Friday, February 28, 2014

Showing off my Tweezerman brows to have dinner with friends!

Using my Tweezerman Pro kit, I fixed my brows all nice and pretty, and unfortunately with my cell phone in lighting which isn't the best, you can't see my awesome sparkly pink eyeshadow, (Maybelline quad).  I used a new blush from the Kardasian Beauty Pumped Up collection, along with a lipgloss.  My face was LA Girl Cosmetics Pro concealer and Gorgeous Cosmetics foundation.  I had gotten inspiration for an easy, casual and comfortable look from my motivational t-shirt from Old Navy.  Easy Peasy.

Tweezerman, brows, Old Navy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

With a little help from my friends. No eye makeup today due to a procedure.

All I needed to get going today was a little help from Gorgeous Cosmetics, Kardashian Beauty and Redbull.  Well, and to throw on an Old Navy t-shirt and jeans to be comfy

Let's Roll!!!

Gorgeous Cosmetics, Red Bull, Kardashian Beauty, Old Navy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today is a Jeans and Converse All Star kind of day

I took this picture with my phone using an Instagram filter.  The colors here are muted by the filter so these Converse All Star sneakers are the very coolest bright lime, light blue and royal blue.  I LOVE this lime color that has been out for a few years.  There's no accounting for it, I just adore it, so when I saw these shoes...I knew they would go with everything that my blue and pink Converse don't.

bright color, lime, blue, Converse All Star sneakers

via Instagram

I wore Converse as a kid because I was really into basketball and baseball.  My preference was black high tops.  They didn't get as dirty as white and living in Alaska, they throw a lot of dirt on the roads in the winter and it makes a nasty gray/brown mess for several months as the snow melts.....from such grew my love of color...a break in the 7 months of monotone greys and browns.

Anyway, I'm sure I was the only little girl in school who wore Converse high tops, but much to my glee, they are now hip and popular....AND SO ARE MY FEET!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Kardashian Beauty Pumped Up Collection - First View

Somewhere deep inside me, when I saw this display at Ulta, I heard a little voice inside tell me wait till you go home and get these on a BOGO1/2 at Fred Meyer and you can have them allllllllllllll.......

However, I was swayed by the loud voice I heard that said "OH MY GOSH, CAN I SEE THAT DISPLAY?!!?????  THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!!"  The lady at the cash register plopped down the brand new Kardashian Beauty Pumped Up display in front of me.  I heard a flurry of iphone pictures being taken and I was aglow in the beauty of the collection.  Was I surprised to find out it was my loud voice and iphone?  Nah.

So I had to buy some.  Then I had to go back and buy more.  I told my husband, "but it's my JOB".  Here is your first look and I'll get my multitude of pictures up soon.  I did exercise restraint, tho.....I put back one of the four blushes I wanted and a gloss.  Yes!  Victory for him...MORE Victory for me.

via Instagram

I have been impressed with everything I've tried from Kardashian Beauty.  No Joke.  Everything I've used, eyeshadows, lip products, bronzer, blush, highlighters...everything has been finely milled, perfect in application, nicely pigmented and wears all day.  Today I wore the blush in the front left side and the gloss on the back right.

I want to say so much more, but I'll save it for the full pictures and review.  Let me tell you this as I wait for them to load to my computer, if you see this display, just don't hesitate.  Get what you want.  As you can see, the display only has two of each, so I'm saying, (in my best Rocky voice), "Go For It.  I really don't think you could possibly regret these purchases.

We're following R2-D2. (Squint plus Imagination)

My friend said it could be Princess Leia.  Another friend said Transformers.  *snicker*

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

There's a definite learning curve to swatching in the sun.

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I had eight colors swatched on my arm.  EIGHT!  I couldn't see a thing out there!!  It's hard!  I don't know how people get pictures in the sun. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Running a Couple Errands With Some Friends

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And my friends names are Wet N Wild, (eyeshadow), NYX, (lipgloss), Gorgeous Cosmetics, (foundation), and Too Faced Cosmetics, (blush).  When in doubt, go with some friends.

(We won't mention the dried out EL gwp liner or the dried up Lancome gwp mascara, k?  K!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

More China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection

I've taken more picture of various colors from the China Glaze City Flourish nail polish collection, which I purchased at Ulta.  The purples really speak to me right now. 

