Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Make A Reusable Caviar Microbead Nail Sticker - DIY

You know you can use any kind of beads for nail art, right? Craft beads, microbeads, caviar beads...whatever's out there. If it's small enough you can stick it on your nails. Generally, it's one use and you're done.

I was thinking, especially with the Superbowl coming up, that it would be great to have a beaded reusable nail sticker that you could pop on and off the nails when you're rooting for your favorite team, or if you created a nifty item for a holiday or any cool nail design you might want to do again. So I decided I should try to make a reusable caviar nail sticker to see if it could be done.

Caviar Bead Nail Sticker, nail art, reusable

With Valentine's Day, I was thinking hearts, so this "how to" features a heart design. My base color is White Sensation by SoFlaJo and the caviar beads are Fingerpaints Sugar-Coated.  This picture is mid-way through my experiment.  I started with a bit of double stick tape that I had in my craft room.

How to Make a reusable Caviar Bead Nail Sticker

The double stick tape will serve as the base for the sticker. Because the item will be small, I needed small scissors to cut my design. Enter the beloved manicure/cuticle scissors. I think they're called cuticle scissors but they should never be used for that purpose.

Caviar Nail Bead Sticker, DIY, How To, nail art

I cut the tape in the shape of a heart and stuck it on my nail in the position I wanted. I then put my nail in the jar of beads, pulled it out and pushed the nails into the tape.

How To Caviar Bead Nail, Fingerpaints, DIY, reusable nail art

Because I wanted this caviar design to be reusable, I put some top coat only on the beads to seal them to the tape but not to my nail. Later, after it dried and I'd worn it for awhile, I checked to see if it worked and carefully pulled the sticker up and placed it on another nail. For the purposes of this post, I put it on at a goofy angle so that you could easily see it's on another nail.

How to, DIY Caviar nail bead art, resuable sticker, nail polish, Fingerpaints

It actually worked!

How To, make resuable Caviar Nail Bead stickers, nail art, fingerpaints beads

I wondered how many times I could do this. I went to remove it from the second nail but this time, the tape stayed but the beads stayed together in one piece.

Next time I use this nail "sticker", I'll be able to place the beaded heart on the nail and cover the whole nail with top coat. It will be three uses for this reusable nail sticker that I created.

Caviar Nail Bead sticker 9

This was fun for an experiment.  You could prepare stickers that you wanted to wear to have them ready for a big game or a birthday, holiday or what have you, and if you were wearing the sticker just for those events, it would work pretty well.  You could go all fan fever at a ballgame and easily have office appropriate nails the next day with the removal of your new sticker.  

To wear a beaded nail sticker for longer than a day might be a problem with showering, using lotions and repeated hand washings.  So maybe I'm not a genius...there's a few hurdles before I can get all manic about this, but I'm kind of liking the idea just a little bit.  You could go all fan fever at a ballgame and easily have office appropriate nails the next day with the removal of your new sticker.

(Reusable beaded nail stickers first appeared by Polarbelle.)

Get Ready For The Oscars With Beauty Essentials From Target

We've seen the Golden Globes. We just watched the SAG Awards. Next week is the Director's Guild Awards, and then we finally arrive at the Academy Awards. The Oscars are the trifecta of high fashion, where couture, hair and makeup all come together. Sometimes it's as exciting to see what the stars are wearing as it is to see who wins.

