Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shop Your Style With POPSUGAR ShopStyle!

Partnered post with Popsugar for ShopStyle

I am honored to have been hand selected as a Popsugar Blogger to be part of their We Search. We Find. We ShopStyle! collaboration with Popsugar.  I am helping to spread the word about the ShopStyle campaign that began this month and you'll see everywhere:  tv, major publications, and even taxis in NYC!!  Check out this commercial.  I love it.  It's catchy and full of style!

My contribution to this campaign, in addition to helping spread the word, is the opportunity to show you my own style, creating a faux print ad that includes the ShopStyle t-shirt....which just happens to be exactly my style, too!!!  Check it out.  These are a few of my favorite things!

Shop Style, PopSugar, We Shop Style, fashion, Steve Madden, Coach, North Face, Old Navy, Kate Spade, Kohls, Converse, Asics, tennis shoes, camoflauge

I love boots, tennis shoes, color, camo, black, layers and color, color, color.  I'm so happy that camo is a highlight this year because I will wear it in every color and in any type of item that I can.  My favorite accessories are a layer of bracelets and/or a scarf.  You can take a favorite old shirt that you've worn for years and totally change up the look by adding a scarf.  Bright colors do me just fine and jeans are a must.  Blue jeans, camo jeans, black jeans, alien jeans...I don't even care as long as they are jeans.

Let me tell you about my favorite items, starting from the top left:

Old Navy Camoflauge shirt in black, it's sheer so you get to layer.  :)
My Shop Style Tshirt layered over an Apt 9 tank top
A bright scarf from Kohl's
JLo by Jennifer Lopez Embellished Skinny Jeans
Steve Madden Monicca Boots

Next is a shirt that I got at Old Navy a few years ago that is probably the most utilized item in my waredrobe.  I wear it under everything, with everything and alone.  I love love love that color of pink.  Random scarf with it.  Alaska is a place where the weather can be freezing, suddenly warm, and back to freezing within the scope of a half hour, so layering is a must.

Next to that is my favorite Coach bag.  It has all my brights and goes with everything.
At the lower left hand corner is an Old Navy Embellished Sweatshirt.
The sweatshirt is layered with an Apt 9 shirt.

Paired with my Shop Style tshirt and Apt 9 tank top in the middle is my skinny camo jeans by Union Bay.
I wear those, and other jeans, with my brown Earth Origins boots.

Rounding the corner to the lower left, I have my favorite tennis shoes.  I love my neon Asics.  You'll see there are many varieties of neon Asics to choose from.
Of course, there's Converse, which I have been wearing since grade school, when it wasn't cool for a girl to wear them, but I did.  I've stuck it out until it became cool.  Go me!!
Neon Tek Gear shorts to encourage a workout.

Who leaves the house without their phone?  Not me!!  Mine wears a Kate Spade iphone case.
And I never leave without my North Face E-tip Gloves.  Perfection.  I've been wearing them four years and when it's really cold, I just put another glove or mitten over them.  None of the cheap knockoffs work as well.  Trust me on this.

Up the left side to the top are a variety of necklaces from various places that can be used alone or for layering.  You'll see some bracelets that I like to layer, combining colors, textures and metals, and a couple more scarves that I enjoy.

Participating in this campaign has been fun.  You'll see more items pinned to Pinterest, featured on Instagram, tweeted out, Facebooked and all other forms of social media.

(I have to show you the complication we dealt with in doing this shoot.  There was a very pouty dog who was grumping around the shoot because she wasn't allowed to walk all over it and the flash was in her eyes.  Poor spoiled baby!!)
 photo 28b0f9a5-26a3-43a3-829b-3a44d37d9d9f.jpg

So break from your regular routine and check out ShopStyle!  It has all the brands and stores that you love and trust.  You won't be disappointed, I promise you!!!  Let me know what you think.

Go to Vavoom Hair Studio for Small Business Saturday

All products and stylers will be on sale at Vavoom in Anchorage, AK.  I'll be there, you should be too!!

