Monday, October 22, 2012

Layla Cosmetics Changing Cherry Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Today we're going to continue our Fight Like A Girl; Fight To Win series with a story about my grandparents. It was in the 1950's that my grandfather got breast cancer. "Yes, doctor, I did say grandFATHER." I don't know the kind of treatment he had then. My family isn't very good about passing along medical history but I do know that when I was 12, my grandfather, who was never without a t-shirt, had to change his shirt in front of me after an incident where he saved a girl from drowning. I understood so many things in that moment. I was shocked to realize that a mastectomy didn't just remove this excess tissue that grows and provides curves and terrain for our chests, it removes layers of flesh that expose every bit of every rib from the collarbone down. My grandfather was a very proud man and I know his perpetual t-shirt was a sign that he was embarassed by his disfigurement. What I didn't know until then was how sunken and strange it looks to see all the ribs, not just the few at the bottom where they end to shape our waists. From that moment, I understood what it will look like when someone I know needs to undergo this surgery.

My grandfather went on to live another 50 years without reocurrance. A couple months after he died, my grandmother, who had a long history of neglecting her own medical care, found that she had breast cancer, and oddly enough, in the same location as my grandfather a half century earlier. She died a few years later of a broken heart, never having recovered from losing her husband. This story shows you that ANYONE can get breast cancer, and while it's rare in men, it does happen. Something to be aware of.

Layla Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Ceramic Effect, Ninja Polish

Ok, so remember when I was telling you that I received this gift from Ninja Polish?  Today I have swatches for you of the Layla Cosmetics Ceramic Effect nail polish CE-65 Changing Cherry.  This color is a fantastic hot pink with blue-violet and hot fuchsia shimmers.

Layla Cosmetics, Color Changing Cherry, CE-65, nail polish, swatches

Layla nail polishes are so smooth!! You don't need to use base coat with them if you don't want; they don't stain the nails. I applied two layers of polish and a top coat in the pictures. Look very closely and you can see the shimmers.

Layla nail polish, Color Changing Cherry, CE-65, swatch

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, CE-65, Color changing Cherry, swatches

I love colors like this.

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, Ceramic Effect,  Color Changing Cherry, swatch

Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I painted on my pink Awareness ribbon to finish up.

Layla Cosmetics, nail polish, Ceramic Effects, Breast Cancer manicure, Color Changing Cherry,

You can purchase this or any of a number of Layla nail polishes on Ninja Polish.  The Ceramic Effects Laylas retail for $9.95 USD, and for the quality of the nail polish, this is an absolute steal!


  1. Lovely awareness mani! I'm buying up the pinks too

    1. I think I have just about all of them now. Lol


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