Sunday, November 11, 2012

Parnevu Dry Hair Care Products Review

Parnevu Hair Therapy products

I'd like to introduce you to the Parnevu hair care products that I recently had the opportunity to use and evaluate. The first item I want to talk about is the one in the middle of the top picture, Parnevu T-Tree Scalp Oil.

Parnevu T-Tree Scalp Oil

I live in a dry climate and thanks to a thyroid condition, I have dry skin, hair and scalp. I like to use products that will moisturize and help my outer condition will I drink gallons of water and take vitamins to do what I can to help it from within. I received these products at the beginning of winter which is the perfect time for me to test them.

The T-Tree scalp oil is a wonderful product to use on dry skin, scalp or hair. The only thing you need to know is a little bit goes a long way. You can use this lightly every day without your scalp getting greasy, depending on how dry you are. It promotes a healthy scalp while absorbing into it rather than sitting on top and absorbing into the hair to look greasy.

From the website: PARNEVU T-Tree Scalp Oil is uniquely formulated to be applied daily directly to scalp to stimulate, heal and repair hair and scalp, reducing itching, flaking and dryness while promoting healthy growth. For a complete treatment, try PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow and Leave in Conditioner.

 I honestly can't believe you can get a full 2 fluid ounce bottle for just six dollars. It's really helping my dry scalp. I couldn't be happier.  It's easy to get it where you want it with the nozzle type neck at the top.

Parnevu Scalp Therapy

The next product I want to tell you about is Parnevu Scalp Therapy.  I use this in a similar way to how I use the T-Tree Scalp Oil.  I put some on my fingertips and rub it where it needs to be.  You can use this for a leave-in conditioner on your scalp or hair.  It, too, is really helping my chronic dryness.

From the website: PARNEVU Scalp Therapy is a scalp treatment and leave-in conditioner that reduces flakes and relieves itching while restoring moisture to your scalp and hair. PARNEVU Scalp Therapy can be applied to wet or dry hair. This luxurious cream is fortified with proteins and vitamins that promote healthy shine, softness and manageability. The unique blend of oils and moisturizers invigorates your scalp, giving your hair the nourishment it needs to grow.

You can purchase a full 12 fl oz size for just $5!!! This is a real bargain to help you achieve healthy hair!!

The third product I was sent was the Oil Styling Lotion.

Parnevu Oil Styling Lotion

From the website: PARNEVU Oil Styling Lotion is specially formulated with Vitamin E and the finest natural oils to protect, condition and moisturize your hair. It absorbs into hair, replacing vital moisture lost due to chemical damage and everyday styling. Use every time you style your hair's natural moisture level and manageability.

I have to tell you this wasn't my favorite of the products. It has a little bit of a scent that I didn't care for. It wasn't over powering at all, so I can live with it. That is just a personal preference type of thing, and my preference would be a different scent. But these products help nourish the scalp and hair so well that I don't mind a lot.

You can purchase a full sized Oil-Styling Lotion for just $5. The products are all lightweight when used properly and are a wonderful way to help your dry hair and scalp woes.

You can visit the Parnevu website for more information about T-Tree oil or any of the other products.  They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.  I'd love to encourage you to check out the products.  They really work and they are an incredible bargain!!

(The products in this review were provided by the company or PR for my consideration. The above stated opinions are my own honest evaluation.)


  1. Do these products contain nut products?

    1. The T-Tree oil has almond oil in it. The others have no nut oils whatsoever. I apologize for not listing ingredients.

  2. These look like very interesting products! My scalp insnt really dry, but my hair is-- so I will definitely look into this line! Thanks for the excellent review!!

    1. You're very welcome, Lola! Thanks for the comment!


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