Thursday, January 30, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Nail Polish Collection Preview!! Pictures, Swatches!

I took a few pictures of the China Glaze Sea Goddess nail polish collection while at Ulta.  And then, no joke, I hopped in the car and made hubby speed on down the parking lot to Sally's, hoping to find them and be able to use my club card.  As luck would have it, they didn't have them, nor had they heard of them.

At any rate, they had the swatches attached at the top of the display, which was on the bottom shelf.  No, Ulta, No!!!  This needs to be on the top shelf where you can fully appreciate it in the lighting.  The colors look so beautiful in the bottles!!!  On the upper left are the swatches with no flash, and the upper right are the swatches with flash.

China Glaze Sea Glass Collection, swatches, nail polish, texture nail polish

According to the display, this collection retails for $10 each.  The blue is Seahorsin' Around.  The rose is Shell We Dance?  The lighter pink is called Wish Upon A Starfish.  The white is Sand Dolla Make You Holla, and jeepers, I don't have a picture of the green at all.  *blogger fail*

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Saw this today - China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection

China Glaze snuck a collection into Ulta while we weren't looking.  It's called City Flourish and it's half pastels and half brights.  All in all, it was really pretty.  Here's your first look at it.

China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection, pastel, bright

I took pictures from different angles, but I thought this one covered it all best.  It's pretty.  It's springy.  I'm in love with that  lime green!!

Edited to add a couple more pictures:

China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection, pastel, bright
(for some reason, the above picture seems to NOT be able to be pinned to Pinterest)

China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection, pastel, bright

China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection

China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection

Have you seen this collection yet?  Do you see anything you like in it?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Outfit of the day. How To Wear Leggings And A Sweater With A Scarf, and BOOTS!

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From Fred Meyer, I purchased the grey leggings, the boot socks with the buttons sewn on the side, and the long sleeved off-white t-shirt with V neck.  It's a little sheer so I covered it with the scarf and sweater from Old Navy.  I have this sweater in a couple of colors.  I'm totally in love with it!!  (For reference, I usually buy talls since I'm 5'8" but this sweater is in the regular length.)

The boots are SO comfortable.  Actually the whole outfit was.  I'm sorry about the wierdness of my neck.  Being in the neck brace for nine months left it pretty bumpy and I have to try and figure out what to do to fix the muscles, etc.

  Anyway, the Enzo Angiolini boots at Nordstrom are now on sale for almost $100 OFF!!!  Get them HERE and get them NOW!  (gah!  I paid full price for both of mine.  wow!)  They're only $60 now!!!

Leggings, sweater, boots, brown, cognac, grey, scarf, scarves, ootd, Old Navy, Fred Meyer, Nordstrom

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Today I really get it why this look is so popular.  It's SO comfortable!!!  After I took the pictures, I threw on my leg brace and it didn't totally kill the look.  *High five* 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Check it out! Boots No 7 At Walgreens!!!

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Finally!!! Vanity Fair Featuring Jimmy Fallon!!!

I've been looking for this for awhile.  I was so happy to finally find it!!!  Not many places in Anchorage carry Vanity Fair.  Can't wait to read the article on Jimmy Fallon!!  

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My countouring Love! Chanel Accent Blush!!!

Chanel Accent has been in my hot little hands for about 4-6 weeks.  I hadn't tried it until today due to the mess of the latex allergy.  

Accent is a deep rose plum.  It can be used as contour or a nice flush of blush.  I don't feel the cell phone picture is entirely accurate.  In my opinion, Accent is darker and plummier in real life.  

Better pictures will be coming very soon!!

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I still want to take The Kat Von D #eyeshadow #palette with me but I'm too afraid the size and shape might make it break. @sephora

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Seventh Generation has Many different types of Facial oils.

My physical therapist and I were discussing the slow healing of my facial blisters from an allergy to latex during surgery.  It's been almost six long months since I could wear makeup to show you how new things look!!

Anyway, I did the boot scootin' boogie and went to Walgreens at warp speed.  The oil below is the one I chose. There are many different kinds of the oils, each for different types if skin and skin problems.  I'm liking this as an addition to my routine to heal my face. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gorgeous Sunset Forming In Anchorage, AK Tonight

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New OPI Brazil Nail Polish Collection Pics, Swatches, With Names!

