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Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish And Cosmetic Collection Pics, Swatches and Review

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn, makeup, nail polish, collection

The Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part two, collection of nail polishes and facial cosmetics is just darned exciting!! It's being sold at Fred Meyer where I live and I hear it's been found in Ulta in other states. I've seen it at two Fred Meyers and both stores had a decimated display. I got a piece here and a piece there and today I'll show you what I have now. I'm determined to find more of it...we'll see what happens.

Let's look at the nail polish first. Ooooooh, these are really nice. From left to right are Alice Had a Vision - Again, Edward's Love and Jacob's Protection.

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish

You can see that Alice Had a Vision - Again is a nice blackened purple. It has purple and green glitters in it. Edward's Love is a black with grey glitter. Jacob's Protection is a blackened blue with blue glitter. All the nail polishes have a nice wide brush which is helpful when you need to apply glitter. I could have gotten away with one coat for the most part, but used two out of habit and uniformity of swatching. The polishes are smooth to the touch when dry.

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish

The first swatches will be Alice Had A Vision - Again. Blackened purple with purple and green glitters. My camera failed at picking up the glowing micro-sized green glitters.

Essence Alice Had A Vision Again Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish Swatch

Essence Alice Had a Vision Again Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish swatch

And a super macro swatch.

Essence Alice Had A Vision Again Nail Polish Swatch Twilight Breaking Dawn

Edward's Love is a glorious black with shining grey glitter. I'd be tempted to call it silver, but when combined with the black base, it really looks more like grey.

Essence Breaking Dawn Edward's Love nail polish swatch Twilight

Essence Edwards Love Twilight Breaking Dawn nail polish swatch

Essence Edwards Love Breaking Dawn Nail Polish swatch Twilight

Each polish that I swatched immediately became my favorite. All three that I purchased from this collection are very enjoyable to me. I love the subtle glitters in them and the deep colors of the base.

Jacob's Protection is, again, a deep blackened blue with blue micro-glitter particles.

Essence Jacob's Protection Nail Polish swatch Breaking Dawn

Essence Breaking Dawn nail polish swatch Twilight Jacob's Protection

And a super macro nail swatch.

Essence Jacob's Protection Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail Polish swatch

I swatched the nail polishes on a swatch wheel so that you can see the differences in them more easily. They are, left to right, Edward's Love, Alice Had A Vision - Again, and Jacob's Protection.

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Nail polish swatches

Moving onto the makeup! I picked up the shimmer powder called Bella's Secret. I guess it's the secret to her fabulous vampire glow.

Essence Twilight Bella's Secret Shimmer Powder

Essence Bella's Secret Twilight Shimmer Powder

I have to say I didn't expect much from it. I thought it would look more like Edward's glow and be more overtly shimmery and perhaps even sparkly. When I swatched it, I saw the most subtle purely beautiful sheen on my skin. This is a must have for everyone. This product will absolutely give you that fresh glowing look that we all so desperately want.

I also purchased the two lipglosses, Renesmee Red and Alice Had A Vision - Again, pictured below from left to right.

Essence Twilight Lipgloss Breaking Dawn

Essence Renesme Red Lipgloss twilight breaking dawn

Alice Had a Vision Again Lipgloss Essence Twilight breaking dawn

And the only other item I was able to find in either display is the pigment in the color called Edward's Love. I thought it was a taupe pigment. Boy was I surprised when I opened it!!!

Essence Edward's Love Breaking Dawn Pigment Twilight

I'm going to show you swatches of the pigment and lipglosses first. I was shocked and amazed to find that the pigment Edward's Love was a dark purpley base color with all kinds of multi-colored glitters. The glitters don't bond well to the powder of the pigment. They kind of separate as you pour the pigment out, so you definitely need a shadow base to adhere these to your eyelids or wherever you choose to apply it. I'm really hopeful to find the other colors. I can't wait to see what they're like.

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn makeup Swatches

Renesmee Red is a midtone red with golden shimmer particles. Both lipglosses are very sheer. I think they really need to be layered over something to get the best wear and use out of them. You'll see in my lip swatches how sheer they are. Renesmee Red wants to settle in all the lip wiggles and bumps and the wear time of the glosses alone isn't great but I suspect either gloss would be stunning over the lipstick in the collection.

Essence Renesme Red lipgloss swatch Twilight Breaking Dawn

Jacob's Protection lipgloss looks a bit brown in my arm swatches. It looks deep purple with blue sparkles in the tube and on my lips, it is a light plum. It's a great color but again doesn't have great wear time. It doesn't seem to have the issue of settling into lines like Renesemee Red does, but that's typical of all red glosses. Red pigment is just runny.

Essence Breaking Dawn Alice Had A Vision Again Lipgloss Swatch Twilight

So now for some swatches with the golden shimmer powder called Bella's Secret. I swatched it very heavily on my arm so that you could see it in a picture. You'd use it much lighter on your face and it would be stunning!! It's gorge! Just get it and a few extras, if you see it. I want an extra soooo bad.

essence twilight breaking dawn makeup swatches

Essence has a Facebook page that you can follow, as well as a Twitter account to follow.  You can find their official webpage here for more pictures and information on the Twilight Breaking Dawn, pt 2, Collection as well as the other products that they carry.
Are you looking forward to the release of Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part Two in theaters?  I know I am.  I have to see how they finish the series.  It's going to be fun!

Hey!  Guess what?!?!  I forgot I had pictures on my cell phone from in the store.  I was showing the polishes to my PFF to see if she wanted them.  What was I thinking, of course she would!!!  She's a Twihard and talking me into my first Twilight movie and into reading the book series.    So anyway....from the store via cell phone...

Essence Breaking Dawn Twilight display

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn nail polishes

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn nail polishes

Thanks, Tracy, it's been fun sharing this with you!


  1. The shimmer powder is definitely interesting. I'll have to give it a try to see how it works on this pale skin of mine. Just LOVE the polish! I can't decide which I like the best though Usually purple wins over anything, but all of these are beautiful. If I wouldn't feel so silly doing it, I'd be camping out, waiting at the theater, for Part II. lol

    1. I stood in line for the midnight showing of the last three. :). Still debating on this one. Oh, ok, I'll do it! Lol. I have some pictures on my cell phone that I think I'll add in tonight because they show the sparkle really well.

  2. Now I want that shimmer powder :(

  3. I think I'll get a few of these, based on your review. :)

    1. They're pretty nice. I've stalked the store well enough now to have everything I want except the gold pigment.

  4. @Pollarbelle
    I'm sure I wont be sorry, I will ask my friends who lives in Holland to get one for me if she can.

  5. This looks like a great collection, I might pick up the powder!

    1. My favorite item is definitely the powder!

  6. I'm not a big Twilight fan but I think this is a cute collection and with the low price , it would be a great stocking stuffer!

    1. They really are. And I found out the blush is a powder. I had assumed it was a cream. A delightful discovery for me except that I wanted to wear it on the lips too.

  7. I think I have officially found what I am getting my friend's daughter for Christmas!

    1. You may have to search every Ulta and every Fred Meyer. The displays are small and sell out fast.

  8. I can't find these products in Maryland. Can someone purchase for me? My 11 year old daughter "wants" them for Christmas and it's driving me nuts because I can't find it online anywhere except overpriced eBay. Thanks, Tina!!


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