Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mac Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass Swatches!!

Oh, Marilyn, how you captivate us with your allure. Today I'm going to show you the Mac Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglasses. I love Dazzleglass. They are beautiful sparkling lipglosses and these carry the image of Marilyn Monroe. What's not to love?

Mac Cosmetics, Marilyn Monroe, Dazzleglass

Each type of item in the Mac Marilyn collection has it's own picture of the beauty icon. In the above photo, you can see the lipstick boxes in the background which have different pictures than the dazzleglasses. Inside the lid of each box, Marilyn has left you a sweet kiss.

Mac Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Box

In the next picture, you can see Phiff! on the left and on the right is Little Rock.

mac , marilyn monroe,  dazzleglass, Phiff!, Little Rock

I'm going to show you a closer picture of the necks of the glosses where you can see the colors a little better. Look at the area where the two glosses touch. Phiff is a sparkling peachy gold. Little Rock is a shimmering soft white.

Mac Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass

And, of course, we have swatches. Again, Phiff! is on the left and Little Rock is on the right.

Mac, Marilyn Monroe, Dazzleglass, Phiff, Little Rock, lipgloss swatches

Mac Marilyn Dazzleglasses retail for $21.50 USD. Be sure to check my other posts containing more Mac Marilyn Monroe items, pictures and swatches. You can view the eyeshadows here and the lipsticks at this link.

What's your favorite Mac Marilyn Monroe product so far?


  1. Excellent review, as always. I really like the packaging, and I am a fan of the Dazzleglass formula!!

    1. Thanks! I love them too...the feel, the shine, everything about them!

  2. Great review. I really liked the beauty powder!

    1. Thanks! I haven't used the beauty powder yet. I imagine it'll kind of glow if I buff it really well. Is that how you're using it?


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