Monday, June 16, 2014

Opening A New Door... From Sea To Shining Sea

Life is all about changes. If it is stagnant, there is something desperately wrong because we all grow, both mentally and physically, and change all throughout. You can even watch your pets change their habits, likes and dislikes, along with their size and even hair color as they trod along with us. We've changed our hair, restyled our clothes, seen babies born and grown... all the changes of life.

My family is experiencing the opening of a door that takes us to a new life and we are summoning the courage to walk through.  This year, my husband recently retired. He was fortunate to have began his career as a police officer at a young age so he could retire young. For so many years, I just longed for these days so that we could spend the time together doing different things as we did when we were dating. The stress of his job changed him to become more serious, quieter and less willing to do the things that we spoke of doing in retirement. Over the few months that he's been away from work, I've seen him begin to relax a little more and to be willing to do things he would never conceive of before... like driving through quitting time traffic, lol.

The passage to retirement is met with excitement to do the things we've dreamed of.  First is finding really good bicycles and taking them around the country to see famous sites I've only read about; monuments, battlefields, and natural wonders. Living in Alaska all of my life, it has always been my desire to see this great land we call America and really experience the flavor of each different region. One time, on a vacation visiting family, we took off on a whim to go see Mount Rushmore. Now that he is retired, we can do these kind of things at will. Anchorage is a very transient area. The military and oil companies are the largest employers in the state. We've known so many great people who have either retired and moved away, been transfered or left to be closer to family. Alaskans come to expect that people may not stay and the real excitement in that ends up being that we know people who live all over the country. Good friends, close friends. We're going to visit the people we've missed for so long.

The bicyles will bring us better health and visiting our friends will bring much love, laughter and the lightness of being that comes from such beloved visits. We've lived in the land of "purple mountains majesty" for so long that we're ready to see the "amber waves of grain" and "the fruited plains" of this land that I love. We've spent a lot of time in the Pacific Ocean and just dabbled our toes one time in the Atlantic, but our plan is to spend more time exploring "from sea to shining sea."

The doorway of this great change that we are standing upon is beginning to open. We excitedly look forward to jumping thru the door and hitting our next life full-on, with freedom and abandon. I don't know where the first place is that my bike will take me but you can bet that I'm looking forward to it BIG TIME! (Say hi to my dog:)

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  1. It is nice to meet you. Last year I retired from my Pre-School teaching job. My husband is still working and I am assisting him in the administration of his business, so let's say I am semi-retired. It is a really big life change, walking through that retirement door. Enjoy the life you want to have, now that your time with your husband is your own.

    1. Hi Val. It is daunting but it's exciting too. I love riding bikes but he won't ride here because our crime rate is so bad. I was thrilled when he said the first thing we'd do is ride bikes! Wahoo! Good luck to you both as you also face this new journey.

  2. Oh my retirement -- congratulations! It seems so far away for us but I'll tell you that $10K would make a good dent in bills and make it that much closer to reality! I hope you guys really enjoy yourselves!

  3. Congrats on the retirement and I hope you enjoy all your travels!

  4. I loved this post! I hope your health only continues to improve and that you enjoy a wonderful retirement and lots of fun travel!


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