Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Skincare Tips From Dr Jody Levine Plus My Top Pick From 2012

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine works with Algenist Skincare and she has pulled together a few tips for taking care of skin during this long winter.   (ALGENIST is my top pick of beauty finds for 2012, with the Complete Eye Renewal Balm being my favorite item of the year!)


Cleanse: Your skincare routine each day should start and end with the use of a cleanser, so it is crucial to use one that is both dependable and hydrating. Often times cleansers can be too aggressive which can cause short-term and long-term damage to skin. It is important to use a gentle face wash to awaken the skin and leave it clean and restored. The Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser ($25) digs deep to remove makeup and dirt, but remains gentle enough not to dry out the skin. Skin is instantly left smoothed, revived and radiant while the protective cells skin needs are left in place.

Reduce Wrinkles: We all know that skin needs to be cleansed, moisturized and exfoliated on a regular basis, but the addition of a power-house serum into your skincare regime can quickly and effectively improve your skin’s health, in addition to solving a number of cosmetic problems. Serums not only moisturize, rejuvenate, lift and nourish skin; they also fight wrinkles and lines and help diminish the appearance of dark spots – all in just a few drops a day. Serums can also help boost the amount of collagen within the skin and provide much-needed nutrients to help counteract the signs of aging. Algenist’s Concentrated Reconstructing Serum ($95) is a favorite among many experts due to the clinically-proven decrease in wrinkles and increase in skin density and radiance which you’ll see in just 10 days of use. It is a staple in my daily skincare routine.

Moisturize: You don’t have to be a dermatologist to understand the importance of using a moisturizer, but what’s harder to recognize is the importance of finding the right moisturizer for your skin type. During the winter months, skin inevitably becomes dry, thus bringing to life a number of unwanted issues – from cracked skin and dehydration, to aging and wrinkles, dry skin is an issue that cannot be ignored. The Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($90) from Algenist is a moisturizer like no other. The luxurious and moisturizing formula hydrates skin while also rebuilding firmness and elasticity. With regular use, the Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer is proven to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores leaving skin revived and hydrated.

Bright-Eyed: Eyes are one of the first places that aging really shows, and unfortunately fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear in the delicate areas around your eyes much sooner than expected, taking many by surprise. But fear not! These lines can be slowed – or stopped – with the use of topical creams designed to moisturize, protect and reduce wrinkles. Build the usage of an eye cream into your routine each morning and evening as they really can improve the quality of skin around your eyes within weeks. Algenist’s Complete Eye Renewal Balm ($65) is the perfect cream to lock water into the skin keeping it moisturized and firm, help diminish dark circles, puffiness and eye contours in just four weeks of daily use.


Of the products mentioned in the article, I have used the serum and the eye balm.  Hands down, this eye balm is my favorite find of 2012.  It's the best eye cream I've ever used.  I firmly believe these products are helping my skin.

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What is your favorite find from 2012??  I'd love to hear!!


  1. Thanks for the winter skin care tips. It seems the cold dry air really does a number on your skin.

  2. This is exactly the kind of information i was looking for, great info,would like to bookmark it,thanks for putting up!!!

    1. You're welcome. Winter, with its cold and wind, is so difficult on our skin.

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