With such a tight race for the category of Best Picture this year, I suspect the race for fashion awards will be just as thrilling.  Many blogs will have a breakdown of the makeup and hair that you can easily copy with some suggestions from Target.  While stars like SAG winners Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have a team of stylists and makeup artists to create their red carpet looks, Target offers products from NP Set, Pixi, Umberto, Mixed Chicks and more to easily create a complete glam look from head to toe – all for under $30!

adiant skin: 1. Pixi All-Over-Magic, Bare Radiance ($24.00), 2. Pixi Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer ($30.00), 3. NP Set Wake Me Up Day Cream ($29.00), 4. NP Set Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer ($29.00)

Flawless face: 5. Pixi Large Lash Mascara ($18.00), 6. NP Set Lip Balm with Benefits, Baja ($10.00), 7. Pixi Lash Line Ink ($16.00), 8. Gorgeous-to-Go Palette ($29.00)

Movie star hair: 9. Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray ($8.99), 10. Goody Doublewear Headwrap, Pearl and Tulle ($9.99), 11. Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz ($11.99), 12. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner ($13.99)

These are great suggestions.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a viewing party for the Oscars and dress all fancy, with a do and winged liner?  You can do your hair and makeup with these affordable suggestions from Target.

China Glaze Avant Garden Swatches And Hologlam Swatches!

My most viewed post of the 2.5 years this blog has been alive is from Cosmoprof North America LV 2012 and it is a preview of the China Glaze Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 collections. Avant Garden launches in February and the buzz is getting loud!!  People are anxious to see this collection. 

So anxious that I think I should repost the pictures I took while in Las Vegas last July. While I'm stealing from myself, I think I'll repost a little commentary from what I thought at the time. If you want to see the full post, click here.

Coming in Spring 2013 is Avant Garden. Such beautiful creamy colors that span the rainbow!! These polishes will definitely perk up and add color to your springtime manicures.

China Glaze Avant Garden

China Glaze Avant Garden swatches

China Glaze Avant Garden nail polish swatches

China Glaze Avant Garden, nail polish, swatches

China Glaze Avant Garden, nail polish, Swatches

China Glaze, nail polish, Avant Garden, swatches

The final collection I'm going to show you today is one nearly every nail fanatic will go nuts for. It's a holographic nail polish collection called Hologlam!! It's due in March 2013. This will truly be the first time I've looked forward to like a lion, rocking like a Hologlam!!

China Glaze HoloGlam Collection, nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam nail polish collection,

China Glaze Holo Glam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze Holo Glam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam Swatches, holographic nail polish

China Glaze HoloGlam Swatches, holo nail polish

China Glaze Hologlam Swatches, holographic nail polish

I know that was a lot of pictures, but ooooooh the holo!!! This year, China Glaze has a truly awesome holographic pigment that's used in this collection. I heard it's expensive so these polishes might be slightly pricier than what we're used to but it's going to be worth it.

So this has been a refresher to see what's coming.  Very exciting for nail polish fans!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis Illuminating Powder Swatches and Review

Everytime Guerlain releases a special edition Meteorites, I anguish over whether to buy it sight unseen or not. The descriptions always sound so interesting and I just regret not being able to see and touch the powder in person. There's the idea that it could sell out before I purchase what sounds to be a face changing powder and it weighs against the idea that maybe it won't make me look photoshopped. What to do, what to do?

Guerlain Spring 2013  Meteorites Perles du Paradis

You know the end result of the riddle. I decided to purchase, ordering it through my second husband,  So did I make the right decision?  Well, if looks could kill, I'd be dead because see how pretty the presentation is?  A sweet springy fresh box with a pretty light pink powder puff.  By looks alone, this powder already seems timeless and decadent.

When I first opened the box, the men in my house started screaming.  So I have to tell you that in the traveling, some of the pearls will release a little dust and you very well could be opening a glitter bomb.  When I opened it, the tiny silver glitter particles went everywhere and I thought I'd made a huge mistake, but oh dear reader, please read on, for I must pause the story to show more pictures.

Guerlain 2013 Meteorites Perles du Paradis

Inside the box is a wonderful array of pink, rose, lavender, peach, gold and silver. The silver is a metallic entrant to the mix. Here's a picture with flash:

Guerlain 2013 Meteorites Perles du Paradis

You can see from the picture that there just aren't little sparkle pieces all over the place. I think my problem when opening the box was simply due to travel by air and all the shuffling the boxes go thru during shipping. When I applied it on my arm, I used the puff. It's really not intended for that. Guerlain makes a special brush for use with their Meteorites and it's really better to use a fluffy brush than the puff. But for the picture on my arm, I used the puff, which still had a few more sparkles on it due to travel. I hope you can see the section where the powder is applied. It ends on the right where my font is.  I have layered it more heavily for the picture than I would on my face.