Vavoom Hair Studio, Small Business Saturday 2013, Anchorage, Alaska

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Brr! #alaska

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doesn't Everyone Need At Least Two Pairs Of Steve Madden Boots? The Brewzzer and The Monicca!!

Steve Madden, black boots, studs, Monicca, Brewzzer, Nordstrom

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The boot on the right is the Steve Madden Brewzzer Boot and retails for $129.  It's available in black, Cognac, and Stone Leather.  Hmmm, the stone leather would be a great addition to my woredrobe.

On the left is the boot metioned before the Steve Madden Monicca Boot in black.  I love that the studs go all the way around on both sides.  The inside also has a zip up the side for easy access.  I have seen knock-offs of this boot and none of them are studded all the way around.  This is an outstanding deal!!

The Monicca also comes in Stone.  I have hemmed and haw'ed over the stone color since these boots came out during the anniversary sale.  I'm half afraid of my husband and half afraid the boots will sell out before I make my decision.  Originally $189.95 for this great artistic work, this boot is now on sale for $127.26

I have included the links to Nordstrom, where I got mine. ;You can also check out their own Steve Madden where there is currently a free shipping and 15% off $100 and 20% of $150 or more.  You're very welcome.  :)
Get these now so that you can holiday shop in style and comfort.  Steve Madden anything fits me perfectly.  Are you going to be rocking boots for the holidays and thru winter?  Which ones?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Experience At Vavoom Hair Studio Using Elumen Hair Color. Plus Small Business Saturday!!

Before I took my trip this past July '13, to attend the Cosmoprof North America 2013 show, I went to Vavoom Hair Studio, (like I do allllll the time), and had some Elumen hair color put in. The staff and stylists at Vavoom are incredibly friendly, personable, knowlegable and creative.

At that time, I had a pink streak toward the back and a color was mixed toward the front to create a coral that would match the clothing I intended to wear while I was at Cosmoprof.

So I've kind of been craving some purple lately.  I went to Vavoom and talked to Jen and this is what we did:  (the picture is taken with the slim overlayer of my hair pulled back to show off the color).

via Instagram 

I wanted my coral to be pinker as I'm over coral until spring comes around again...I think.  But I wanted that section pinker and to add in some of the purple I've been craving lately.  Jen and I talked about what I wanted and I asked her opinion of where placement should be.  I was so happy when she offered her suggestion in the same exact placement that I thought I wanted anyway.  Refreshed the coral back into a pinker color and put some of the purple Elumen on each side and it all blends together nicely.

If you live in Alaska or are planning to visit, you have to have the artists of Vavoom Hair Studio a chance to freshen up your life.  I love my color!!  My husband loves it.  I'm very happy.  The price depends on how many colors you use and if it's applied in chunks or in light stripes.

This Saturday, 11/30/13, is Small Business Saturday in Anchorage.  Vavoom will be having SO many specials that I'll be stopping by for a couple things.  The tools, (the best in town), will all be on sale too, so head on down to 4007 Old Seward Highway, Suite 400, the strip mall right next to University Center on the south.  They will be open Saturday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

You can keep up with Vavoom on their website, their Facebook page, and also on Instagram.

Awesome 2 layer #neon gloves I got from Above The Zone at Northway. Sister store to @DollarZoneAK

Interesting new nailpolish At Claires today! So many colors!

Claires, nail polish, splatter effect, holographic, holo, top coat

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hilarious Ugly Holiday Sweaters At Target For A Hilarious Holiday

I actually had texted my son last week when I saw an ad for ugly Holiday Sweaters at Target.  I'm going to go check them out.  They are SO funny!!!!

