Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Heard.....Now Everyone Play Along...

Have you seen the latest nail polish? It's in a very familiar blue and it's for all Facebookers and called "Social Butterfly Blue". It looks really pretty. You can view it at the link back there <<<

So I got to being stupid and thought I'd be late night silly and want you all to join along. The game is called "I Heard".

No I don't heard cattle or sheep, I'm just being dumb and it started to make me laugh a little, so you have to give me your comments in the form of "I heard......."

(And be assured, none of the following is true!!!!)

I heard

Twitter is joining the nail polish craze with a soft blue called "Are You A Twit?" 

Instagram creates a shimmering cocoa colored nail polish called InstaGLAM.

There is a new cherry red textured polish on the scene!!  Pinterest follows a current trend speckling their nail polish with tiny silver thumb tacks.

AT&T will be announcing their new cyber nail polish to customers individually.  They will tell you about it in approximately 45 minutes.  There are two other polish lovers before you. 

Apple has a shiny tasty red nail polish...ooops you might want to wait until the get the bugs out.  Sometimes fruit has bugs.  Now that you have it, they would like to announce their newest nail polish....oh wait, there's a newer one...

Itunes has it's own beautiful purple nail polish that you can purchase for just $1.29 and watch it on your computer.

If you need to chat with your BFF about this ASAP, Text Messaging announces a new nail polish in TMG, (Text Message Green).

YOUR TURN.  You gotta play.  Please.  It amused me for 15 minutes.

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