Saturday, October 20, 2012

OPI Spotted Top Coat Swatches and Review

Have you heard about OPI Spotted? So far, it's only available in Europe and I really don't know if it's going to be sold across the pond. My guess would the that it will at some point. It runs about $20 USD with the monetary conversions. Spotted is a top coat or overcoat kind of thing only available so far in black.

OPI, Spotted, nail polish

It's very runny. If you pick this up, you have to experiment with it to find the best way to use it. I've found that using it as thinly as possible is best and it's difficult to get a uniform application. OPI Spotted reacts a lot like oil on water in the way that it separates from the undercoat. It mimics those spots of oil that you see in the driveway when a car drips.

OPI Spotted, nail polish, swatches

During my first use, I applied it a little thicker, thinking it would be kind of like crackle. I quickly found that thick wasn't the best way but I really liked how it looked anyway. With this application, it looked a lot like some fancy lingerie to black lace over the magenta polish. I wore it around for about a week with no problem with a coat of Seche Vite over the top.

OPI, nail polish, Spotted, swatches, black

Opi nail polish, Spotted, top coat, swatches

The second time I tried it, I applied it a little thinner and it definitely gave a spotted type of look. No more lacy lingerie.

OPI Spotted, nail polish, swatches

The third time I used it, I got a real surprise!! This look and color combination would be awesome for a Halloween manicure.

OPI Spotted, top coat, nail polish, swatches, Venique nail lacquer

I was so surprised as the nails spotted and then one by one cracks formed. It was completely unexpected and I really liked it.

This was a fun top coat to play with. Layla Cosmetics has something similar in Europe called Bubbles and it comes in multiple colors. I really don't know if and when either will be released in North America but they are a fun and different way to do nail art.

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