Look at this skull one, lol

Ugly Holiday Sweater, Target, Christmas
Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

This is funny.

hilarious holiday, Ugly holiday sweater, Christmas, Target

There are more so check them out at your local Target or on

There are many other funny Holiday items too, such as pj's and SOCKS THAT MATCH THE SWEATERS.  Yeah, you heard it right.  So run to Target.  Now.  Try to beat me there, but don't beat me when you see me there if I'm grabbing the last one, lol.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

Time To Enter The Beauty Blogazons Happy Holiday Giveaway

The Beauty Blogazons want to wish you Happy Holidays and what better way to do that than enter a giveaway to win a little cold card cash? The Blogazons are back for another year of giving and this time we have sweetened the pot! All you have to do is follow some of your favorite bloggers to enter to win $500 (Paypal or Visa Giftcard, your choice). Think of all the makeup you could buy!

Let's thank all the bloggers that are involved and get started shall we?

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Everyone in the world is free to enter! Giveaway starts right now (November 25) and ends December 9 2013. Official contest rules below in the rafflecopter widget.

Thanks for supporting us!!


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From the Nordstrom catalog - I say those exact words to my doctor all the time!!!

Nordstrom, shopping, catalog, sweater

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Received A Few New KB Shimmer Polishes

I'm getting ready to do a complete inventory on my KB Shimmer nail polishes.  I have so many now that I'm afraid I could mess up and double order.  I wanted you to get a quick look at some of the new Holiday polishes.

KB Shimmer holiday nail polish

via Instagram 

From left to right they are:  All Elf'ed Up, Merry Pinkmas, and Strung Out.  From the moment I saw Merry Pinkmas, I just had to have it.  It's so pretty.

When you shop on KB Shimmer, (which has many other products in addition to nail polish), you receive reward points.  I haven't been able to redeem any yet, but when I do, I may shop more from the Winter Collection.

Have you purchased any KB Shimmer nail or bath and body products?  Which are your favorite?  What is your favorite Indie nail polish company?

Check Out These Teeny Tiny Essence Lipglosses!

How could you not love these tiny little Essence Lipgloss sets? They're about two knuckles high and worth their teeny tiny price of barely around $3. Totally fun and easy to throw in your pocket.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have you heard about Steamcream? This Tin is perfect for Movember!

I want you to know in a quick mini-post that Steamcream comes in different collectible tins.  I'll have a couple to show you.  It is organic, vegan, handmade and cruelty-free.  What a great stocking stuffer this will be, or a gift for anytime.  Details in a day or two.

You Must Appreciate The Detail In The Steve Madden Monicca Boots!

These moto style studded boots are absolutely delicious. They have studs all the way around, which you won't find with the knock-offs. I really feel cool when I wear these. I got mine at of my best buys of the year.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

JLo Skinny Jeans With Steve Madden Moto Boots - Quick View

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I adore my Steve Madden Monicaa Boots purchased from Nordstrom.  I had wanted to get these initially during the Anniversary Sale but my husband vetoed them.  What does he know?  These are so in style right now and who doesn't love a moto boot with a little bling?

Taking a very uncharacteristic route, I waited for them to go on sale again and when they did, ($127.26), I snapped them up.  They also have taupe, which is selling quicker.  Since my husband retired, I'm trying so hard to only have the one pair.  What do you think?  Taupe, too?

Kohls, JLo Collection, skinny jeans, embellished, Steve Madden Moto studded Monicca boots, Nordstrom

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The first time I saw the Jennifer Lopez Embellished Skinny Jeans at Kohl's, I pictured them with these boots.  They are on clearance for a great price!!!  They fit true to size and you need them.  Just trust me and get them.  Hurry.  Clearance.  I couldn't find my size in the store so I ordered online and Kohl's ships quickly!!!

Once again....happy camper!  Just trust me and buy these jeans.  They do run really long, (good for me being 5'8"), but stick them in jeans and who's going to know?  At just $24, I'm tempted to get a back up pair.  I love them so much.

Maybe I can get my family to help me get you a better picture?  Maybe? I have picked up several other styles of boots at, a website owned by Nordstrom that has incredible deals.  If you use my links, it would make me incredibly happy.  (See my disclosure policy for more information).

