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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spring 2014 Brings Us Four New Nars Final Cut Blushes

I saw these in person and, (sigh), yes they are beautiful.  The Nars Spring 2014 Final Cut blushes will blow your cheeks off.  You can see them below.  There is the pale pink of Sex Fantasy and below it, the deeper coral pink of Love.  On the other side is the brighter coral Final Cut, and on the bottom is the bright pink of New Attitude.

Resistance is futile.  I bought Final Cut and Love, and had a rather large want for Sex Fantasy.  So pretty but I was a little worried of the chalkiness that was portrayed in the sample on the counter.  What was I thinking?  I KNOW I can handle that.  Want it!!!  You'll see my swatches soon.
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By the way, I'm sure you'll be seeing my usual wearing of cosmetics VERY soon.  My latex blisters are almost healed after five months.  I've got a few deep stubborn hangers-on.  My skin is very thick, (not in the proverbial "oh, she's thick skinned" type of way), due to my autoimmune illness.  It's just a real drag as a beauty blogger.  But like it or not, I suspect my face will be back within a month.

Did you fall for the Nars Final Cut Collection?  I bought a couple of the lip pencils...had the palette but read my friend's reviews and returned it without opening it.  And I really would like that shimmer glow.  ooooooooooooooh!!!

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