China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish

via Instagram

What do you think?  Do you see any that you think you might like?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Styled My Converse Differently Today

I thought it might be cute to tie my Converse All-Star sneakers together with the tank top I was wearing by adding matching ankle socks.  These probably aren't the best pictures.  Everything came out a little dark today.  I was wearing denim capris, a hot pink tank top with a bright blue sweater, hot pink ankle socks and my Converse All Stars in a dusty blurple with pink.

Converse AllStar Chucks, Capris, fashion, style, ankle socks

I'd call this really casual but oh so comfortable.  I've always loved Converse.   I used to wear black high tops when I was in grade school.  I'm sure everyone thought I was a wierdo then.  It's awesome when a trend comes around that you work when you were the greatest dork in school.

How do you style your Converse?

POPSUGAR Now - Your New Must Watch TV For Celebrity, Lifestyle and Beauty Buzz!

Blogger Ambassador

Everyday I look forward to my emails from POPSUGAR. I keep up with shopping celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty all on my beloved POPSUGAR emails. So I was pretty pumped when I heard POPSUGAR Now was coming to TV. And I was really excited when I saw it!!! I screamed at my husband, "LOOK!!!! It's POPSUGAR Now!!!!! ON TV!!!!" You'd think I would have won an Olympic Gold from the excitement in my voice.

POPSUGAR Now will keep us current and up-to-date during this awards season on all our lifestyle and celebrity concerns, whether it be diet, exercise, style...and more. I love shows like this, don't you?

You can tune into POPSUGAR Now at: Weeknights at 6pm/5 pm Central on TVGN

The POPSUGAR Now Channel Guide:

"Disclosure: This post was sponsored by POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about POPSUGAR NOW, all opinions are my own."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trying To Take Pictures In Blazing Sun of China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish

Taking pictures in the sunshine is like a dream come true to me.  Over the weekend, I took a few, but boy, oh boy, it's danged hard!!!  You can't see out there whatsoever.  It's sooooo bright!!!

Here's a look at a few of the selections from the China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection.  I found them at Ulta and, so far, haven't seen them anywhere else.

China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish

via Instagram

Have you seen the City Flourish Collection anywhere?  Which were your picks?  (I picked a few more, but I'll be displaying them when I review).

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Too Faced All I Want For Christmas Set Sale At Nordstrom Rack

I've wanted to get this set by Too Faced that came out for Christmas but I waited and waited...I was very pleased to come across a couple of boxes at the Nordstrom Rack recently for $19.99!!!  What a deal!!!!  That saves over $15!!

via Instagram

If you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area and you haven't purchased this yet, go check it out!!  The Rack where I saw this one only had 4.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Outfit Of The Day - How To Layer Affordable Clothing

Today on a little old trip to the Mayo for some poking and prodding, I wore the outfit below.  I'm being forced to learn that you can put together a really fantastic outfit on a budget.  This one is very affordable.

The first thing you have to know is Old Navy has some awesome in style affordable clothes.  They have talls on line.  TALLS IN SHIRTS AND DRESSES, people!!!!  How often can you find tall shirts?  Like never!!!  That turned me into an Old Navy lover for life.  This sweater in grey and the grey and white dress come from Old Navy.  I bought them off the rack so they're not talls, but the length is fine.  I probably could have used a tall in the dress but I needed it now.  So there ya go.  The list price is $39.00 but like I said, there's always a sale.  Sometimes it's better online and sometimes in the store so watch.  The dress has a list price of $29.94 and see above reference what I paid.

I love this necklace!  I got it at Patty's Closet in Anchorage for just $12!!  I'm going to show you this store in a post soon and tell you why you have to shop there!

How to layer clothing, Old Navy, Kohls, Patty's Closet, boots, Nordstrom, Sweater, dress

I have to tell you, I don't like the folds I got from the neck fusion.  I understand why it's there now because I read the surgeon's notes today.   Yikes, it was a terrible mess after I fell on the ice.  Wow!  So, ew, I was in a neck brace for almost nine months, the hard collar kind...well, if you're a regular reader, you saw it before, all blingy and pretty.  But this time, my neck didn't turn out pretty.  Anyway....UGH!