Are you rocking boots and skinny jeans this fall?  Or winter?  What are your go-to styles?

I Have Wanted This Set From Kiss Nails For So Long!!

I have been looking at this set longingly for SO long. You just have no idea. I've taken pictures of it thinking that I probably have all the similar type polishes to do this manicure, but I still just wanted this BAD. Fortunately, I looked at it one day at Fred Meyer and found it cheaper than at Walgreens. SOLD!! One happy mama!

Kiss Nails, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Target, gradient, nail polish

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I've been posting my Instagram pictures to my blog so you can see the items that I have coming up.  There are often a lot of comments on Instagram, so it's worth taking a look sometimes for more information.

Tell me, what is your favorite gradient color combination?  You can link to it, if you like.  I'd love to see.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Were Going Thru All Our Mugs Today - Many Memories

This one is from my alma mater.  It's called Whitworth University now.  It's in Spokane, Washington, on the northeastern border of the state.

Whitworth College, Whitworth University

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Where did you all go to College?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Double Points Time At Nordstrom!!

                                                                                                                                              Affiliate Link

Don't we all love double, triple or 10x point events at Nordstrom on our cards? I know I do. Tomorrow, 11/6/13, begins the Women's Half Yearly sale through November 17th. That means double points on Nobember 6th and 7th!!!!!  Yippee!!! For every dollar spent on your Nordstrom Visa or Mod card, you will get four points. It takes 2000 points to get a $20 Nordstrom Note to spend at Nordies, so you'll be able to get there twice as fast when you shop from now through midnight PST on the 7th Wahoo!!

If you shop online, Nordstrom is one of my affiliates, which means if you use one of my links or the ad in my sidebar, I will receive a small percentage back, which will make my husband really happy. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Have fun shopping and be sure to tell me what you find that you like.

YES! Too Faced Friends And Family Sale!!!

Affiliate Link
I'm so excited to see that it's time for the Too Faced Friends And Family Sale!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Too Faced is one of my affiliates as you can see in the sidebar on my blog. If you order thru a link on my page or the box in the sidebar, you will help me out due to the small percentage I earn back thru my affiliates. See my Disclosure statement for more info. So I would appreciate it so much, but HERE ARE THE DEETS:

I wanted to tell you before I rush over to make my order. They have Holiday items that are unique to their website and I'm telling you, they will go FAST!!!! I'm SO EXCITED. Let's SHOP!!!!!
(Sale ends November 10, 2013)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nail Trends From The Nordstrom Holiday Catalog

While I was perusing the new Nordstrom Holiday Catalog, I was particularly interested to see the nail styles that were used to showcase the products for sale.

I always love a good french nail.  The one pictured is particularly interesting as it features what looks to be a matte burgundy nail with a shiny stripe acoss the top.  I call this a Tuxedo nail sometimes; I suppose due to the matte black nail with a shiny tuxedo stripe across the top that has been all over Pinterest for about a year.

Next is a glittery waterfall tip.  Love this!!!  These waterfalls are done over a nude or perhaps naked nail.  And third is the pink nail with the golden line where a french tip would start.  Recently at a couple of weddings, my friends did the typical white french nail and added a silver stripe underneath the white tip.  I love this golden line over the pink that is shown below.
nail art, Nordstrom, holiday catalog
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Now, I also found plenty of items that would fulfill my little heart's desires in the catalog, but I just thought these nails were too cool not to post.

Which design is your favorite?

How I Prep And Prime My Skin To Be Ready For Makeup Application

It's so important to take care of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in/on the human body and it needs the proper nourishment, just as your other organs do. The skin on your face just happens to be the first thing other people see when they're facing you. Even if you don't wear makeup, you can take care of your face and feed it what it needs, while taking charge of wrinkle reduction. If you do wear makeup, you know that your skin has to be properly prepared for your makeup to last all day.

