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Thursday, November 15, 2012

OPI Skyfall Is That Silva Magnetic Nail Polish Swatches, Review and a Little About a Song

Say the word "Skyfall" and I can't help breaking into song, elongating the word in a soulful rendition of the real tune by Adele to honor the new Bond, James Bond movie. I pity those in earshot but it can't be helped. It stirs deep within and has from the first time I heard the song to the moment I saw it in the movie. Yowsa!

So today I have one of the new magnetic nail polishes OPI put out for the Skyyyyyfalllll collection. It's called "Is That Silva?" The polish itself is a gorgeous grey with multi-colored glitter inside. This is a combination pack containing the lovely polish and the best magnet I've come across yet.

OPI nail polish, Is That Silva Skyfall,  Magnetic nail polish, James Bond

Is That Silva? is pretty by it's own right before you seperate the magnetic particles to opposite poles, but when you do, it's stunning. It captivates the imagination like the theme song to the movie. Doesn't it remind you of Bond? It's all cool and steely in it's gunmetal grey while hiding the life and fire within.

OPI, Is That Silva,  Magnetic, Skyfall, nail polish

Look at the hidden life and drama lighting up the nail polish.

OPI, Skyfall, Is That Silva, Magnetic nail polish

Let's look at the magnet. This is arguably the best magnet in the nail polish community. It's fool-proof. Seriously.

OPI Skyfall Magnetic nail polish, magnet

It reminds me of a stapler, but it's really an instrument of magic.

OPI SKyfall Magnet nail polish

The directions are easy to follow.

OPI Magnetic nail polish Skyfall

It's really hard to mess this one up. You put your finger in it and push a little and BAM! Worlds collide!!!! The molecular bonds break apart, fleeing for different sides of the nail. It's amazing.


OPI, Skyfall, Is That Silva, magnetic nail polish, swatch

And after!!

OPI Skyfall Is That Silva magnetic nail polish swatch

What an amazing difference and it was so easily done. I left the index finger with the cool steel grey of a Bond handgun so that you can compare. You can see that at first, I didn't put my finger in quite far enough but I did better after that.

OPI, Magnetic, Skyfall, Is That Silva, nail polish, swatch

If you'd like to learn a little more about the Skyfall theme song and the movie in general, I'd like to encourage you to visit an article written in collaboration with Veronica Stone that shines a humorous look on Bond, Adele and the Skyfall theme song,  and of her life. There's even a movie trailer!!

One last picture at this amazing polish that puts a new ease into magnetics.

OPI, Skyfall, Is That Silva, magnetic nail polish, swatch

Have you seen Skyfall yet? What's your take on Daniel Craig's Bond? On Adele's theme song? Skyyyyfallllllll.....



  1. Seriously I need that magnet, I'm so lame with magnetic polish. That looks so great! Also, haven't seen the new James Bond movie but I love pretty much anything by Adelle!

    1. It's a great magnet! I came to respond to your comment and Skyfall came one the radio right now!!! Oh my word!!! I love the soulful sounds of Adele's voice. I hope to see Skyfall again this weekend. Anyway, the polish is so pretty and the magnet is EASY and it WORKS!

  2. Very cool! I saw Skyfall today and I loved it. And Adele's song is great!

    1. Yeah, I agree on both counts. I just saw it for my second time today.

  3. I adore this polish (and Adele), that was a great article too!

    1. I agree on all three counts. The article was fun.

  4. 'Skyfall' is the first Bond soundtrack I am thinking of buying in a LONG time. Love the song, and that polish is GORGEOUS. 'Cool grey of a Bond handgun'--wonderful turn of phrase!

    1. Thanks. I could see that movie again in a heartbeat. I agree...the polish is outstanding!

  5. great information for all the people. I am sure readers will love it and probably share it with their loved ones and friends.

    1. Thank you for the nice comment; that's very sweet.


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