The belt is silvered and is from a pair of shorts I got at Kohl's a few years ago.  I always take the belts out and put them aside.  LISTEN UP!!!  If you get some belt or accessory on a clothing item that you're not going to use at the time, just set it aside because you never know when it's going to be the piece that you need to finish off your outfit.  Am I right or am I right????

The leggings are from Fred Meyer.  Again, if you're in the PNW, you know how often things go on sale and about the weekly coupons.  It pays to wait, if you can, until your item is in the sale group unless you need it that night.  If you're in the Lower 48 and Hawaii, you can find the same leggings at the Nordstrom Rack.  They're called Legend and they're under $10 on sale at both places.  Normal price at Fred Meyer is $14.

And the boots >>>>> CRAZY SALE!!!  $60 on the Nordstrom Rack Sale side of the Nordstrom website.  I thought the original price was great, but $60!?!?!?!?!  Embellished with interest at the ankle and calf.  Take a look on the website and you can turn the boot around to see the detail.  Fantastic!!  And super duper comfortable.  I have two colors that I bought at full price.  Oh yes I did.

Those are the deets of this layered outfit.  Many of these items will be worn over and over during my time out of state.  Ok all of them.  You need them too!!!  The boots are almost sold out.  Get them if you can!!

How are you wearing your layers at this time of year?

(psst!  You'll be seeing me wearing makeup again soon!!!  oh, ugh, I know, right?  My latex blisters are almost healed after five months but I have a few that are still pretty deep.  *fingers crossed*  Until then, I will play with color via fashion.  But guess what?  I wore eyeshadow today!!!  WOOT!!!)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You want these leggings!!! Hue blue jean!!! With pockets!!

Hue leggings come from Nordstrom and they are uber comfortable as anyone will tell you.  I wanted some jeans leggings to wear with my boots and it occured to me that I could wear denim capri leggings and cheat and no one would know they weren't full length!!!!  I do still want the full length denim to wear with flats but isn't it cute how the picture is styled?????

I picked these because I really loved the styling of the real back pockets.  So as I walk around, sashaying to and fro, they will look like skinny jeans.  I didn't even have enough room in my suitcases for my skinny jeans to wear with my boots.  What?  What?  Yeah, that's what my husband said!!

Hue, denim leggings, capris, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack

I bought these at the Nordstrom Rack for a steal.  A steal.  So comfortable?  So tell me, do you do Hue?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spring 2014 Brings Us Four New Nars Final Cut Blushes

I saw these in person and, (sigh), yes they are beautiful.  The Nars Spring 2014 Final Cut blushes will blow your cheeks off.  You can see them below.  There is the pale pink of Sex Fantasy and below it, the deeper coral pink of Love.  On the other side is the brighter coral Final Cut, and on the bottom is the bright pink of New Attitude.

Resistance is futile.  I bought Final Cut and Love, and had a rather large want for Sex Fantasy.  So pretty but I was a little worried of the chalkiness that was portrayed in the sample on the counter.  What was I thinking?  I KNOW I can handle that.  Want it!!!  You'll see my swatches soon.
Spring2014, Nars, Final Cut, blushes, blush, pink, coral, Nordstrom, NarsAssist, polarbelle
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via Instagram

By the way, I'm sure you'll be seeing my usual wearing of cosmetics VERY soon.  My latex blisters are almost healed after five months.  I've got a few deep stubborn hangers-on.  My skin is very thick, (not in the proverbial "oh, she's thick skinned" type of way), due to my autoimmune illness.  It's just a real drag as a beauty blogger.  But like it or not, I suspect my face will be back within a month.

Did you fall for the Nars Final Cut Collection?  I bought a couple of the lip pencils...had the palette but read my friend's reviews and returned it without opening it.  And I really would like that shimmer glow.  ooooooooooooooh!!!

This afternoon, we go curly with Marc Anthony hair care

Curly hair needs a little help.  Always.  We're always trying to keep the curl but skip the frizz.  Marc Anthony True Professional Hair Care has several products that are great for that purpose.  I used Strictly Curls on day One.  Day Two say a little help from the Beachy Waves Spray.  Natural curls enhanced.  Natural frizz Reduced.  Success!!

Marc Anthony True Professional, curly hair, curls, hair styling foam, mousse

Check Out This Awesome Belt I Purchased At Patty's Closet in Anchorage

The belt is great and it will truly fit any size.  It matches the booties that I was wearing to a T.  I bought the belt at Patty's Closet in Anchorage, located at the Old Seward and 36th, by Johnny Chicago's.  You've got to go there.  You must.  It's required!

