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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" Gold Professional Flat Iron Review

Stunning is the word that immediately comes to mind when you see the outer packaging of the ghd Gold Professional 1" Flat Iron in the limited edition Pink Cherry Blossom style. The box is beautiful and sturdy and deserves to be showcased as the work of art that it is.

GHD Flat Iron

GHD Flat Iron Box2

A closer look at the box shows the pink and gold styled cherry blossoms that replicate the design on the flat iron storage bag that you'll find inside.

GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron Box

The box is so beautiful and sturdy that I will proudly display it on my dresser and find something wonderful to store in it. It opens like a drawer with a ribbon pull and reveals an exquisite bag which holds the ghd styler.

GHD Flat Iron Box, cherry blossum

ghd Cherry Blossom Flat Iron

The matching heat resistant zippered bag inside the box holds the flat iron. It has the same beautiful cherry blossom pattern.

GHD, Cherry Blossom, Flat Iron, bag

Close-ups reveal the delicious gold embroidery and attention to detail that ghd puts into their products.

GHD Cherry Blossom embroidery flat iron bag

GHD flat iron, Cherry Blossom bag

The beautiful bag is a heat resistant zippered pouch that safely carries your flat iron whether it is cold or if you've just turned it off after using it. This is so important to me. With this bag, you can safely carry a hot iron with you or put it in your luggage and not only is your flat iron protected, but so are your other items. Unzip it  and you'll find your matching ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" flat iron. Notice on the inside is a separator that allows you to put the flat iron on one side and the cord safely on the other side.

GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron in bag, GHD Flat Iron

The flat iron itself is a beautiful work of art. It has hot pink ceramic plates that match the bag and the box. I love this iron and how it looks. Hot pink! What's not to like??

GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron and bag, GHD Flat Iron

The iron has rounded edges so that you can easily use it for either curling or straightening. The size and feel of the iron make it really comfortable to hold and use. The ceramic plates of the ghd iron are fully heated. Many other irons use rods beneath the plates to heat them but this iron has fully heated plates.

GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron plates, GHD, flat iron

With a sliding button, the styler is easy to turn on and off. It will beep once it's heated up with three beeps so  you know for sure that it's ready for you.  It takes less than 30 seconds.  This iron adjusts it's heat range to your specific hair type as you use it. That feature, in part, is what makes this the perfect flat iron for the working professional as well as the average person. Imagine if you had to fumble with a temperature control each time a client came in. This is the same flat iron my hair stylist uses in her very busy salon.

GHD Cherry Blossom Flat Iron switch, GHD flat iron

The iron will turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity, making it the perfect iron for all of us. Believe me, I need the sleep mode. I can't count how many times I've come back after many hours and found my previous iron still on. *shudder*

The ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" Professional Flat Iron has the best cord I've ever used. It has universal voltage so you can use it anywhere and a swiveling cord which doesn't tangle. The plug is sturdy and has a reset button, which also comes in handy.

GHD Flat Iron plug in

At this point, I'm thinking you might want to know what I think of this styler. My stylist uses this and I trust her implicitly. I already knew that it was the best iron ever used on my hair. But how was it for me to use it myself?

Oh come the pictures of my hair. First I have to tell you I have curly hair. It has kinky curls all down the length and I've always found it difficult to work with. The first set of pictures show you my hair AFTER I have dried it with a brush, attempting to straighten it as much as possible with the drying process.


hair dried

Soooooooo not pretty!!! Drying curly hair with a blow dryer makes it poof and frizz. Below is a few short minutes with the ghd Pink Cherry Blossom styler.

hair straightened, GHD flat iron

I didn't do a perfect job but this was BY FAR the quickest and best flat iron job I've ever done!! And it was just a few minutes. I usually fuss with the flat iron for almost an hour before I dare be seen in public. The above picture was taken after less than five minutes. Cue the angels singing because this is a modern day miracle!!!

For second day hair, I decided to put a few more minutes into the difficult spots in the back that I can't see.

hair, straight, GHD flat iron

I can't believe it!! Seriously!!!

When I first went to use it, I snagged my hair a couple of times. And then I realized I hadn't turned it on. I didn't have any snagging once it was heated.  Pure operator error. I have great confidence that this iron can straighten, curl or do any manner of hair style in between. I've seen what my stylist is able to do with it and I'm positive that with enough practice, I can probably manage some awesome curls with it, too.  It's lightweight and doesn't burn my hands making it a joy to work with in every way.

This iron is available for purchase at the ghd website, Sephora and Nordstrom for $225.00.  It's worth every penny for great hair.  There is a two year manufactor's warranty with your purchase, which is outstanding.  The Pink Cherry Blossom ghd 1" Gold Professional Flat Iron is a limited edition.

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Now that you've seen my worst hair, I'm curious...what is your greatest hair woe?

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  1. Perfect timing! This flat iron is actually on sale today on (owned by in the home section for $110.00!! I'm going to have to pick it up for my sister.


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