If you follow my blog regularly, or follow me on facebook or Instagram, you will have heard that I've been taking a really long time to heal from a cervical fusion and a knee surgery. My skin care routine needs to be simple and quick right now. The healing is tiring to my body and I do physical therapy or see a doctor for updates five days a week. I need my routine to be quick and easy and yet I also want it to be effective. I have been given the opportunity to try a few things in the Oil of Olay Regenerist line and it's just perfect for my current needs.

After cleansing with a facial wipe, here is what I'm using to nourish, repair my skin and prep it for my foundation:

Oil of Olay, Regenerist, Skin prep and prime, eye cream, Lash serum

On the right is the Oil Of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex.  This is my daily moisturizer.  While it moisturizes my skin, it also uses advanced micro-filters to smooth my skin's surface which instantly relaxes the appearance of my wrinkles.  Who wouldn't love that?!?!

The moisturizer has bio peptides and B3 complex to hydrate and in addition to the immediate optical effect, it also works to reduce the appearance of even deep eye lines in 14 days.  The cream leaves a satin finish which is ideal for makeup application after.  Use it twice a day, focusing on the areas of wrinkles and don't forget to use it on your neck!!  We often forget the neck and decollete' areas which are exposed to as many UV rays as our faces are and the chest and neck can be the first area where aging shows.

Lift off the happy red lid and you'll find a very effective pump type applicator.  I like this because it gives me the right amount instead of a flood of product.  

The bottle contains 1.7 fl ounce of product and retails for approximately $24.99 and is available at most drug stores and online drugstores, as well as cosmetic meccas like Ulta and also on Olay's own website, (link above).  There is no SPF so you'll want to make sure to use a foundation or tinted moisturizer that has it.
The other products that I am privileged to experience are the Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo.

This box contains two products: a 10 ml tube of the micro-sculpting eye cream and a 5ml lash serum complete with the mascara type brush that you see up in the right side of the picture above.  Here are the two items in the picture below.

These are pretty cool in many ways.  The eye cream is said to smooth lids, soften lines and give you younger looking brighter and firmer eyes in just one week.  I can testify that it does, indeed, live up to it's claims.  And it's very smoothing to the lid making for easy application of eye makeup.  Like most other eye creams, take a small amount on your ring finger and press it into the lids and under-eye area, concentrating on the wrinkles, until absorbed, (which will be quickly).  
The lash serum is used in the same way as mascara.  Brush it on the lashes with the wand and you will be hydrating and nourishing the lashes from the lash line to the tip.  The serum isn't for growing lashes, but for nourishing and hydrating them which will keep them healthier.  Where I live, it's very dry in the winter.  I've often had problems with losing lashes just because it's so dry.  This serum will help prevent simply by giving the hydration that I need.  It's like a drink of water for the lashes!  Both items are ophthalmologist tested and retail for approximately $15.99 where Oil of Olay products are sold.
One cool thing about this duo is that if you take off the lid to the cream, you can attach it to the serum and carry them together.  Keep the lid because sometimes you might want them separate.  Normally I travel a lot throughout the year and I like that I have the option to carry these as one unit or two separate pieces depending on what type of little bag I am using for my skincare.
Are you like I am and have to take special care to insure your face doesn't dry out in the winter?  What do you do to prep your skin?  Does it change from season to season or do you do the same skincare year-round?   I can use all three products year-round but it just happens that I received them at the time where my lashes really need help to stay healthy during the winter.
Let me know in the comments below what your favorite ways to prep and prime and nourish your skin are.  Honestly, this system just couldn't be easier or more effective.  I'd love to try the serum.  Ooooh la la!
 (Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Olay through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo and Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, all opinions are my own.)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

On Pinterest On My Virtual Shopping Desires Board

I adore this necklace!! I saw it in the Nordstrom Holiday Catalog for 2013, so I took a picture and pinned it right away on Pinterest. Love, Love, Love, Want!!!

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly for 1/6/10

Polarbelle has a new video featuring the Urban Decay Bailout On The Run palette. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in the Rock ...