The dress is from Old Navy as is the sweater.  Leggings were purchased at Fred Meyer and are also available at the Nordstrom Rack.  And the two toned scarf...I think it came from Ross Stores.  And there ya go.  I need to get a good picture of the matching booties, also from Old Navy.  Very cool.  The belt pulls it all together.

How To Layer, scarf, belt, sweater, dress, leggings, boots, Old Navy, Patty's Closet,

If you're in the 907 and visit Patty's Closet website, our store is the one with the hot pink walls.  Awesome!!!  And, since Hawaii is our other Alaska, our sister state, you'll find one in Honolulu as well.  Have a check around the website until probably next week when I am able to get my blog post done.

Las Vegas The Town Mall...have a ball!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome!! Butter London Lucy In The Sky Nail Polish

Can you say holo?  As in, Holy Holographic Nail Polish, Batman!!!!  Butter London Lucy In the Sky nail polish, ($15), is a delightful shimmering gold with the greatest holo particles, well, almost ever!!!  I'm looking forward to wearing it.  (Mayo Clinic won't let me wear nail polish for a couple weeks.  Gosh, they're no fun!!)

This nail lacquer is from the Boho Rock collection.  I haven't seen the collection in person yet, but I could tell by the pictures on the Nordstrom site that I had to at least purchase this one until I could see more.  You can find Butter London at Nordstrom, Ulta and Butter London's own website.

Butter London, Lucy In the Sky nail polish, Holo, Holographic
via Instagram 

Do you have any of the Butter London Boho Rock nail polishes?  I know they're in store now, I just haven't had time.  Which are you looking for?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome Zoya Nail Polish Bridgette and Odette!

I love the sweet pink and mauve tones of Zoya Bridgette and Odette nail polishes.  I think I'll put one on tomorrow.  Due to all the stupid medical stuff, I think it's been two months since I've done my nails.  Every time I sit down to do them, I break like two nails.  It's not fair!!!  Broke another today even.  I'm thinking God wants me to sport some shorties for awhile.

Zoya nail polish Bridgette Odette

via Instagram

Do you have any of the new Zoya Naturals Collection?  If so, which ones?

Monday, February 3, 2014

JD Sports In The UK Has All The Workout Gear That You Will Ever Need!!!

I was fortunate to be contacted by a representative from JD Sports, a website in the UK that sells all kinds of name brand athletic gear.  They have all your favorites; Nike, Converse, Adidas, LaCoste and more for men, women and children.  The inventory includes clothing, accessories and shoes.  The prices are listed in British pounds, and if you're not in the UK, you can quickly look up the current exchange rate at a trusted exchange website.  The UK sizing is a little different than US, like I'm used to, but customer service can help you with that, in addition to the charts which accompany each brand.  You should definitely look up different sizing charts listed with the different brands because they might vary a little.

It took me awhile to write up my post due to having surgery and a horrible latex allergy to the mask used during surgery.  I'm still not all healed, and my face is a little scarred, but it's able to be camoflauged at this point, so thankfully, I was finally up to appearing in the pictures taken by the ol' hubster.

Nike and Converse are my two favorite brands.  I've been wearing both since I was a wee lass and there were so many cool items I wanted, it was just really hard to choose.  I mean, just look at this T: 

Converse Chucks shirt

Cute!  There was one in a coral that I had really wanted, but I decided to go Nike down the line when I saw this sweatshirt:

Nike Swoosh Just Do It Hoody
Nike Hoody, Swoosh, Just Do It

As it happens, I was looking for a new hoody, and I love the colors of this zip-up sweatshirt with a hood for wind or rain.  It's a blue-grey with light pink Nike and the trademarked Swoosh stripe beneath it.  I ordered an XL.  At the time of the order, I weighed about 25 pounds less but gained a lot from not being able to move around or drive myself for months.  And then the doctor put me on long-term steroids.  But my point is that it fit me when I ordered it and it fits me now.  And I have ample room to wear it over a sweater, like I often do.