I was going to insert these pictures into my previous post that came from Instagram, but I thought maybe having everything here and fresh where you could find it might be better.

OPI takes us to Brazil in Spring of 2014 via their nail polish collection which contains 11 gorgeous creme colors, 1 beautiful satin and four liquid sand textured nail polishes.  This collection will be available on February 3rd, 2014.  Sit back and enjoy the pretty pictures.

OPI Brazil nail polish collection display, swatches, Spring 2014

Here are swatches of the twelve nail polishes that you see in the display above, (noting that the teal is actually a slightly brighter color than the picture below):

OPI Brazil nail polish collection swatches, Spring 2014

In addition to the set of 12 colors above are four of Opi's textured nail polishes, called Liquid Sand.

And...swatches of the sand colors.  I can't wait to see real life swatches with top coat, but boy, oh boy, do I ever want that beautiful radiant orchid color named Samba-Dy Loves Purple!!

OPI Brazil Spring 2014 Liquid Sand Swatches, nail polish

And, the picture I posted the other day from Instagram:

OPI Brazil, nail polish, swatches, Liquid Sand

I'm really looking forward to this whole extended collection.  How about you?  Which colors do you find speak most to you?  Anything you're dying for?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Check Out My Awesome Rain Boots

Here they are pictured in the store called Above The Zone.  It's in the Northway Mall in Anchorage, next to Burlington.  It is owned by my beautiful childhood friend Deb, who also owns Dollar Zone.  Above The Zone is more of a boutique, having all types of fashion and makeup items.

These boots are super comfortable and I think they were around $14.  Outstanding!!!  They are happy, happy boots!  They have a wedge heel which is very comfortable.  I've got a wobbly ankle so sometimes if a wedge is too high, I can't do it.  This is just perfect.  Style, cuteness and functionality.

We've been having a really warm winter with lots of rain lately.  The main roads are like swimming pools and the neighborhoods are like a roller coaster as you go over and under the ice berms and puddles.  This is perfect weather for my rubber boots.  I LOVE THEM.  I just love them.  They are to the knee...perfection!!

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If you live in Alaska, be sure to check out Dollar Zone and Above the Zone.  You can also contact them via their facebook pages, Dollar Zone  and Above The Zone.   You can also contact them via Twitter.  Show a hometown girl some support and check out Deb's stores.  Now, lol!

The shampoo my young adult son loves! Marc Anthony oil Of Morroco.

My initial review for this product is right here in this little ol' link.  My 19 year old has discovered the wonders of Marc Anthony hair products.  We find them at Walgreens and they can also be ordered from  This is such a good product, it deserves a revisit.

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Go now....revisit my review.  What are you waiting for??

Thursday, January 23, 2014

These are pretty! Bare Minerals Mini Moxie Lipgloss sets - My Latex Allergy and Why I've Been Missing.

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I'm getting some things ready to photograph.  I've collected a lot while waiting to be able to wear makeup again.  About six months ago, I had surgery on my knee and unfortunately, they used a latex mixed surgical mask for me.  I'm allergic to Latex.  Everywhere the mask touched blistered, which is why you haven't seen my face for awhile.

It's been very humbling.  And I know the scars will be lasting but I feel really blessed that I haven't had to deal with acne scars as part of my existance, so going this far without damage to my face makes me feel like maybe this won't be so bad.

I'm getting close to being healed.  I'm going to talk about this more soon and tell you some things that I've done when I was able to use products on my face.  I went to the dermatologist three times, my regular doctor twice and none of their creams helped.  I also got pink eye at one point in some of the sores.  It all made me feel so beautiful!!!  It's been pretty horrifying.

But again, I'm going to be showing you some wonderful products that have helped me to get almost healed.  Maybe a few more weeks and I'll have a face back, in whatever form it will be.  And I'll share all of it with you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We're Going To Brazil With OPI!!! Nail Polish Swatches!!

Opi is launching their next nail polish collection on February 5, 2014.  It's called Brazil.  The 12 colors are vibrant and fun and nearly run a full rainbow spectrum. 

 The collection also includes four liquid sand colors, pictured at right.  I will add a few more pictures later today so that you can see the color names.  Gorgeous!!!  

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Too Faced Cosmetics Shopping Alert!!

