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3 Favorites From Marcia of Beauty Info Zone

I'm so blessed to have my good friend Marcia provide a guest post today. My husband has been ill and during the time that he recovers, some of my Beauty Blog Coalition buddies have been so kind as to help me out. A blogger just cries inside over the idea of disappointing her readers by not blogging, but sometimes circumstances happen that are beyond our control. I'm so thankful to my friends for providing some interesting reads in between what I am able to compose. Please be sure to visit Marcia at Beauty Info Zone as they cover a lot of great items I know you'd like over there.

Do you ever wonder what beauty bloggers wear when they aren’t testing products? As a beauty blogger we have the ‘difficult’ job of testing many cosmetics and skincare items. Luckily for me most are successes but I’m just a normal (though addicted) beauty consumer so I have favorites that I don’t want to be without. I’ve chosen three of these (actually 4 since I don’t know how to count) to share with Polarbelle’s audience. These are items that I use either daily or often enough that I don’t want to be without.

1. Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40). I bought my first Mally Poreless Face Defender in a Mally kit on QVC. I was considering the kit and what sold me on it was seeing there was a sample size of this as one of the products. It wasn’t long before I realized that this was what I’d been searching for, I then ordered a full size one from I use this as a replacement for powdering my face. What makes this so unusual is the texture. It’s a clear gel like product that doesn’t feel like gel. It’s got a smooth texture that feels like a soft rubber. Buying the full size means I got the great sponge with it for application. The sponge is the perfect tool for Poreless Face Defender. I press it into the product and try not to pick up too much. Then I just blot it on my face. You don’t want to use a lot. It gives my face a matte finish though not quite as matte as a powder. It keeps the oilies at bay for me and helps blur my pores. A winner.

2. Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush ($27). I received these from Youngblood to review. ( It was love at first application. I’ve probably mentioned this on every favorites post on Beauty Info Zone because they are the best crème blushes I’ve tried. There are six shades so there’s one for everyone. My two favorites are Taffeta and Tropical Glow. When I’m choosing blush each day these are the ones that come to mind first. Taffeta is described as a bubble gum pink but in reality it gives me the perfect pink flush. Tropical Glow is a peachy pink that wears well with just about everything. Both of my favorites have a slight glow to them. They are creamy without being greasy. They are perfection in my book.

3. MAC eyeshadow in Moth Brown ($15). This is an oldie but goodie. It was rereleased in 2012 so it fits in with favorites of the year but I bought it the first time (2005) and the second time (2007) around. Where they came up with that name I’ll never know. On me there’s no brown at all, it’s a dark gray with a touch of violet to it. It’s not a shade for everyone. Some people feel that they look bruised in it but for me it’s a shade that I can count on all the time. I barely buy MAC anymore but if they’d bring back their old textures like Moth Brown or Satin Taupe, they’d win my heart again.

Thanks for reading about some of my favorites. I hope you’ll check me out on and maybe stick around for a while,

Now you all be SURE to read more wonderful content by Marcia on  She's a wonderful person and explores many great products.  I completely agree with the Moth Brown analysis above.  It's a standard favorite of so many makeup mavens.  I haven't had the good fortune to try the other products, but after reading this and seeing the pictures, I REALLY want to!!!  Thank you so much, Marcia!!


  1. I've heard really good things about Youngblood's cream blushes as well. I've only tried the Crushed Mineral one but that's good too. Oh, and LOVE that Mally Poreless Face Defender as well--so great for someone with oily skin and large pores like me :P

    1. I really want to try the Mally. I have dry skin but some of my pores are enlarging, so I'd love to try it.

  2. Great choices. I hope your husband is feeling better soon.

  3. I keep reading such amazing things about the Pore Defender I need to try it! I have oily skin so sounds like it may work wonders.

  4. What do you exactly use the Mally BeautyEvercolor Poreless Face Defender for? I have that I got for a review and I just never really use it because I don't know what it's used for or when to put it on.

    1. I think it's basically a silicon type thing that you rub to hide pores and set your makeup. If you go to Marcia's blog at and search it, I know she's talked about her experience with it several times. She's used it for years and years.


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