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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Apotheke:M Body Smoothing Polish and Enriched Body Creme Review

Apotheke:M is a brand I hadn't tried until recently when I received them as a gift. If I'd known how great their products are, I certainly would have used them before now. What makes them good? Well, I'll tell you about the two items that I've used.

Apotheke:M Body Polish Body Cream

In the picture on the left is the Apotheke:M Enriched Body Creme in the Mandarin Guava scent and on the right hand side is the Smoothing Body Polish with the Blackcurrent Fig scent. Let me tell you about the Smoothing Body Polish first because that's the order in which I use them.

It's hard to describe the scent of the body polish. Apotheke:M calls is green and uplifting. It reminds me somewhat of an autumn scent that is slightly spicy when you apply it but doesn't linger after the shower so that you an use whatever lotion or other scent you'd like and it won't interfere.

From the company: A plant & seed based polisher to gently exfoliate and buff away dull skin. Natural moisturizers smooth, hydrate and nourish, helping to restore your healthy glow.

It uses the following ingredients and these are the benefits:

Honey - Humectant
Fig Leaf - Detoxifying
Apricot Seed - Exfoliating
Macadamia Nut - Moisturizing
Shea Butter - Moisturizing

What I say: Simply the best body exfoliator I've ever used. No kidding. It is gentle and buffs away dry skin with such ease and finesse that you don't even realize how much work it has done. I have dry skin and live in a dry climate but I didn't even realize how dry my skin was until I buffed it with this body polish. It removed dead skin that I didn't even realize was there. And it was easy. I didn't have to scrub really hard to make it happen. I honestly was really amazed at how well it worked and how gently it removed alligator skin. Seriously.

It's amazing. Get it. It's $8.99 at Target...a total bargain for such an awesome product.

After exfoliating and smoothing, I use the Apotheke:M Enriched Body Creme. The scent I have is Mandarin Guava. The company describes it as sweet and refreshing and it definitely is. I LOVE these kind of scents. This is fruity, sweet and uplifting and I can detect orange blossom, another scent I truly love.

From the company: All over body balm with ultra-rich natural humectants to hydrate and smooth. Lusciously long-lasting. Super-softening for irresistibly beautiful skin.

The ingredients of note and their benefits are:

Orange Blossom - Toning
Pomegranate - Antioxidant
Argan Oil - Emollient
Avocado Oil - Moisturizing
Shea Butter - Moisturizing

What I say: I will use anything with shea butter in it and this has it. That's a plus. The other main ingredients are all very beneficial to the skin and I can appreciate having them in the creme. I feel like it moisturizes well and my skin feels really silky after I use it.

It is not as thick as a Bath and Body Works body creme. The consistancy of this Enriched Body Creme is between the BBW cream and their lotion. I'm so used to using a thicker creme that my brain was confused as to how a thinner creme could moisturize well. I feel that this moisturizes better overall and for a lasting effect but I have the mental block that thicker is better. You absolutely can't beat the silkiness of the Apotheke:M Enriching Body Creme. You can find it at Target for just $8.99.

It's important to note that the Apotheke:M products contain no parabens and no synthetic colors. Parabens have been linked to various cancers, breast cancer in particular. As we become more aware of the potential harm of parabens, it's more important than ever that we don't allow our bodies to absorb this harmful substance.

Have you tried any of the Apotheke:M products? What do you think?

The products in this review were a gift from PR with no expectations. The opinions expressed are my own and a result of my experience with the products. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I just stopped in Target to buy something else, and they had a sample tube of the Coconut & Jasmine body creme. I tried a very small amount and rubbed it into my hands. It was not greasy and was very moisturizing. The scent is nice and I can still smell it after two hours. When I stop in Target again, I am going to smell the other fragrences that Apotheke M offers, and will definitely purchase some of the product. I agree, that the price is terrific.


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