Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Argania 1640 Pure Argan Oil Review

Today I have a product that I'd like to share with you that has a wonderful mission behind it, in addition to being a nice product. It's Argania 1640 Pure Argan Oil. There is so much information to tell you about the product and the women's cooperative behind it that I can't do it all in one blog post....but I can link you to it.

Argania 1640 Argan Oil

Argania 1640 is different than any argan oil I've used before. It's 100% pure and not heavily processed. It contains natural vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and unsaturated omega 3, 6, and 9 lipids, giving the oil a slightly different texture and viscosity than what you're used to with other brands. It is cruelty free, organic and there are no preservatives, chemicals or additives in it.

This oil comes directly from Morocco, being purchased from the women's cooperative that processed the oil in the 1000 year old, stone ground, hand processed extraction process. (It should be noted that argan oil is a tree nut product so that those with other tree nut allergies may wish to use caution or consult with their doctor before using argan oil.)

I really would like you to read on the Argania 1640 website about the Women's Cooperative in Morocco where the product is made. Incidently, the name Argania 1640 comes from the fact that it takes the Essaouiran women 16 hours of labor and 40 kilograms of fruit to produce a single liter of Argan oil. Thus, Argania 1640.

I'm a big believer in supporting women's cooperatives and farming missions around the world. Please read more about this cooperative on the website.

You can shop on the Argania 1640 site here with a money back guarantee, free priority shipping in the US and a no hassle returns policy.

Soooo....I have to tell you something interesting in my experience with this argan oil.  It comes in a dropper top bottle so you don't waste any and you can get every last drop.  I thought that was great because oils are so hard to get out of a bottle.   The first time, I used about the same amount I've used with other oils and that wasn't right because the consistancy is different due to the purity.  Once you figure out the right dropper amount for you, it works really well for smoothing hair.

 But did you know there are more uses for argan oil?  I didn't.  The company told me to try it on my hands, elbows, and...wait for face.  :-0  Put pure oil on my face? I admit my review was delayed a little while I pondered if I should try it or not, but having faith in what I'd seen from the product so far, I tried it. More than once. It's good for the face.  And while it moisturized, it didn't leave me feeling greasy or make me break out.  How could it not be good for my skin with Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and all those omegas?

Argan oil heals, strengthens and moisturizes every part of your body to which you apply it. It fights wrinkles, dryness, blemishes, stretchmarks, scars, and more.

I'd like to quote from the Argania 1640 website to tell you more about the benefits for skin. "Argan oil is packed with a mega-dose of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Argan oil has ten times as much Vitamin E as olive oil, and three times as much as palm oil. The special chemistry of Vitamin E makes it an amazing anti-aging vitamin. It stops oxygen from drying and aging your skin, and it destroys free radicals that contribute to oxidation. The rich unsaturated fatty acids in Argan oil (including Omega 3, 6, and 9) give your skin a rich, firm look and feel that complements the anti-aging Vitamin E.

Argan oil will fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reverse the effects of aging on your skin, and give you a healthy, youthful glow you'll notice immediately."

There's so much more to learn, you just have to visit the Argania 1640 website.   You can purchase a 15 ml supply for $14 USD, a 60 ml size for $42 or a 120 ml size for $81, each with the eye dropper type top.  The oil is packaged in special brown bottles that shut light out to prevent the oil from degrading and the bottles are shipped in recycled packaging.  Again, when you first try it, you will notice immediately that it is different from the commercially processed argan oils, but that's a good thing.

Have you tried any argan oils?  Have you tried a pure argan oil on your skin or face?
(Product provided by PR for consideration.  Opinions expressed are from my own experience and honest evaluation.  Please see disclosure statement for more information.)


  1. Well, crud. Glad I read this one. I just recently started trying another argan oil--I had no idea it was a tree nut! no wonder it wasn't working for me. Thanks, as always, for the informative blog.

    1. Thank you for reading. If you've already been using some tho with no breaking out on your skin, this oil might be ok for you?


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