Guerlain 2013 Meteorites Perles du Paradis swatch

Guerlain Meteroites Perles du Paradis imparts a slight pink hue while it finishes your look when applied on the face.  For me, it neutralizes my beige undertones and doesn't change my blush color at all. It has the ever so slight glow that you hope to achieve with Meteroites. It doesn't, however, impart a dominant sparkle to the skin. When I use it with a brush, I might get a couple small sparkles but it wasn't the glitter bomb that opening the box would have implied. I'm glad. I like sparkle, but for the Meteroites Perles, I really want a finished photoshop type of glow and this powder absolutely delivers that.

My thanks to Best Things In Beauty who answered my endless questions while I tried to decide if I should take the risk.  I'm glad I did.  This powder is a limited edition, ($70), and if you're tempted like I was, you better hurry.  It's been on Nordstrom's website for close to two months already.  I'll probably never use up this whole box...I think it'll last my lifetime, which makes it a great investment.
Did you take the plunge with me?  Have you been tempted?  What brands do you anguish over purchasing online because you can't see them in person?

(This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see disclosure policy for more information.)

Anne Hathaway's SAG Awards Butterfly Nails

The fashion talk of the SAG Awards for 2013 is Anne Hathaway's butterfly manicure. The actress walked away with a SAG but the buzz about her nails nearly eclipsed the thrill of her win.

I don't have a picture for you, but you can view the actual instagram photo just after her manicure, by her artist Tom Bachik, here.  GO LOOK.  NOW!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick and Lipliners! New!

The news from Milani is that there is a new formula of lipsticks and lipliners. A new generation! They're called Color Statement Lipsticks and Color Statement Lipliners. I have preview information for you today.

"Make a statement without saying a word! True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish. The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free. Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish."

Make a statement without saying a word. True Instant Color. Satin color in one stroke application. This next generation lipliner is a long-wearing, easy-glide formula to line & fill-in your lips. Paraben-free.

I hope to hear more about these or be able to find them in my local stores to check them out. You can find out more about them and other Milani Cosmetics on their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup

I know you've been waiting and here it is...links to several great weekly posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition.

  • Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom: Check out Destany's review of Nail Candy of the most inventive things to happen to Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom!
  • Blushing Noir: The Chanel Raffinement Quadra Eye Shadow is anything but boring! This palette will be your new Spring staple!
  • BeautyTidbits: Harshleen swatches and reviews the new Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks.
  • Portrait of Mai: Missed out on IMATS LA 2013? Check out this recap of all the booths and some of the brand new releases from Sigma Makeup and Sugarpill Cosmetics
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Lola's Secret Beauty Blog loves the entire vbeaute skincare line, and therefore wasn't surprised by how effective their Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent proved to be!
  • Emily Hudspeth, hair design and makeup artist: Quick and Easy 2 Ingredient DIY Sugar Scrub. Great for Dry Lips!
  • Beauty by Miss L: Miss L reviewed Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic hand cream.
  • TheFabZilla: Love coffee and tea? they're culprit to teeth stains. Remember, if you're not whitening you're yellowing. Will Crest 3D White Strips be the answer?
  • Beauty Info Zone: Beauty Info Zone puts Revlon Colorstay Suede Lipstick to the test. Was it a pass or fail?
  • Beauty Professor: Forever a foundation fiend, the Beauty Professor swatches and reviews Dolce & Gabbana's Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation!
  • Polarbelle: Sally Beauty has the Fingerpaints Candy Coated Collection nail polishes and caviar nail beads that is perfect for springtime!
  • Endless Summer: Elena reviews Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus and mascaras, and shows how they look on her lashes.
  • Painted Ladies: Sheila from Painted Ladies works a bold, red lip with purple and silver eyes in 365 Days of Makeup.
  • Lipgloss Break: Angela reviews KISS Nail Dress nail stickers.
  • My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog: Laura from My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog shares her review on the Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liners in Indigo and Espresso.
  • Pammy Blogs Beauty: The MAC Matters "Build a Core Collection with $21 a Month" Continues! Check out what Pammy Blogs Beauty got in January for the challenge!
  • New From Algenist - Hope For Those Darned Large Pores

