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Pevonia Spa Clinica Skin Perfecting 4 Piece Skin Care System Review


I'd love to introduce you to the four piece skin care system I've been using from Pevonia Spa Clinica. Pevonia is a company that's been in existance primarily at spas for around 20 years. They recently launched the Spa Clinica line with four different 4-piece skin regimen systems to make things simple for those of us that aren't skin technicians. Each 4-piece regimen has a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. Today I'll be reviewing the Skin Perfecting regimen which is targeted for sun damage and aging.  Each of the four products contain retinol.

The Skin Perfecting Cleanser, (4 oz/$23 USD), is a gel type of consistency in a push button dispenser. The styling of the bottle has a retro type feel to me and the push button top reminds of the house in the cartoon the Jetsons. It's got a futuristic type of disc shape. It's really cool. The cleanser smells like honeysuckle to me, reminding me again of my childhood. It's a joy to use.

The primary ingredient in the cleanser is retinol, which is used to rejuvenate skin and restore skin's elasticity.

Pevonia Spa Clinica Cleanser and Toner

Step number two is the Skin Perfecting Toner, (4 oz/$18 USD).  It also smells of tropical florals, in a light delicate scent.  There is a spray top on the bottle that I really like because it negates the clutz factor that sometimes happens when you have to tip a bottle over to get the liquid out.  It is alcohol free and also contains retinol.

The third step is probably my favorite.  It is the Wrinkle Plus Serum, (.05 oz/$39 USD).  The serum is a light yellow substance that has a citrus type scent.  It is to be used once a day and goes on lightly and absorbs instantly into the skin.  The retinol in the serum is to smooth wrinkles.  The serum bottle lasted about eight weeks of use.  I ran out of it before I have the other three products.

Step number four is the Skin Perfecting Moisturizer.  It has the same citrus scent that the serum has.  I love to lavish it on my skin and know that the retinol is working to rejuvenate my skin by reducing wrinkles and restoring skin elasticity.

I've found that using this system, my skin has never looked better.  I am able to use my favorite eye products from Algenist with this system and I've seen improvements that I didn't expect.  The use of the light retinol everyday has made dry flaking winter skin a non-issue, while leaving me with baby soft skin.   It is gentle but effective and I never experienced any flakieness or peeling as you sometimes get with retinol products, while I was still able to view the benefits of the retinol.

My skin isn't particularly sensitive, but if yours is, you could use the serum every other day until your skin got used to it.  I have read reviews from people with sensitive skin who didn't have any problems with the concentration of retinol.  For instance, my friend Christine at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic has a great testimony with sensitive skin.

Pevonia Spa Clinica is currently running a special for a limited time where you can purchase a trial size regimen for just $19!!!  I should have purchased one for traveling on my recent vacation!  (duh moment).   The four complete regimens are:

1)  Anti-Aging Collagen Regimen, designed to
Replenish lost Collagen
Prevent signs of premature aging
Smooth lines and repair wrinkles
Hydrate and nourish

2: Break Out Erase Triple Acting Regimen, designed to:
Clear existing pimples without damage
Prevent breakouts and blemishes
Gently exfoliate using Salicylic Acid
Eliminate excess oil using Lactic Acid
Control bacteria using Benzoyl Peroxide

3: Redness Relief Green Tea Regimen, designed to:
Calm and cool rosacea-prone skin
Combat bacteria associated with rosacea
Relieve redness and sensitivity
Reduce blotchiness
Minimize visible blood vessels

4: Skin Perfecting Retinol Regimen
Promote cellular regeneration
Smooth lines and deep wrinkles
Even skin tone
Reduce the appearance of pores

In addition, there are several other serums to target different problems. I'm particularly interested in the two eye serums. Please visit the Pevonia Spa Clinica website to learn more about these products and to read the ingredient lists.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  I have loved using these products!!  Remember that if you try the retinol products, be sure to use sunscreen while doing so.  Your skin will thank you.
(Four piece system provided by PR for my consideration.  Results and opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  Please see Disclosure Policy for more information.)


  1. My skin always gets really dry with retinol and I don't stick with it because of that. Did you peel at all with this?

    1. This system is both gentle and effective. I never had any peeling, flaking or burning and yet I could see the refining and rejuvenation of my glowing skin from the retinol. It's the perfect combination for me.


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