girl!!  (I'm looking at YOU, Fred Meyer!!)

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Lipgloss, Lip Lock, swatch

Be sure to visit them online, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Liquid Glass lipglosses retail for approximately $3.99, which is a bargain for the quality!!


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