    This week, I got some awesome news from Algenist. They have developed three new products that help to nourish skin, clarify and visibly reduce pores for a more radient complexion. I was pretty excited to hear about these products as I have started to develop larger pores in the past year. I've been really lucky so far that I never had a pore problem, and it's probably nothing anyone would notice without a 10x mirror, but it makes me wonder about what's happening as part of the aging process.

    So there came Algenist, AS IF THEY READ MY MIND!!!! Look at this:

    Alguronic Acid is as near a miracle ingredient for skincare as they come.  I've had great success with the brand and really look forward to using these products, too.  Say hello to great skin and goodbye to pores!!! I'll be sure to let you know what I discover from my own use, but I'm very hopeful.

    To learn more about these products, check the Algenist website for more information.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup for 1/25/13

    Round 'em up!!! A lot of great entries this week so sit back and pamper yourself with reading about pampering yourself. See what I did there? lol

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish Is All Kinds Of Awesome! Pics, Swatches & Review

    We all love our indie polishes, don't we? I have a really cool one to show you today from SoFlaJo.  It's called White Sensation and it really is!!  This is from Jody's Matte Love Nail Polish Collection. I took over 120 pictures of this polish and I liked every one. It's not often that happens but this polish is such a great model that it worked my camera and gave me everything it has.

    SoFlaJo nail polishes come in 5ml and 15ml sizes. I have the 5ml to show you.

    SoFlaJo White Sensation nail polish

    White Sensation has shimmer and sparkle. I applied three light coats with ease. It goes on very smoothly and each coat dries very quickly. And I mean like superhero fast! When dry, the finish is matte but the polish still has sparkle to it. There's a lot of intrigue as it has a textured finish which provides a lot of interest, but it's not a gritty kind of bumpy like the Opi Liquid Sand, for instance.

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish

    The polish shines with white and an icy crystalline type of sparkle. It's fascinating to look at it on the finger. The next picture is my favorite! My ring finger was pushed forward, so the camera focuses on it while the other fingers are a little blurred, but I think it shows off all that is going on in the polish.


    Wouldn't this be perfect for a wedding? The matte finish is also perfect for stamping or nail art.

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish Swatch

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish swatch

    I love love love it matte, but it's just as pretty with a top coat. Top coat applied makes the polish 120% smooth and shiny.

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish swatch 2

    SoFlaJo White Sensation Nail Polish swatch 2

    I've got my eye on the Black Beauty and Watch Over Me, an olive nail polish that supports Newtown Animal Center, from the collection while I enjoy the beauty of the white.


    You can purchase SoFlaJo polishes on Etsy, where the nail polishes range from $7 to $10 USD,  and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  I'm a fan.  How about you?

    (Product provided by the company for consideration, which has no effect on the review.  Opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  See Disclosure Policy for more information.)

    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Relogy Natural Acne Treatments Work To Really Clear Skin

    Have you longed for a clinical but natural acne treatment that will clear your skin without the side effect of harsh drying? Then you just have to try Relogy!  Not only does it clear acne and moisturize skin, but it is also cruelty-free vegan skincare.   If you struggle with acne, you have to try this.  With a 60 day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and clear skin to gain by using Relogy.

