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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sation Oh My Gaudy and Go-Glitter Girl Glitter Nail Polish Swatches, Pics and Review

Sation Glitter Nail Polish

In the above photo, from left to right, we have Diamond Diggin' Diva, Paparazzi Pet, Oh My Gaudy, Midlife Miss-tress, Go-Glitter Girl, and Me, Myself & Me nail polishes. Continuing my swatches and review of some new nail polishes from the Sation Glitter Collection by Miss Pro Nail, I have two more reviews for you today.

Today we will look at Oh My Gaudy and Go-Glitter Girl. You can see reviews for Me, Myself & Me and Paparazzi Pet at this location.  Reviews for Miss-Tress and Diamond Diggin' Diva are here.

Let's look at Oh My Gaudy nail lacquer first. You can see from the above picture that there's all kinds of silver and gold going on with a little bit of red here and there. Looking at the bottles really closely shows that there are black and holographic strands throughout the polish. All the glitter is in a very VERY light yellow or gold suspension base.

Sation Oh My Gaudy nail polish

Sation Oh My Gaudy nail polish

When I first received this polish, most of the silver glitter was on the bottom. As I shook it up and then set it upside down for awhile, I saw that the glitter does mix up, but the silver pieces are heavier than the others so when it sits for awhile, the silver wants to go to the bottom. Not a big deal because it really does mix quickly.

Sation Oh My Gaudy Nail polish

Today's polishes both seem to me that they'd be better appreciated as top coat glitter polishes and I'm going to display these to you that way today. I wore Oh My Gaudy over Sation I'm With The Bandana, a nice taupe.  I wanted to use a highly reflective silver for an accent nail and I used OPI Your Royal Shineness.  The combination creates a highly reflective nail that was tres awesome!

Sation Oh My Gaudy nail polish swatch

Sation Oh My Gaudy nail polish

Go-Glitter Girl is a crazy mix of glitters. It contains bright yellow and hot turquoise glitter shards. There are also holographic hex glitters and tiny micro-sized yellow glitter. It's fabulous!!

Sation Go Glitter Girl nail polish

Sation Go Glitter Girl nail polish

These glitters are as great as the popular Indies that are popping up but retail for a third of those prices. They are full of creativity. I paired Go-Glitter Girl with Sation Blue Sky's The Limit.

Sation Go Glitter Girl Nail Polish swatch

I just loved that combination!! I used what you would call a coat and a half over Blue Sky's The Limit. I put one coat of Go-Glitter Girl and got some of the extra glitters off the brush and stuck them back on in places that looked appropriate to me.

Sation Go Glitter Girl nail polish swatch

I want to finish out this post by showing you some swatches on a wheel with different colors just to give you an idea of what you can play with using these glitters.

Sation Glitter Swatches

Sation glitter nail polish swatches

Swatching polishes and playing with colors and combinations is really fun.

Sation Glitter Nail Polish swatches

Sation nail polishes can be purchased on the Miss Pro Nail website as well as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Winners in Canada.  All Sation nail lacquers are Big 3 Free.  Miss Professional nail is a minority owned business.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They make stunning polish colors that wear very well.

(The nail polishes in this post were provided by PR.  All reviews and opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  Please see disclosure policy for more information.)


  1. I really like Go Glitter Girl - it looks like my college's colors.

    1. They make great glitters!! My college was red and black. Your colors are more fun than mine. :)


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