Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Seche Collage Overlay has finally come to Sally's. Go get it!! I'd been waiting to see this for sale ever since I saw it in the summer at the Cosmoprof booth. Woo hoo. What is it? It's an overlay nail polish made of hexes and bars, holos and flats, white, pink and silver.

Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat, nail polish, glitter, pink, white

The holographic glitters reflect many colors while the white hexes are a solid white.

Seche Collage Overlay Top Coat, nail polish, pink bar glitter, white hex glitter

When I got this, I approached it as any other top coat...apply it over white and black and see what happens. I used Fingerpaints Papier Mache' and Cult Nails Nevermore. Each finger has just one coat of Seche Collage Overlay and I was able to manipulate a piece or two as I wished.

Seche Collage Overlay swatches, nail polish

And THAT's when I realized there were white hex glitter pieces in this mix. Look at the tip of my index finger and you'll see two white hexes...if you squint and stare long enough. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend wearing it over white.

Seche Overlay top Coat lacquer, nail polish, glitter

Oh heck, it's not bad. I can see the white pieces with my naked eye, but still white on white probably isn't the best way to display all the functions of the Collage Overlay.

Seche, Collage Overlay nail lacquer swatch, nail polish

Seche Collage Overlay, nail polish,  Top Coat, bar glitter, hex glitter, holographic

Then I did a colorful swatch wheel and swatched the Seche Collage Overlay on top. You really have to see this in person; it's so much more three dimensional than a flat picture. The holographic qualities of the glitters make the polish flash rainbows and brightness as you roll the fingers around. At any rate, I'm going to do a full manicure and wear it over the color at the top, number 16, Layla Softouch Effects 05, a two-toned rose with a hint of gold.

Seche Collage Overlay swatches, nail polish, glitter top coat

It really looks great over all the colors I tried.

Seche Collage Overlay Lacquer swatches, nail polish, glitter, nail art

How will you wear yours? Any color combinations that you have in mind?


  1. Replies
    1. It is! And it dries nice and hard like regular Seche Vite. Gives a nice finish.


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