    When these products arrived at my house, my husband volunteered to be my product tester.  He looked over the information and saw that Relogy is just a two step system, which made it easy for him to commit.  After just one use, he was hooked...and I'll tell you why.

    Relogy Acne Treatment skincare

    This is what he had to work with. On the left is Relogy's Rinse Free Foam. This product penetrates the skin's surface to begin to work on acne immediately. To use it, apply a small amount to wherever you experience acne and let it dry. Relogy begins to kill the bacteria while using natural agents to reduce inflammation. While it is tough on acne, it is gentle on skin, leaving no yucky dryness after use.

    Pictured on the right is Step 2, the Skin Balancing Lotion. Use this over your skin to keep it smooth, hyrated and balanced while Step 1 is working to kill that angry acne.

    At the front of the picture is a targeted acne spot treatment. When you order this set, you also receive a nice little canvas bag to pack it in, which is especially great for teens who go off to camp or sleepovers, or to take to the gym.

    Relogy Vegan Acne Treatment skincare

    My husband's testimony: My husband has a condition which causes cystic acne on his face and body because his cells don't process salt correctly. He also has rosacea. With both of those conditions, his skin is red, bumpy and rough to the touch. He has never been interested in acne treatments or in using a moisturizer. He often has very dry skin from the climate and the body's response to oil production. Ok, but he's really cute and everything...he just has skin challenges that he's learned to kind of live with.

    The very first time he used Relogy was at night before bed, applying it to his face and shoulders. When he got up the next morning, he was amazed at how smooth his skin was. He was really excited about it. If you know my husband, you know he doesn't show much excitement or emotion about anything, so to say he was really excited says a lot. He wanted me to feel his skin to see the new smoothness. Indeed, it was!! And it was soft!! We were both amazed.

    He's had the opportunity to use the spot treatment when he saw a zit under his skin one evening. With just one dab of the spot treatment, the pimple disappeared overnight. Seriously!!! How often does that happen? Like never!!!! He hasn't stopped raving about the Relogy products since he started using them. If you knew him, you'd understand how huge this is.

    He's thrilled with the products. They have even helped his rosacea. I know they're not made for that, but his rosacea has died down. He doesn't look all red like he normally does. For this guy to use anything on his face is a miracle in itself. He told me "please write this up right away with a positive review because it's like a miracle to my skin".

    There you have it. If it works for a tough guy cop with problematic skin, I believe it can work for you as well. There is a 60 day Happiness Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!! You can find a 2 month supply on for $49.95.  You can follow Relogy on Twitter and on Facebook.

    If you have any questions about the products for my husband, I'm sure he'd love to answer them.  Again, you'd just have to know him to know what a miracle that is!

    (Products provided for consideration by PR, which in no way affects the review.  Opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information).

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Excitement Surrounding Nail It! Magazine

    Have you heard about Nail It! Magazine? I can't wait to see it and I think you might like it, too.

    From PR:

    "Nail It! Magazine is the first-ever consumer fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine that’s all about nails (from California based Creative Age Publications – they produce 5 of the biggest beauty trade magazines).

    Hitting news stands the week of February 19th, Nail It! will cover nail art, celebrity styles, tips for nail health and wellness, and the latest trends and products. While nails are the main focus of the magazine, stories will also include beauty, hair and makeup, as well as latest in fashion and accessories."

    I'll be sure to let you know what I think when I see it.  *Rubs manicured hands together with gleeful anticipation*  In the meantime, you can follow Nail It! on Facebook.

    Sation Candylandia Coming Soon!!

    Well, I got a serious case of diabetes when I saw the promotional image for the new collection coming from Sation called Candylandia. It is so SWEET!!!! SO CUTE!!!! I love it. You might remember, earlier this week, I told you about the release in this post.  Today I have to show you the image.  It's awesome!!!!!