I live in Alaska.  We are experts at layering because we have to.  I wear this hoody nearly every day to doctor's appointments and physical therapy!  I wear it over a long sleeve and under my jacket when I go to PT.  It is a good medium weight hoody, which makes me very happy.  Light weight hoodies aren't my favorite as they don't wash up well and tend to pill.  Not so with a medium weight hoody.  At my physical therapy place, it's freezing in there, so even if it's warm outside, I wear my hoody.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!

You have to have good, fun and exciting workout clothes, in my opinion to get in the proper frame of mind to hit that workout and push through the pain.  When I wear this hoody, I feel like a superstar!!!

Nike swoosh rally logo hoody, JD Sports, Just Do It

Here are some diva modeling shots to give you a better idea of the hood and such.

Nike swoosh hoody sweatshirt, JD Sports, Just Do ItNike swoosh hoody sweatshirt, JD Sports, Just Do It

Nike swoosh hoody sweatshirt, JD Sports, Just Do ItNike swoosh hoody sweatshirt, JD Sports, Just Do It

You can find my awsome and I mean AWESOME  Nike Rally Logo Hoody here.  I'm not kidding, when I was a medium I loved the fit and I still do when I'm a, gulp, large.

I was so torn on getting a Converse shirt to go with my Chucks, but I thought I'd stick with the Nike theme and ordered this shirt, (I'm sorry, it's not currently availble):

Nike signal Tshirt, Just Do It, Swoosh, JD Sports

I also ordered this in an XL, which was huge when I received it.  I thought it would be more of the juniors type of fit, where I usually take an XL.  (Please ignore the double chin there.  I'm very self-conscious about the weight gain, naturally).  It's still a bit big, although in my picture, the fit looks perfect.  Look how great it goes with my hoody!!!

Nike Hoody, swoosh, logo signal T-shirt, Just Do It, JD Sports

Lastly, because I knew I would be on crutches for awhile, although I had no idea I would still use them off and on for the next six months, I ordered a backpack to carry all my stuff.  This is the perfect size for me and I love it, too.

Nike Just Do it backpack, JD Sports

This is the Nike Just Do It mini backpack, again sold out in this color combination.  There's the same mini backpack in a different color combinations or you can find a wide variety of backpacks at this link at JD Sports.  I chose it because it is small, yet plenty big enough for a water bottle, wallet, phone, 15 kinds of lip gloss, kleenex, and more, but not so big that I would fill it too full and irritate my neck, which is still healing from the double fusion I had over the summer.  This size of backpack is also perfect for a runner or skier.

The next picture shows the relative size in comparison to my Iphone 5.

And, I have a few pictures to show how it is the perfect backpack for someone healing from several surgeries.  Just an FYI, my knee surgery only discovered that my knee is completely shot due to arthritic process, and I'll continue to use the snot out of my backpack for several months to come.  I'm so thankful to have this, especially, and the hoody.  That physical therapy department is COLD!!

Nike swoosh, just do it, JD Sports, hoody, tshirt, backpackNike swoosh, just do it, JD Sports, hoody, tshirt, backpack

I can easily carry the backpack on my back, or in my hand with it on the crutch because it is so light and I won't overfill it.  This was something that I'd looked all over Anchorage for before I had surgery.  I hadn't been able to carry a purse for two years due to the fall on the ice that started all these surgeries and with winter arriving as soon as I had knee surgery, I knew my jacket pockets wouldn't hold everything I needed.

Nike hoody, swoosh, Just Do It, backpack, tshirt, Logo, JD SportsNike hoody, swoosh, Just Do It, backpack, tshirt, Logo, JD Sports

I'm such a Nike fan!  And a fan of JD Sports online.  The service was very quick.  I wish I could say the same about myself.  I was really slowed for quite a few months.  But the Nike slogan has been something that has always inspired me.  "Just Do It".  When I was hurting and afraid of further damage by working my knee, I'd have to think "Just Do It".  Seriously.  "Get your clothes on, get your crutches, get in the car and ride, and get yourself to PT!"   Having this slogan across the top of the backpack was a Godsend to me.  It told me just do the exercise and even if the knee gets replaced, the body will be stronger to handle that kind of surgery.

So Just Do It!!!  Take a look at JD Sports for very affordable athletic gear for the whole family from all your favorite brands.

Off I go to physical therapy, but before I do, be sure to check out the website and you can also follow JD Sports on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Adios!!  I'm on my way.  JUST DO IT!!! 

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