You need to know really quickly that Too Faced is having free shipping from now thru 1/20/14, using the code TGIF.  If you click through my affiliate link, or the ad on my sidebar, I will receive back a small percentage of the sale, which helps keep Polarbelle on the air.

Shop now, shop often.  Get some chocolate while at Too Faced!!  Have you tried the Chocolate palette yet?  I'm on the fence about it since I haven't seen it in person yet....what do you think?  A must have?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Congratulations to Algenist Skincare For Winning This Prestigious Award!!!

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Algenist has won my award in 2012 and 2013 for my favorite pick of the year.  I love seeing that they have won such a prestigious award!!!  They really have great products.  You've got to try it!

On the far left is my pick of 2013, the Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil.  This product repairs and hydrates.  It has been a miracle to me.  I use it every night and every day.

And I'll talk more about it in an actual review, but I just have to tell you it's been working miracles for me! 

It's so dark this morning! Hence the automatic flash.

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Time To Shop For Valentine's Attire!

I grabbed these two Valentine's t-shirts as soon as I saw them at Old Navy.  You should know they almost sold out in one day at my local store!!!  Also note that Pooh Bear runs a full size smaller than Snoopy.  Retail price of each shirt is $14.95 but there is a sale online currently.  But you have to be quick!!

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Butter London Last Orders Sale!!

This is BIG NEWS for all Butter London fans!!  In their Last Orders section, (which are the items being discontinued),  of the Butter London website, the items will be 50% off until 1/23/14.  This is HUGE!!!  There are several very popular favorites on the list.

If you've been waiting to order some Butter London, you need to run to the LAST ORDER SECTION, because chances are very good that what you have been looking at is on the chopping block and will sell quickly.  I see some really great items there and a lot of them!!!

Don't miss out!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maybelline Street Chic Spring 2014 New Nail Polish

When I first saw this Maybelline Street Chic nail polish display, (notice that it features the Official Nail Color Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York), I originally passed up the color on the far left.  How many more speckled black and white top coats do I need?  BUT WAIT!!!!  Did you know this color is a pink?

I can see it in the photo, but I didn't see it in the store.  The display was slightly above my head.  At another store, I found these in with the regular Maybelline display and saw the name...can't wait to swatch it!!

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Look What's On Hautelook

The skincare is called Drunk Elephant. I thought the name was hilarious!!! If you've tried Drunk Elephant, you'll have to let me know how it is!

New Spring 2014 Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow

These look really interesting. Maybelline has great eyeshadows. I'm very tempted by the quads put out for Spring 2014. I've always loved Maybelline....if you haven't tried their eyeshadows, you just have to!!!

This week, Fred Meyer has a BOGO 1/2 sale on Maybelline.  That's all I needed to know!!!!

New For Spring 2014 - Maybelline Face Studio Blush and Bronzers.

This display features Master Glaze, the stick creme blushes that you see on the left.  And on the right is Master hi-light, which has four blushes and two bronzers. They're so pretty to look at, I just can't wait to swatch them.

I rarely use cream blush so I'm waiting to read reviews but I bought the whole right side out of curiosity.  The colors in the matrixes are so complex and beautiful that I can't wait to see what they look like blended, on the face and in comparison with each other.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My little baby girl wanted to hold hands tonight.

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She's so sweet.  She seemed to be allergic to the Christmas tree this year and she didn't come into the living room while it was up.  Now she has freedom to snuggle again and watch Jimmy Fallon. 

Cherry Couture Is Having A Great Sale Online!!

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Yeah so This Just Happened - Spring 2014 Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection

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Check out the Vicious Varnish.  I bought a few, well ok, all of them to try.  I was kind of in a hurry so I didn't take the time to look at the BB tinted moisturizer or whatever is on the left.  Guess I need to go back to Walgreens!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Wet N Wild Display For Spring 2014

I was surprised today while in Walgreens to see this new display for Wet N Wild.

Wet N Wild, Spring 2014, eyeshadow palettes, lip stain, nail polish, mega rocks, mega slicks, Poster Child,  glitter
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I have pictures of the very top row of eyeshadows in the left side of the picture.  It really surprised me that the display held singles of their Color Icon creamy glitter eyeshadows that matched the regular Color Icon singles.  I suppose I should have gotten one to try because they are so inexpensive, but I didn't.