    Isn't this just so cute!?!?!  Let me know if you'd like to see any bottle shots.  If you review my previous post, it has the color descriptions in it.  The folks at Miss Professional Nail are so creative with their names and images.  Love this!!!!

    From my previous post, here are the color names and descriptions:
    "Embark on a magical, manicured journey filled with fun characters and luscious lacquers. Sweeten up your new year when Candylandia hits the shelves this January.
    Polish players, take your places at the Sation starting line!

     AbbacaDazzle: Ta-da! You’ll go bonkers for this yummy sunflower yellow
     Cast a Spill on You: A bewitching cornflower blue with a pearl sheen will hypnotize you
     Chocolate Chip Resistant: A creamy cookie dough with a sugary glaze
     I’m so Ogre it: Reach for this sleek steely gray for those moody mani days
     Lollipop! Goes the Princess: Pucker up for this pale, pretty periwinkle
     Paint Some Sugar on Me: This sparkly blue-raspberry shade will give you a sugar rush
     Peppermint Pedi: Your nails will be in mint condition with this refreshing vermilion
     Plenty of Frogs: A toad-ally awesome grassy green with a kiss of shimmer
     Queenie in a Bottle: Blink blink blink for this royally rich pink!
     Super Nail-tural Powers: A potent indigo-grape will keep your players spellbound
     Unicorns are Teal: No one can clip your wings when wearing this mystical turquoise
     You’re My Lacquer Charm: Cross your fingers and flash this pop-rock pink for good luck!"

    Mmmmmm, sounds yummy and fun...just like the game!! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Say Hello To Sleek Hair With Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment

    I have some new items to tell you about today from Marc Anthony True Professional hair products. A few months ago, I was introduced to the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Collection which promised to reduce the frizziness of my curly hair.  These products worked better than anything I'd tried for curly hair and delivered so well that when I saw the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil products, I was really excited to try them.  I anticipated more great products from Marc Anthony and wasn't disappointed.

    Mark Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo Conditioner

    On the product packaging, you'll see that they promise to promote stronger, shinier and healthier hair. Again, I believe Marc Anthony lives up to it's claims. I really like these products!!! They are infused with keratin, argan oil and grape seed oil to promote shine, reduce frizz and protect color.  And no sulfates!!

    Now, when one talks about reducing frizz and promoting shine, you may think I'm referring to products for straight hair only. These products can be used for a straight sleek look just as well as they can for curly hair. I've used them to style mine both ways and I'm really impressed with the reduction of frizz...particularly in the dry heat of staying inside during a cold northern winter. My hair has never felt softer!!

    The shampoo cleanses with the gloriousness that is argan oil, (one of the best natural substances you can use on your hair), and the conditioner nourishes, strengthens and infuses the hair with moisture.

    As you might hope with an argan oil line of hair care, Marc Anthony has an Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment!!  And it's no less than great as well.  It is so much more affordable than more famous brands while it contains the same argan oil as well as mediterranean olive oil, vitamin E and shea butter.  All of these products reduce frizz, promote hair strength and health, add shine, soften hair and nourish it in general.

    Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment

    Inside the box is a uniquely shaped bottle. It's really cool and contains 50 ml of oil which is lightweight but effective. I wish I'd never spent $$ on more expensive argan oils. Marc Anthony is easily found in any drugstore or mass merchant as well as online at  This is the find of 2013 so far!!
    The shampoo and conditioner each contain 8.4 fl oz of product and retail for $6.39 on, as does the Argan Oil Treatment.  I've spent far more in the past for products that weren't this effective.  My recommendation is to get these products.  They really work; they're great quality at an affordable price.
    You can follow Marc Anthony on Facebook and find them on Twitter.  You can find how-to videos on their website and also on YouTube
    (Products provided by PR for evaluation.  All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  This post contains affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure policy for more information.)

    St Patty's Version The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup

    Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is absolutely smitten with Alima Pure Velvet Lipsticks in Olivia and Lucy ! They are healthy eco-luxe lipstic...