The next row contains the Mega Rocks glitter nail polishes.  I have purchased five to this point but haven't swatched them for you yet.  You can see some of those in this Instagram picture as well as this photo of the first two that I had purchased.

In the middle, you'll see the Mega Slicks lip stains.  Sorry for the fuzzy phone pictures.  I hope they're nice, moisturizing and last a long time because I bought all but the light beige.

Wet N Wild, Mega Slicks, megaslicks, Love stain, lips

Next to that, you'll find this glorious 8 pan eyeshadow palette.  Don't you just LOVE these palettes?????

Wet N Wild, Poster Child eyeshadow, palette, 8pan

Oh I love that palette!!!  It's like a whole brand new box of crayons to play with!!!  I originally posted the picture here on Instagram.   Blogger fail - I didn't look at the two polishes next to the palette because I fell so in love so fast.  But I'll take care of that error tomorrow.

And the last row contains the Powder Play 5 pan eyeshadow palettes that came out in December.

Wet N Wild, eyeshadow, 5pan, ColorIcon, palette

There's a lot to choose from.  Don't you just love Wet N Wild?  I love the neutrals as much as the brights.  And now that I've shown you the initial details, I guess it's time to swatch, right??

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How CUTE is this thermal top with cut outs on the arm from Kohl's?

It's available in many colors. I can't tell you which right now. My son called while I was in the dressing room so I had to grab my purchases and check out really quickly. However, there is a new sale starting today, AND you get Kohl's cash!! Always a blessing.

In Alaska, I wear a lot of thermal tops or long sleeved t-shirts during the winter, almost 100% of mine are purchased at Kohl's. This is an awesome item. Get it!!

Kohl's thermal top, lace cutout, grey

Originally posted via Instagram

Isn't this just the cutest thermal top you've ever seen?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shop the last day of the Kohl's sale with the coupon today! You know you want to!!

This is a sweater from the JLo Collection at Kohl's which I've been admiring for awhile. I love so many of the JLo items at Kohl's, but they are often really boxy on me. She's very short waisted and I'm very long waisted, and I think in her designs, she doesn't really take other body styles into consideration. I'd love to see that change so I could enjoy more of her offerings.

This sweater, while looking bulky, is actually really comfortable. I love the orange and it also comes in other colors. It looks like my Alaskan store was just restocked on these, even tho I expect spring fashions to show up any day. The turtleneck is loose and it's high, but very comfortable. It has hi-lo styling where the front is higher and the back is a little lower to cover whatever you may have back there. After two surgeries in 2013, one which was pretty serious and the recovery almost a whole year, I have a shelf back there that I like a hi-lo top to hide.

Bright orange makes me happy. 

The one thing that I don't like is how my hand looks HUGE in a selfie in a mirror.  It's weird but what can you do?  There's really no way to avoid that.  But it's weird!!

I'll most likely be wearing this sweater with a long necklace of some type.  Maybe even a chunky one.  How would you style it?

Happy 2014 Anchorage!!! Gotta love a January that starts this warm!!!

Happy New Year and welcome to any January in Anchorage, AK that starts with these temperatures!! We're almost in shorts and t-shirt weather!!! Ok, not really, but this is warm for us and I love it!!!

More Drugstore Beauties at Fred Meyer!!

Rimmel London ScandalEyes, Maybelline The Buffs, Revlon Cheek Boutique, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick

At the top left are the two colors I first chose from the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes eyeshadow paint.  You should probably check on my Instagram for all the details.  I think I might want to get the pink one, too.

Maybelline The Buffs Nude lipstick collection has found it's way to Freddie's and I was excited to see it there.

And look at this cheek boutique collection from Revlon.  They also had a couple of displays of the new release of Skinlights, which were very popular in the past.  In the cheek collection, I'm particularly curious about the things in the upper left side that look a bit like Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks.  Looks exciting to me!!

Mama's Post-Christmas Sephora Sale Haul

Sephora, Sephora Collection, Too Faced, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lipgloss, Hourglass, Make Up For Ever, MUFE, Sexy Mother Pucker, lip plumper

I have more details posted about these items from my original posting on Instagram.

 The sale items were a great deal!!  And the Hourglass lipgloss was a deluxe sample that I got with points I had earned from my Beauty Insider VIP points.

Did you spend any Christmas or Holiday money at the after Christmas sale at Sephora? 

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